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  1. zapruder film
  2. Warren Buffet has made $645 million dollars [/Dr. Evil]
  3. Need info on a classic comedy routine
  4. Can anyone recommend a good Arabic learning book/program/etc.
  5. Question for people from Mississippi....
  6. Dairy Container Slows Traffic
  7. HOLY MOLY!! The Empire State Building could be on FIRE!!!
  8. OKAY...who did it? Who sent me these 3 cosmic glow-in-the-dark ball thingies?
  9. Critique my CRAPPY poem
  10. 401(k) tax return help
  11. EU tells MSFT to change the name of proposed product
  12. Selling a wedding dress. Any advice?
  13. Man Pees His Way Out of Avalanche
  14. Book on Environmentalist Creates a Storm
  15. What are your verbal pet peeves?
  16. Tired of Flats? Behold The "Tweel"
  17. Job interview etiquette
  18. I'm so happy I could *POP* all over the forum! What are you happy about today?
  19. My dog destroyed my FedEx package...and it was a DVD.
  20. What bodily fluid would you hate getting spilled on you the most?
  21. I don't get it..... Anyone know a source for cheap paintballs?
  22. Half.com shipping question
  23. Ebay - Breast place to advertise
  24. Ebay: Own a strip club with a drive thru windoow
  25. My personal ad ; help me out before I get banned!
  26. Crazy McDonald's banner ad
  27. Anyone know a good WWII/Airplane Technology (Evolution of, etc) website?
  28. Help me write a resignation letter!
  29. Recording your voice - professionally!
  30. California Train Wreck Spawns Possible Copycat Bid
  31. If you could change something in your life RIGHT NOW!!!...what would it be?
  32. Turin shroud 'older than thought'
  33. Guy pukes on live TV
  34. Budweiser will not air it's "Wardrobe Malfunction" ad during Superbowl
  35. I feel like I need this but ...
  36. Why not to kayak in Alaska..
  37. Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy
  38. Breaking news (1/27 6:35pm): Atlanta airport being evacuated
  39. The most disturbing and ignorant website I have ever seen.
  40. Why don't they make an Ipod that doubles as a cell phone?
  41. A bum pissed me off today
  42. Anyone here work for Smoothie King? Question..
  43. "So Fine" (1981) is now a reality!
  44. Lending a guy $1,000.
  45. Okla. Politician Wants to Put Gloves on Roosters
  46. Food dehydrator, anyone have one?
  47. Can anyone find a pic of Bob the enzyte guy?
  48. A fun new time-waster: ARTPAD!
  49. Shocking News
  50. An answer to both the "How Nerdy Are You?" and the "Valentine's Day ideas?" threads
  51. Subway to start offering breakfast
  52. Man on Morgue Slab Starts Breathing
  53. No Pants Day is May 6th
  54. Depositing big checks
  55. Schick Quattro razor -- I'm a convert
  56. Giving notice today at work
  57. Which is more gross coming from a female?
  58. How nerdy are you?
  59. question... should i eat this?
  60. Gym dudes-
  61. Most snow you've ever seen from a single storm?(average snowfall per winter)
  62. Well... I got a ticket for having no seatbelt.
  63. Taco Bell's Sauce: Secret "Come-Back-For-More" ingredients?
  64. I need a business card holder
  65. Ice Cream Sandwich without chocolate cookie outside anywhere?
  66. Do you like Light?
  67. Arizona dookie water... yummy.
  68. Bodog
  69. Neighbor just got summoned...
  70. What my kid swallowed
  71. Physicists claim breakthrough in UFO propulsion, The UFO Phenomenon
  72. how to approach this interview question?
