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  1. I just got spammed by the Army!
  2. No real 9/11 hype this year. Why is that?
  3. I just got a letter in the mail dated 5/12/03!
  4. Have You Ever Suffered Multiple Dog Bites?
  5. Cool Summer Gives Global Warmers the Freeze
  6. RE: The Internet. If it was gone tomorrow, where would you get your information?
  7. Match.com Scam
  8. Pregnanat Woman and the Bloody Show?
  9. Can anyone tell me how to score?
  10. Kick me in the rocks and call me sally!
  11. Resignation letter.
  12. CBS Stands by Memos, Their Expert Doesn't, Part III
  13. Best Personal Ad Ever
  14. Aliens/Predator action figures... to open or not to open?
  15. Calling all gearheads...Dyno results!!!
  16. So, need some advice on car detailing
  17. Former Vietnam POWS said Kerry''s Comments Hurt
  18. Vegas, Baby, Vegas!! (Oh, and Oakland/San Francisco) -- Words, Pics, & More Words
  19. Do you attend to your threads with care or do you throw 'em outta the nest at birth?
  20. My phone line may have been dead for over a week and I had no idea.
  21. Aren't criminals great?
  22. Caption This: Ivan hits Jamaica
  23. Fahrenheit 451
  24. Kerry hasn't taken questions from travelling press corps in a month
  25. I'll Buy An Idiot, Pat!
  26. sunrise pics - before and after
  27. Arrest warrant issued for Playmate of the Year
  28. Dutch may ban toe-licking. That stinks!!!
  29. Study shows men also suffer from PMS
  30. the "post a baby pic of yourself" thread
  31. Amazing Racial Commentary
  32. "Successes of Bush" email forward
  33. Oh..My...God... (lifesize R. Kelly doll that almost defied description)
  34. new home purchase : testing for underground oil tank?
  35. Islamist Celebration of 9/11 Attacks Upsets Mainstream Muslims
  36. Cheney: Get the beenie babies out of storage for America!
  37. Trivia question -NTN
  38. Does anyone really care about Vietnam anymore? Why aren't they talking about today?
  39. the "post a pic of yourself" thread - PART IV
  40. House Vote on Overtime Rules Changes - A Slap in the Face for Bush!!
  41. Kerry on Sudan
  42. Eisner Retiring!
  43. Does hotel front desk staff get lots of kickbacks?
  44. ever been hungrier AFTER eating?
  45. Bombshell - CBS is screwed, and possible implications for the Kerry campaign as well
  46. Playboy.com Searches For 'Hamburger Hotties'
  47. 'girlie man' Schwarzenegger doll
  48. Chicago considering huge surveillance camera network
  49. Man Eating Crocodile !This pictures are gross!
  50. What Is The Title Of Your Autobiography?
  51. So, what do you think about the Volvo S70?
  52. Disney animator Frank Thomas dies
  53. Tek's 1st Poll: Ever delete a thread you created? Think it's okay to do that?
  54. Happy Birthday California!!!
  55. Consolidated Personal Information thread
  56. EDS set to slash up to 20,000 jobs
  57. I burnt my hand :(
  58. where to eat in NYC??
  59. why wasn't Feinstein arrested?
  60. Not just another dog shooting: Canines strike back.
  61. What is your social security number?
  62. How fast can you type?
  63. What is your wingspan?
  64. Liberal judge tosses Nader from Florida ballot...
  65. recommend a cheap used car. (and how to junk one)
  66. Wow, I am having a baby
  67. Selected Polls - Kerry Walks the Plank / Bush Bounce is Gone [merged]
  68. Personal Contest for You Talented Artist Types
  69. Otter Flag Runoff
  70. What is your shoe size?
  71. Iraqi prime minister says they have captured four important al-Qaida suspects
  72. I just joined Weight Watchers...
  73. HEY! (Have we done this one yet? Oh, what the heck?) What color EYES do you have?
  74. I think it is time to get rid of libraries.
  75. Starting a dinner and movie group, need some help.
  76. Heinz Kerry: Opponents Of Health Care Plan Are 'Idiots'
  77. Hamas: Israeli Left Gave Us Confidence to Continue Israel Suicide Bombings
  78. Is the "ABB crowd" a temporary thing?
  79. New Bush Documents - Forgeries?
  80. half the working-age population in LA can't read?
