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  1. So I saw an interesting Pen is on sale at eBay
  2. Masters in computer science classes... my classmates are *idiots*
  3. Eleven year old boy tries to rape 76 year old woman
  4. Non-profit questions
  5. Want to spank a monkey, and still be master of your domain? Try this!
  6. LiveJournal Thread Part IV
  7. Many Major U.S. Corporations Pay Less in Taxes Than the Average Family
  8. Photos of NAKED boys discovered at Neverland!!
  9. what group to dress up as for Halloween?
  10. Porter Goss Is The New CIA Director
  11. Nations Lobby to Expand Security Council
  12. Did I get plugged last night?
  13. Jimmy Swaggart Talks About Killing Gay Men
  14. I will make Animated GIFs!
  15. How Not to Win Muslim Allies
  16. Question on yielding to emergency vehicles
  17. How do you pronounce the Indian name "Sihag?"
  18. Disturbing Article: Millions Blocked from Voting [Merged]
  19. Used Car Terminology?
  20. Lets' Play DVD Talk Member Word Association?
  21. Anyone been to Seaworld Texas on Thanksgiving holiday
  22. Any high tech recruiters here?
  23. Ever see a dog run sideways?
  24. Do I have to sign the back of my credit card?
  25. CBO: Moon-Mars Tab Could Hit $100 Billion
  26. Federal lawsuit agains tobacco makers begins...
  27. Twinkies Maker Files For Bankruptcy
  28. Wanna own HAL from 2001? $150,000
  29. Why do celebrities wear dark sunglasses inside, and how can they stand it?
  30. Do you listen to other peoples conversations? Is it expected?
  31. Gentlemen, what's your take on Movado watches?
  32. Texas Supreme Court Candidate: So What if They're Fake
  33. Breaking news : Authorities report a suicide bomber explodes a bus in Jerusalem
  34. Spiritual leader to group most responsible for Iraqi violence is blown to smithereens
  35. Cybil Shepherd with Jet Hag Hair
  36. Bar crowd kills man over a cigarette-yay or nay?
  37. my friend's car flipped during an accident
  38. Do you know people with a lot of kids that say things that irk you?
  39. Warren Buffet, eat yer heart out!
  40. Let's talk miniblinds
  41. Yusuf Islam removed from London to Washington plane
  42. Avocados or Mangoes?!
  43. Platoon, Casualties of War, and John Kerry
  44. What lauange should I learn?
  45. Anyone here actually "enjoy" getting their blood taken or do you FEAR the NEEDLE?
  46. What's your idea of a strange occupation?
  47. Caption This: Kosher chicken edition
  48. What's wrong with my telephone?
  49. Watermelon Love
  50. The back of pooper hygiene?
  51. Only 42 days to election
  52. New Israeli Weapon
  53. Motorcyclist Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Speed Limit By 140 MPH
  54. Gah! I'm late on my quarterly taxes again. Questions...
  55. Good resorts/hotels to stay in Cancun
  56. Can God create a stone so big that he cannot lift it?
  57. Is John Kerry a 4th quarter QB?
  58. The New House Saga Continues : Radon Edition
  59. You gotta love the 'debate' spin.
  60. Ah, Those Tricky Repubs Are At It Again In The House
  61. Rodney Dangerfield has been in a coma... and now he's dead.
  62. overreacting? Arabic-style writing prompts flight cancellation
  63. Why Is Illinois No Longer A Swing (Battleground) State??
  64. Congress Close to Extending Some Tax Cuts
  65. What do you think? (Gmail & Google)
  66. Real Genius - Bush or Quayle
  67. Sales tax online?
  68. New microscope with .6 angstrom resolution
  69. Anyone famous go to your college?
  70. NOT A POLL: When was the last time you got a back-scratch and or back-rub?
  71. Caption This: Nostril Edition!
  72. Michael Moore's Desperation Letter to Democrats
  73. Rather amusing thing from this weekend
  74. Only 24 Hours of Summer Left
  75. Kerry on Letterman
  76. Do you think there will be a terrorist attack in the U.S. by election day?
  77. McDonald's Counterstrike.
  78. ever bought anything on celeb endorsement?
  79. why do some electrical outlets have a horizontal line?
  80. I'm Going Slightly Mad.
  81. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happend to you?
  82. Wierd experience at the dentists office today...
  83. how do you make a stuffed animal?