  73. The New and Improved Man Room and Poker House (now with more Boron Cowpunch)
  74. someone I knew blew his brains out
  75. Real life snowmen from Calvin & Hobbes
  76. What are you doing with your HELOC? (And what do you think of my plans?)
  77. Taxes: TurboTax v. TurboTax Premier
  78. Girls that steal your clothes...
  79. Tha Inc.'s Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo surrendered for racketeering/money laundering
  80. Company is changing insurance providers. What are good questions to ask?
  81. I love big bananas....
  82. Today's example of 21st-century weirdness...
  83. 9 and 10 year old arrested for violent drawings
  84. Betting in movies-bad special effect?
  85. G’day mates, Happy Australia Day! Oy! Vegemite Sandwich!
  86. Brand recognition, anyone?
  87. Is your City stupid?
  88. L.A. Train Crash- Atwater Village [2005]
  89. Now I can dowload pr0n and not go to hell!!!
  90. Tips on traveling to Mexico?
  91. how long since you saw THIS in your inbox:
  92. Can't sleep, elephants will eat me.
  93. Is there such a thing as an eye transplant?
  94. Tell me if you can answer this question correctly
  95. American advises France against adopting "class action" lawsuits
  96. 261 people die after seeing who can get to church on time.
  97. extra money for investing?
  98. finally, a prom dress for sluts
  99. porn invades cellphones, moan tones are finally here
  100. Hair in the Sink
  101. Traffic ticket questions
  102. Good plants for no natural light.
  103. Fun with internet mapping software
  104. whats the point of a basic savings account?
  105. Sorry I commited a felony against you. ... so, do you want to get some dinner?
  106. Hey! Who's been at DVDTalk the longest?
  107. I just blue myself!
  108. Question for KvrDave
  109. Off to Jamaica
  110. Freaky sites I've found while surfing
  111. Looking for belt as seen in Viva La Bam
  112. Brand new place and I have mice!
  113. Since they won't allow us common folks to use avatars...
  114. Do you eat soup for breakfast?
  115. What are your honest thoughts and opinions about Treasure Island in Las Vegas
  116. How do online poker sites protect against this scam?
  117. OMGWTFBBQ . . . let's see what Otters know their stuff
  118. Were your parents strict?
  119. NYC Subway .... ARGG!!!!
  120. Do you have a "protection plan" or "extended warranty" on your cell phone?
  121. Sinus Problems - Linked w/ Ionic Breeze?
  122. Are any Otters into DVDs?
  123. the official "it sucks to be single" thread
  124. the new 'robo-soldier' from the army
  125. Question for hardcore car guys....
  126. How Your Credit Score Works?
  127. tell me how to blow off delicate mods that have really tiny parts
  128. Need otter help, does any one live near 62901?
  129. MP3 advice: iRiver vs. Creative
  130. Christians: Is It A Sin To Be Wealthy? Are Rich People Going To Hell?
  131. I cried when I saw this accident photo
  132. “How to commit a felony,” by United Poker Forum
  133. Will playing hardball with my cable company work?
  134. Anyone been to a Conan O'Brien taping?
  135. Cell phone question, contract related
  136. Check out this waste of skin politician from my beloved hometown
  137. Waiting to see the principal..
  138. She would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids ...
  139. San Francisco may charge for grocery bags
  140. Dumb weather question....
  141. There's a little Jell-o on the way!
  142. Any teeth-grinders who wear a mouthguard while sleeping?
  143. Ugh! - My first root canal experience.
  144. The sheep conundrum.....
  145. talk about a poor timing!
  146. Disneyworld cheaper for Florida residents?
  147. Disturbing Racism On Hot 97 Radio Station
  148. Disturbing Racism On Hot 97 Radio Station
  149. Want to deposit lotsa loose change, but how?
  150. It's 10 degrees and our heat went out hours ago. Warm us with your pity.
  151. What is there to do at kvrdave's shack if u aren't into poker, drinking, whores, etc?
  152. recommend an air purifier to locate near my home theater rack for dust?
  153. pee in the snow?
  154. Musicians.....Do you still play?
  155. :hstratch: Pre-Teen terrorists attempt to hi-jack bus
  156. 2006 Corvette Z06 preview.
  157. What celebrities would you want to be best friends with?
  158. The poker whore house + animal crematorium (pics)
  159. Johnny Carson has died: 1925-2005
  160. Missing Beaverton area woman
  161. Where can I get a document hardbound?
  162. Can I get a shout out fo' my homies, Opportunity and Spirit? Thatz some technology!
  163. Post your favorite panoramic images here
  164. DVD Talk Radio
  165. The last 3-4 hours of everyday of my life are a pathetic waste of time.
  166. How common is your last name?
  167. Roof/rain gutter question
  168. anyone ever stayed at the atlantis resort in nassau bahamas?
