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  1. Who sits in the passenger seat, Mom or new GF?
  2. Whatís your current general IQ?
  3. Filing items in a 3x5 sized box...
  4. idiot on millionaire
  5. Harry Potter is gay
  6. How Do You Design a Funeral for an Atheist/Agnostic?
  7. "In God We Trust" is this rumor true?
  8. Here we go again: Thermostat wars
  9. BOY, did I nearly get scammed! (eBay/PayPal)
  10. Headaches when I lay down.
  11. Where Do You Get Your News Off The Net?
  12. Check your credit card statements (mid to late September)
  13. I'm sad.
  14. If Geoff ever charges a subscription fee for DVD Talk, I'll be the first in line!
  15. Need to restain an armoire. help!
  16. do you rake or mow your leaves?
  17. Do southpaws (if they initiate a handshake) use their right or left hand?
  18. Oh, sweet milk chocolate peanut butter GOODNESS!!!!
  19. Scientists Recreate Killer 1918 Virus
  20. Holy Xenu! Katie Holmes pregnant
  21. I Really need change banks
  22. Fight between python and gator ends in a draw
  23. Guy Hates Job (funny movie file)
  24. How much would this creep you out?
  25. Jessica and Nick - It's over!
  26. What air brush set up to buy?
  27. Plea to graphic artists: critique this logo
  28. So, apparently I ran by a DEAD BODY!
  29. photobucket.com/tinpic.com
  30. Can't Poop first thing in the morning
  31. breaking news: Lindsay Lohan crashes again!!
  32. * * * OMG LOOK AT THIS TOY COLLECTION !!! should i buy? * * *
  33. The Insane Betting Thread
  34. Car chase in Seattle area
  35. Is the car extended warranty worth it?
  36. Why was I not informed about Rita's Gelati?!?
  37. Cow Milk Beats Breast Milk For Healthy Teeth
  38. DVDTalk Pokerstars Challenge XI - 10+1 NL HE WEDNESDAY (10/05/05)
  39. Getting collection calls for previous user of my phone number
  40. Are we playing poker this Wednesday Night
  41. What the hell did they put on my cuban sandwich?
  42. Lewis and Clark Fort replica burnt down
  43. Question about state quarter mistake
  44. Stadium Credit Card Promos
  45. Anybody Know of Any Websites That List Motorcycle Fuel Efficiency (MPG)?
  46. EuroRounders
  47. Caption this: DVD Talk-related Cavett/Charles action shot
  48. Dentist does your teeth-do you close your eyes or look at him? IMPORTANT THREAD!
  49. RIP Nipsey Russell
  50. David Hasselhoff soap
  51. what was the shortest commercial flight you've ever been on?
  52. Britney holds garage sale for hurricane victims
  53. Does anyone remember this website?
  54. PSO: Absolute, Bodog, or Titan?
  55. Nicotine beer in the pipeline
  56. Help a guy out--How do I go about buying kitchen appliances?
  57. Do I have any recourse? (mechanic related)
  58. Photochop help needed
  59. Dogs used as shark bait, wth?
  60. George Bush Don't like Black People Song
  61. Anyone have transition lenses?
  62. Installing Baseboard - Help a Brutha Out..
  63. do you know your kid's principal's nickname?