  81. Hey, Suburban Chicago Otters
  82. Powell declares genocide in Sudan
  83. Bush served honorably???
  84. Dad Allegedly Tries To Circumcise Son After Reading Bible
  85. Caption This: Sleeping Sasquatch Edition (semi-mature)
  86. The animals are fighting back!!!!!!
  87. Bush orders officials to stop taking leaks
  88. Isn't Science Wonderful: Robot Eats Houseflies For Power
  89. Former Vice President: Dan Quayle, the funniest non-comedian of all-time!!
  90. Teacher Can Lead Religious Group
  91. Terrorist Attack ! Australian Embassy in Jakata Bombed !
  92. Saw a HUGE UFO today.
  93. Don't count him out yet: The candidate you may have overlooked.
  94. How much do you weigh?
  95. Traffic costs billions of hours a year
  96. Pint for a Pint!!!
  97. Hurricane Ivan Thread (He's Back)
  98. Is this the best the Kerry Camp Do?
  99. So, anyone see a problem with this ad?
  100. Rare currency misprint?
  101. does this cable exist? (wiring suggestion)
  102. ever get fooled by one of those geico ads?
  103. USA TODAY/CNN/GALLUP Poll Shows Bush Leading Kerry in Ohio
  104. Stapling stacks of papers
  105. How tall are you?
  106. How did you come up with your DVDTalk name?
  107. Bush Team only wants 2 debates - part 2
  108. Has it really gotten this bad? Political shills on this board?!?
  109. arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I got poison ivy!
  110. Advice on dealing with a death...
  111. How much are "holy books" actually studied by followers?
  112. Krakow to Name Square After Ronald Reagan
  113. Does it seem the politics is getting really intense in here the last few days?
  114. GAWD! :rolleyes: This is the Other Forum! Not a Library! MAKE SOME NOISE, DAMNIT!!!
  115. How to Unload with 35 years worth of Playboys?
  116. Sooo, now LIGHT will cause cancer???
  117. Global survey shows 30 of 35 countries want Kerry in White House
  118. Where to buy car touch-up paint?
  119. Which do you prefer: top or bottom of a bagel?
  120. Cheney: Voting for Kerry could bring terrorist attacks
  121. NASA's Genesis Mission
  122. Buddhist Thais Seethe at Hollywood Film Poster
  123. Hot Air Balloon Rides?
  124. look out the window in the 3rd pic from the top
  125. Russia set to strike against "terror" Worldwide
  126. Gunmakers Happy Assault Weapons Ban Set To Expire
  127. Do you forget to remove your wallet when washing?
  128. If the Florida vote count is overturned this month and Al Gore won...
  129. Stupid rain
  130. Instructor shoots self demonstrating gun safety
  131. Those "Priceless" Mastercard Ads
  132. breaking news: Picketers to protest "Star Wars" DVD release
  133. Bush's National Guard Service Redux
  134. Bar Mitzvah Questions (gifts & attire)
  135. How do anti-war voters reconcile that with their support of Kerry?
  136. What do I use to remove the dealer sticker from the truck of my car?
  137. Words that you or your friend used to mispronounce as a kid
  138. Anybody else hate to travel?
  139. Why do Indians who come to America not use deodorant?
  140. Bush Team only wants 2 debates
  141. question for SoCal drivers
  142. Funny Joke :)
  143. How many of you own an Ipass?
  144. Why do people try to hide or lie about their age?
  145. A Puzzle For You
  146. Why "gay marriage" as an institution? (teh fun has truly returned!)
  147. Zogby's Battleground States Map
  148. Quick legal question
  149. Florida citrus crop hit hard by Hurricane Frances
  150. What does it say about someone when they "Hate getting compliments"?
  151. If you were a dominatrix...
  152. Best option to pay off CC's - home equity loan or other?
  153. Judge's comments gets child molester's sentence tossed
  154. Have we ever done an age check here?
  155. How, exactly, does having sex with a chicken and a pig harm society?
  156. More Moore news: F911 to be submitted for Best Picture Oscar (not Best Documentary)
  157. Know any good online Mortgage Calculators?
  158. Ever smell a perfume on a babe or a cologne on a dude and ask them what it was?
  159. U.S. Death Toll in Iraq: 999 (13 dead since yesterday) [merged]
  160. Have you ever blackmailed anyone?
  161. Teen Sex Linked With Sexually-Charged TV Shows
  162. Otter math wiz? I need your help.
  163. Buying a car on eBay
  164. Two Louisiana men accused of having sex with a chicken & pig
  165. how hard would it be to build a house?