  84. History buffs: What would the world look like today had America not entered WWI?
  85. Now I realize this is a poopy question, but how would you retrieve a stool sample?
  86. Q&A with Michael Badnarik
  87. Automatic Window off the track on car, easy to fix?
  88. Are we safer because of the war in Iraq?
  89. Is there any easy way to tell how far apart two cities are?
  90. He lost 300 pounds...and has 400 more to go to get down to 300lbs
  91. I'm just plain pissed off!
  92. Mrs. President 2008?
  93. what to expect at age 4-6yr old soccer?
  94. Why does it say 'Paper Jam' when there issss no paper jam?
  95. Real Estate Question...
  96. When was the last time you told someone: "YOU. LOOK. MARVELOUS!!!" AKA: Looking Good?
  97. A new 527: "Football Fans for Truth"
  98. Bad Milkshake Brings all the bombs to McDonald's
  99. British Envoy to Italy Stirs Waters with Bush Barb
  100. When you hear water running in a shower, do you flush the toilet or wait?
  101. Question for lawyers
  102. Kerry's 4-point plan for Iraq
  103. Edwards: Hastert Is Another Cheney
  104. Money-making/arrested-getting opportunity: Fake Parking Tickets
  105. What's wrong with Badnarik?
  106. Anybody import a russian bride?
  107. Can a guy and a girl who are best friends be FWB and still be best friends?
  108. So, need some tire advice...
  109. Unclogging a drain?
  110. Bodily Fluids Survey (because I care!)
  111. Pirate Day is over :(
  112. Ever hear of Lybestos?
  113. I love Capt. Morgan's bum, it smells like.... victory.
  114. Anyone own a BowFlex?
  115. My Mom was just rushed into emergency surgery. Please help me keep from going crazy.
  116. Is a Pirate Ghost Haunting the Other Forum? :shivermetimbers:
  117. Israeli Missile Destroys Car in Gaza City, Killing Senior Hamas Militant Leader
  118. Continually receiving calls from what seems to be a scurvy autodialer
  119. ABS, how is the house?
  120. i keep getting old owners mail...what should i do?
  121. France tells Kerry, NO BUCCANEERS no matter what.
  122. is it illegal to put dongs in other peoples mailboxes?
  123. So um since the 'Transfer of Power' in Iraq, has anything changed over there ?
  124. Can I get testimonials from those who use Zoloft?
  125. Magna Cum Laude?
  126. Study: Air Worse In Smoky Bars Than Truck-Choked Roads
  127. Oops, she did it again (YES WE KNOW BRITNEY GOT MARRIED!)
  128. Evar signal an Ebay scallywag that ye wan' hornswoggle the booty & pay w/ pieces'o'8?
  129. Which refrigeratarrrrr to buy?
  130. Any updates on Chucky the alligatarrrrrrrrr?
  131. Republicans pushing absentee ballots...why?
  132. GOP mailing warns liberal blackhearts will scupper bibles
  133. Louisiana passes gay marrrrrrriage ban amendment
  134. Quarters, US currency, collecting
  135. George...Marsha...George..ohMarsha...oohGeorge...[re: hollywood&politics]
  136. Y'all could probably care less but Miss America was just crowned and its Miss...
  137. Further/Farther/Farrrrtharrrrr... Which is correct?
  138. When the wife is away, aren't us guys supposed to play?
  139. First Premier Bank gave me an amazing deal!
  140. What is your definition of rich?
  141. Avast! Macaulay Culkin - KEELHAULED
  142. Kerry Visited Vietnam Peace Talks(during V. war)
  143. when was the last time that you vomited?