  64. Creative Bums
  65. Know any sincerely kind people?
  66. How do you get rid of moles?
  67. So, ulcers are NOT caused by stress!
  68. Legit Distance Ed Masters Programs?
  69. Any other guys have trust issues w/ their SO?
  70. Ya ever crack yourself up?
  71. Help me help my sister find a used car
  72. My conversation with a door-to-door magazine seller
  73. Glass Sex Toys are an Acceptable Gift for any Occasion!
  74. Happy 55th Birthday, Charlie Brown
  75. Is the 'N' Word Profanity?
  76. Turkey bacon
  77. Ingredients in powdered coffee?
  78. The Official I'm Stuck Working The Overnight Thread (10/2/05)
  79. What is the function of the bed frame?
  80. Breaking news 10/1 10:30pm. Bomb at University of Oklahoma
  81. Anyone try Papa John's new pan pizza?
  82. Should I buy this?
  83. Anyone ever have a backyard Pig Roast?
  84. Chain letter emails... (rant)
  85. Fake Virus Prank....
  86. I FINALLY have a free weekend!
  87. New Hydrogen technology invented
  88. Paris Hilton, Greek Heir End Engagement (surprise, surprise!)
  89. What does solace and succor mean to you?
  90. HELP! Best way to get rid of fruit fly/gnats?
  91. Little Girl Lost in New York - Mother Missing
  92. Anyone else getting huge increase in spam lately?
  93. Ever notice how you never see actors ever really vomit?
  94. Friend 'em or not?
  95. Have any of you changed careers later in life
  96. Taking a vacation
  97. Does this kitchen look 'retro' to you?
  98. Doorbells in commercials...
  99. Compulsive Shopping Carries a Heavy Price
  100. Dad died 5 years ago, Mom died a year ago. Man, I love onion rings.
  101. Combo thread: What to do near Newport Beach/while wife's away in Newport Beach
  102. Madrid train bombing footage
  103. Is this a real medical condition or is this guy nuts?
  104. Portland Otter Meet (11/5) With Photos
  105. Last day at my job and I'm hoppin' in my seat!
  106. Natural Gas - Should I lock in for a set price?
  107. looking for a scaled map of the strip
  108. What if anime characters were real.....
  109. Please help with high volume ebay sales-
  110. Shower Rod Woes-- HELP!
  111. any mid-atlantic verizon wireless customers?
  112. My stem cell recipient passed away today
  113. Had To Put My Dog To Sleep Yesterday
  114. How does this work?
  115. California Wildfires..
  116. What is the appropriate use of the phrase - "Git 'er done."?
  117. Anything still sell consistently on ebay anymore?
  118. Rodney King beaten with a stick and arrested
  119. An alternative to sending flowers to a woman? (woman's opinion needed!)
  120. Ok, well now I've got 'Screaming Guy' somewhere in my neighborhood
  121. Post Your Poetry Here
  122. Bathroom exhaust fan question
  123. When do you become a master/expert in your field?
  124. Photochop help, we have to keep this up
  125. I may be getting tired of mediocre gas mileage....
  126. woo hoo, jackpot, or I'm about to be scammed!