  166. I have just lost my Grandfather
  167. I need recommendation for an air purifier/cleaner
  168. Another Bush Oops..
  169. Think your gonna need open heart surgery in your lifetime?
  170. WHY do people hang CDs from their rear view mirror????
  171. Catholic Church: Hey, Abortion's Not So Bad If It is Price to Get Bush Out of Office
  172. To the Other Drs'
  173. Dating a Japanese Girl
  174. It's 3:52 am, who else is awake?
  175. Design your Own SUPERHERO !
  176. how many flat tires have you had?
  177. Can Bush win California?
  178. Who reads political books?
  179. The Passion of Michael Moore! He Gives up Oscar Shot (Well Not Really!!)
  180. Cheney attacks Reagan and Clinton's handling of terrorists!
  181. Badgers + Soccer = Footy (A Twist on an Old Favorite Animation)
  182. How fast can you click your mouse? (two tests inside)
  183. Any cool Boston museums?
  184. 'Native Americans' were "Second Americans?'
  185. Hamas 'training ground' targeted
  186. The voting record is not the whole story!
  187. Visited Los Angeles for the first time
  188. ? for the guitar playing otter's
  189. The "Poll of polls"(Gallup), is out with its post-Republican convention numbers...
  190. Bootcamp training
  191. HELP! My left ear is PLUGGED UP! Help me to unplug it!
  193. Canceled checks, ‘float’ soon to disappear
  194. Lovebugs - Anyone else dealing with these? (pics)
  195. Green #2 (bathroom related)
  196. Act now! only 10 hours to go
  197. How, exactly, does Gay Marriage harm society?
  198. I just found out I live close to a major spammer.
  199. English majors and teachers - I need your help!
  200. More Kerry doublespeak on Iraq and what to order [merged]
  201. Do you like See's Candies? If so, which do you prefer? Soft Centers or Nuts & Chews?
  202. Clinton tells Kerry to drop Vietnam [merged]
  203. do you know any thin people who do not eat healthy and don't exercise?
  204. When Showering - Do You Wash Your Privates Before Other Parts of Your Body?
  205. Do You Have Any Bear Friends Who Smell Bad?
  206. Win a date with Tad Hamilton wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
  207. How to clean a self-clean oven?
  208. Maybe the greatest quote ever.
  209. do you know an obese person who eats healthy and exercises?
  210. John Woo style two guns. Effective for self defense or not?
  211. should the government help those too cheap to buy insurance?
  212. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Production Line (pics)
  213. I need a new coffee pot
  214. Garter Snake Invasion
  215. Something weird happened yesterday.
  216. Someone just came to my door and I gave them 5 bucks
  217. Nucular vs. Nuclear
  218. Scan of today's "Opus" comic online anywhere?
  219. Could someone turn down the heat please?
  220. How old is your digital camera?
  221. where to get political bumperstickers, signs.....etc.
  222. Please help me find some mints
  223. should I contest this parking ticket?
  224. Just how many fleas can one kitten hold?
  225. How often do you get shot at on the interstate?
  226. It Seems As If The War In Iraq Been Forgotten - Well, Some Good News!
  227. What are your five favorite internet links/bookmarks (besides here, of course)?
  228. John Kerry in yet another shooting photo op
  229. Keyser's Bar needs a new life!
  230. anyone have a link to a non-streaming version of the Gore speeding ticket video?
  231. Who knows how to reset the Check Engine light on Honda Accords?
  232. amazing honda ad: 606 takes to get it right!
  233. wine gurus
  234. what kind of "special" liscence plates does your state have?
  235. Central Illinois Get-Together?
  236. (Putting the cart before the horse) if/when we catch BinLaden? What then?
  237. CIA knew about OBL's plans? timeline...
  238. What is the U.S. doing to fight terrorism?
  239. Atomic Clocks and Watches--Experiences, Recommendations?
  240. Newsweek poll also shows Bush up 11 points - 13 point bounce
  241. Explosion at LAX?
  242. Are we approaching World War Three?
  243. I'm Bandoman!
  244. Russian Hostage Crisis (North Ossetia): Internal Conflict
  245. LiveJournal Thread Part III
  246. Coolest gift for under $200?
  247. "check It Out"
  248. ebay association game
  249. Why no Tibetan Suicide Bombers?
  250. Showing photos of American soldiers' coffins (cont'd discussion)