  144. Pet sharks?
  145. Voting Machines Missing for La. Election
  146. I just got my Employee Stock Plan report from my old company
  147. Moscow police intercept car with explosives
  148. First cold of the season...
  149. A reader's guide to Kitty Kelley's The Family
  150. Atlanta Weather ... Gotta Love It
  151. Democratic/Republican Applicants Only
  152. www.99rooms.com
  153. The Kleinman Sitcom
  154. Navy: Kerry's medals approved properly
  155. Crash caught live on news...
  156. He looks so much like John Waters it's scary
  157. I wasn't speeding.
  158. Teen Charged With Plotting Columbine-Like Attack
  159. Can you use liquid bandaids on pets?
  160. George Bush Gets High the Natural Way: New National Guard Documents Released!
  161. Odd Food Redux
  162. IL otters... (those who know your IL geography)
  163. I'm sunburned!
  165. The Utah State Fair sucks!
  166. Kneel Before Zod!
  167. What's going on here?
  168. Work in pr0n? Bring your rubber.
  169. Michael Moore's going to speak at my school...
  170. Woman Prosecuted For Slapping Orlando Boyfriend Who Had Just Savagely Beaten Her
  171. ? for car the mechanic types
  172. Ever wanted to attend your own funeral?
  173. My screener of "Revenge of the Sith" looks a little dark. Is this normal?
  174. I'm off to the Grocery Store! Anyone need anything?
  175. Ya ever have a craving for CANDY!?!?!?
  176. Last night was "the 10-year party"
  177. Possible Saddam-Al Qaeda Link Seen in U.N. Oil-for-Food Program
  178. A Pox on Both Their Houses
  179. Album sales increase, many bands fine with file sharing, but wait, I thought...
  180. What do you have over your fireplace/mantle?
  181. Contrary to the belief of some here, I don't have to beg people to be my friends.
  182. Coats Will Now Be Screened At Airport
  183. Went home at lunch and found out that somebody hit and ran my car
  184. One tinfoil hat, please
  185. Land ahoy! The Mullahs' Europe
  186. Many Swedes say fatigue is valid reason for skipping work
  187. 5 Boron Cowpunch $5 off $20 available
  188. A new level of disgust.....
  189. Which picture or me with a "star" is the dorkiest?
  190. Happy Birthday to DPham! (oh yeah, and me)
  191. This is a pretty cool animated GIF (Indestructable; 652k)
  192. Who wins this Survivor?
  193. Kerry supporters tear up Bush/Cheney sign held by parent and child
  194. where can i buy Arizona Green Tea Mandrin orange by the case?
  195. I can't believe it, but I'm actually going to ask this forum for relationship advice
  196. What's the coolest thing you've found lately?
  197. I was a walking pharmacy, bitch!
  198. Alan Alda on global warming
  199. This Guy Just Moved Up The Block From Me
  200. Define "Vacaville" - your opinions using an image?
  201. Define "Unicorn" using an image
  202. San Antonio - nice? Tell me more...
  203. idiots: not just on eBay anymore
  204. This Girl Sleeps with a Guy Making Only $12,000 a year!
  205. Help me design some shirts for student council!
  206. Otter Master Of Your Domain Marathon
  207. Define "Uncool" using an image
  208. Goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
  209. Newscasters: trousers or underwear under desks?
  210. HEY YOU! What have I got to do to get you to post in my threads & PLAY NICE?
  211. Define "Cool" (using an image)
  212. Do I RSVP or not?
  213. African Weiner No More!
  214. Homeland Security Differences between Bush and Kerry
  215. How is one supposed to handle a situation like this?
  216. More new nickels
  217. Caption This: My legs!! Edition.
  218. Roy Horn Says Tiger Bite Was Bid to Help Him
  219. Want to name Xwikoff?
  220. Bombshell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drones didn't exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!
  221. Muslim Player Who Wanted USF Uniform Exemption Quits Team
  222. did NASA ever REBUT the FOX junk show?
  223. Johnny Ramone dies at age 55
  224. Photoshop contest!
  225. Tell me about the Phoenix area
  226. Your favorite left-turn threads
  227. Intel Officials Have Bleak View for Iraq
  228. What is Little Rock like?
  229. just saw maria shriver interview Roy from siegfred and roy
  230. Who's Younger? Who's Richer?
  231. Guiliani vs. H. Clinton '08
  232. Entire Sri Lanka handball team vanishes.
  233. Rumsfeld is losing it....seriously....
  234. Online heart rate calculator
  235. Car generations All-In-One with pics!
  236. Bush, Kerry to Finalize Debate Plans
  237. Street Hotdog vendors... earn a decent living?
  238. Kim Jong-Il's 5 hole-in-ones (38 under par)
  239. Do a Google image search with your DVD Talk name.....
  240. Arnold '08 ?
  241. TCF Bank?
  242. Strange occurence in my neighborhood the other day...
  243. ouch ouch
  244. conversation of the day
  245. German radio starts Klingon service
  246. So I'm in "Sales" now . . .
  247. Uncontrolable nap jerks while awake.....
  248. what does WAF mean...
  249. Sharon Doesn't Plan to Follow 'Road Map'
  250. When ordering something online do you put gaps in the CC number?