  127. When microwaving something are you supposed to press the Stop button before opening?
  128. Don't put your drunk friends into rubbish bins.
  129. Buy owners title insurance on condo?
  130. Do I love you guys & gals because youíre great or are you great because I love you?
  131. What to do in Hawaii - Maui specifically?
  132. Employment Contract Question
  133. Do you take off your MP3 player to go to the bathroom?
  134. I need to scratch my left ear.
  135. Fashion question for Japanese Otters (or those familar with Japanese culture)
  136. DHL Problem (The hits keep coming today)
  137. I think my right big toe is about to die.
  138. Hot Time, Summer in September? (Heat Wave!)
  139. China better watchout for this one
  140. What are these "boroughs" and "parishes"? What are they called in your area? (Etc)
  141. Very bad paypal/ebay problem
  142. Cowboy boots
  143. That's what she said!
  144. Cute animal pictures for no particular reason
  145. Supreme Court to hear probate case... of Anna Nicole Smith.
  146. Got Myself into an eBay situation
  147. What to do in Portland (Oregon)?
  148. Ok, so my 14 year-old nephew wants to drop out of school.
  149. General Zod, why didn't you tell us? [merged]
  150. Giant squid caught on video!
  151. Damn...do I hate those NBC TV radio ads!
  152. Photochop my Cuz's drunk Friend
  153. What will be the toppings on your next ordered pizza?
  154. Any cheap hotel recommendations for Dublin?
  155. Can You Download Karaoke?
  156. Vote for Baby Jello!
  157. We Need To Bring Back Shame and Good Manners
  158. Does how you react to a judgmental person reflect your guilty feelings?
  159. How many hours do you sleep?
  160. Van crash kills 7 students and instructor
  161. Gift for my ex-wife's wedding?
  162. Recommend a good teeth whitener, please.
  163. Artists erect giant pink bunny on mountain
  164. What do you like to eat that is basically unhealthy?
  165. OH YEAH, New Meat'normous Breakfast Sandwich At Burger King
  166. Carjack attempt thwarted by manual transmission
  167. Frat initiation crap
  168. Are you easily intoxicated and or sedated?
  169. Real Simpsons House, Built to Scale....
  170. Fair trade? Four day work week to give up four holidays?
  171. Things to do in vegas apart from gambling.
  172. Help me decide a Halloween costume...
  173. Pics of my WWII collection
  174. Texas A&M Aggies confront hurricane Rita.
  175. I think Iíve traumatized my son (wind-related)
  176. What is the process of shopping around for a HELOC?
  177. Will you go to Prom with me?
  178. So, I may be admitted to the hospital with a blood clot....
  179. how does the IRS know if you make money?
  180. What do you munch on at work?
  181. best way/place to sell a timeshare
  182. Take a guess at the illness!
  183. Fellas, Do you use Creams and Treatments for your Face (face care) ?
  184. Allies or Axis?
  185. I Just Tossed My VHS Collection!
  186. Tell me about northeast living.
  187. Ashton Kutcher marries some old lady
  188. Car problem
  189. Anyone ever installed a microwave/hood combo?
  190. how do you get your steak cooked? (merged)
  191. If you didn't need to work would you?
  192. Hurricane Rita: Where are the Looters?
  193. Anybody Work As A Paralegal Or Graphic Design? (Part 2 of 2)
  194. Puppy swallows 13 inch knife and survives!
  195. Moving out and need some advice.
  196. For anyone who has Netflix...
  197. Two squirrels bullied me off the sidewalk today (for AudioWizard)
  198. I DEMAND more Action...
  199. The Most Boring Date I've Ever Had
  200. Questions for Otter Docs and Pharmacists re: OTC medicine and expiration dates
  201. Do you ever feel guilty for the hours/days/years that you do nothing at work?
  202. Minnesota ski resorts?
  203. Are leaders born or made?
  204. Football Baby
  205. Need help with a shock collar for a dog.
  206. School me on wall ovens...
  207. Anybody have the 'In:NYC' credit card from Amex?
  208. Plan your own funeral
  209. oh comeon! my first time playing for real money online
  210. How to be a consistant online winner...
  211. Is it true that it is impossible to eat more than 7 salt crackers w/o taking a drink?
  212. Any other sites similar to Craigslist?
  213. Weekends here... What are your plans?
  214. help needed with class presentation
  215. I think I need a colon cleansing...
  216. Which is worse: Hurricane Rita or MSNBC's Rita Cosby?
  217. Hurricane Rita and Race
  218. Ethical question for the forum
  219. I'm under attack from an army of mosquitos.
  220. Hamas Militants Parade Homemade Rockets; They Blow Up, 10 Dead
  221. Student Takes Action When University Won't Allow Ferret
  222. Photoshoppers alert! Need image with sailboat/guitar/ladybug.
  223. The Teeth Whitening Solution Thread
  224. tax question - buying out co-owner
  225. What color do you see the most on an average day?
  226. My turn: Photochop my coworkers
  227. Is 9:30am too early to start mowing the lawn?
  228. Good MPG older (ie cheap) cars?
  229. ebay related search: greg the bunny &... klum and alba ????
  230. Camera / Battery Question.
  231. are non-retractable car antennae built to go through automatic carwashes?
  232. So I have my Review in less then an Hour....
  233. I discovered a bunch of kitties
  234. Job too good to be true?
  235. Anybody tried any of the new(er) Pop-Tart flavors?
  236. Why do I love this .gif so much?
  237. Feed me some sympathy: I'm sick :(
  238. Neighbor parking his truck in front of my house
  239. Driver runs into crowd, kills 1 in front of Bally's
  240. Fast Times at Wedgewood Middle School
  241. I caught an alligator lizard in my house. Need advice on care. [now with pictures]
  242. How many calories in human flesh?
  243. Poker Odds Software
  244. Candy related rant.
  245. Why are we not photo-chopping these kids yet?
  246. I got made fun of today for riding a bike
  247. Where Geekiness stops and Insanity takes over: Anime Convention
  248. why can`t we just blow up these storms...
  249. This is what's wrong with our justice system
  250. Anyone owns a Ford Escape hybrid?