  169. How long can you ride the unicycle?
  170. state worker sues for having nothing to do
  171. Getting new tires and I have a ?
  172. I just want to publicly affirm my love of the B-2 Stealth Bomber [tons o' pics]
  173. SO-Snowblower jammed by newspaper-how to get out? (pics)
  174. Do I have to have all my W2's and 1099's in before I can file?
  175. Niag. Falls police burn 18yo girl with flashbang. US Customs was there too.
  176. Police: Woman threw sex parties for teenagers
  177. Help! Major Car Issue! Need Advice!
  178. What fruits are native to North America?
  179. Slumber party turns to crime spree
  180. Sugar-Free Candy?
  181. What a pleasure it is to read your stuff, EVERYBODY!!!
  182. Holy Crap!! We are supposed to get two feet of snow today!! (weekend snow thread)
  183. Sometimes a hyphen in a website URL can make a big difference...
  184. Man Castrates Self through Internet
  185. Anyone speak French?
  186. Do bank transactions occur during off hours? Late night musings.
  187. Don't like the South? (Foul language warning, NWS)
  188. Guy in volkswagen commercial... what other commercial has he done
  189. Omaha: Flopped quads & nut fullhouse
  190. Scientists claim to have found cancer "master switch"
  191. The Zombie sound alike lookalike thread
  192. The most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen...
  193. My MARVELous Museum (Photographic Journey of Otter Collections)
  194. Valedictorian(s)?
  195. Post an aerial pic of your house thread
  196. Pisser Philosophy
  197. Alternatives to butter, associated health issues
  198. Hilarious drunk-driving stop
  199. Have you ever 'fished' wires through (up/down) a wall ?
  200. Mom gives 4 yr old son crack rock to "calm him down"
  201. Do you ever *POP* (Aka: "Slap") the hiney of the one you Love?
  202. how many questions does it take, to read your mind?
  203. Student sues to end summer homework
  204. Beck and Call, or Beckon Call
  205. Haunted Butt
  206. "Scientific" Discussion: What causes people to be heterosexual or homosexual?
  207. I'm a Twixter.
  208. How much time in a day do you spend buck naked?
  209. These eBay scammers are the worst yet! They can BITE ME! (profanity ahead)
  210. Original Picasso drawing sells for $40k at Costco.com
  211. What's for lunch?
  212. Swish
  213. How to find location of funeral services?
  214. Need advice on auto accident
  215. Some people are wierd...
  216. Time Waster: Place the U.S. States
  217. Bill Cosby Sexually Assaults All the Women [Update: Guilty]
  218. This Has to Be Homer Simpson...
  219. Home Buying: Home Insurance: Reviews?
  220. Need some help embarassing someone on their birthday
  221. Is anyone else getting email about ebay account suspended ?
  222. Do you volunteer?
  223. The Hasselhoffian Recursion
  224. I learned something new about my father today....
  225. List of Companies that will sponsor F1 Student Visa's to work in USA?
  226. 63 cats found in truck.
  227. The latest in cutting edge redneck technology....
  228. Blackjack Vs. Poker
  229. The wait check bluff.
  230. What was the largest mouthful of stuff that you ever swallowed?
  231. ever use a rent-a-furniture place?
  232. Selling a Ring, how much $$ might I expect to get?
  233. So potatoes are NASCAR now?
  234. recommend a cc for a college student?
  235. I got a boss (temporary) tattoo!
  236. Just cashed out of Paradise Poker
  237. Is there some place that I can cash a British postal order in America?
  238. Do you lose weight when you go potty?
  239. Reload Bonus Maillist?
  240. So, I am now an entrepreneur
  241. where can i check up on a company?
  242. In-joke(s) you don't understand.
  243. Jumbo Squid Wash Onto California Beaches
  244. I'm going to get my third 4" needle shot in my upper spine this morning. COMFORT ME!
  245. Oh No! SpongeBob is GAY?!?! Conservative Christian groups think so..
  246. DAMMIT, I have a stiff one :-( and I can barely walk.
  247. Anyone want free trading cards from early 90s?
  248. What to do while in Los Angeles?
  249. Terror threat in Boston today? 1/19
  250. Does anybody here have Rosacea?