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  1. Not feeling romantic this year. Got any ideas for Valentine's day gifts?
  2. McDonald's Says Fries Have More Trans Fats
  3. Senate office building evacuated when test indicated presence of "possible nerve agen
  4. A little luck never hurts.
  5. Do you volunteer?
  6. New real estate site online
  7. It seems like Southern California is having an early summer...
  8. Question re: car CD players with removeable faceplates.
  9. Need men input...Valentine's Day/Birthday/Anniversary?
  10. I have been nominated for a community service award. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. Killing a Fisherman? It's so easy, even a caveman could do it.
  12. Does anyone here live near someone famous?
  13. Tough Trivia
  14. how to move furniture into a loft?
  15. Pigeon takes a dump on Katie Couric
  16. New fast food tax
  17. Super Bowl Moments of Silence
  18. Alert Commander Data! Scientists bond DNA to artifical Surfaces!
  19. gaining credit
  20. Cure for AIDS on the horizon?
  21. Obnoxious players at the table (at casino, IRL)
  22. What happens if my cat eats potato chips?
  23. why must you torment me so, Dunkin Donuts?
  24. Help finding Kill Bill wallpaper (specific style)?
  25. where do you find sattelitte tourneys?
  26. Where do you hang your calendar?
  27. How Britney Drives with her Kid in the car...
  28. Question about a Certificate of Accrual on Treasury Securities (CATS)
  29. getting over a relationship
  30. Anyone ever been to Mt. Fuji Restaurants in NY or NJ?
  31. I am applying for a job in Walla Walla WA I have a question for the people there.
  32. Who is your favorite comedian?
  33. Help with drinks of an alcoholic nature
  34. How full is your ipod and when do we get 100gb?
  35. Bizarre Ebay/Half problem
  36. Can anyone tell me about Erie, Pa.
  37. Mock Portfolios
  38. Walkthru tomorrow on my new house...
  39. I wrote the first complaint letter in my life to a restaurant the other day.
  40. Whats the longest you've waited for a fast food order(or something)?
  41. Face Transplant ...OMG!!!
  42. Pesci is really living the role of a goodfella.
  43. some parents are DETERMINED to hurt their kids
  44. Tax question
  45. If men wrote advice columns
  46. Anyone a little too used to being single?
  47. Decadent Capitalist Pigs! Oh wait...
  48. looking for a good table base
  49. Anyone work in mortgage servicing (sales) or know anyone who does?
  50. Need advice on upside-down car purchase!
  51. Home improvement: Cabinets and countertops
  52. Explain "energy drinks" to me
  53. Shure E2c vs Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3
  54. Do noise-cancelling headphones really work?
  55. How do YOU keep away sales people that come to your house?
  56. Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book
  57. More beer: Bell's Wheat Love Ale
  58. Jump starting a car - pos pos neg neg or pos pos neg block
  59. What foods are you preparing or ordering for ther Superbowl?
  60. Student wins $5000 prize for shooting Cell Phone movie
  61. New no-personal responsibility lawsuit: Man claims iPod caused his hearing loss
  62. When did the "specialty" pizzas show up on the scene?
  63. What to do in Corona California?
  64. Gotta love it..
  65. When picking a table, how many players do you like?
  66. Guitarists, help me pick: Laney A1 or Fender Acoustasonic 30?
  67. How Hard is it to get into MIT ?
  68. Entry to PPM V Supers Sub-Qualifier party poker?
  69. Where would you dump money for 5 years?
  70. Parents - Recommend me a good VIDEO baby monitor.
  71. Welcome to Detroit - Enjoy the Snow (Storm)
  72. Noble Poker Sit'n'Go progressive jackpot.
  73. Buying a new car: Best time of year?
  74. Chicken Cheesesteak?
  75. Northwest Otters: How are you weathering this storm?
  76. Street Racer crashes into health clinic in LA, 6 critcally injured
  77. Dateline NBC defines 'LOL'
  78. How to establish credit?
  79. Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow split up
  80. Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox engaged
  81. Drinking with Steve.
  82. How long can you keep a bottle of opened wine?
  83. Does anyone else get cough medicine hangovers?
  84. is there an ebay policy if your sent the wrong item ??
  85. Whats wrong with driving with Cruise Control in the rain?
  86. does anyone's cel do this?
  87. If you were looking to buy a house, and the deed said this, would you buy?
  88. Preggo Katie Holmes pics: Now with bonus lip sore
  89. What out-of-style fashion would you like to see again?
  90. Should payday loans be illegal?
  91. Off to Chicago for the first time
  92. Talk to me about home security systems (I was robbed)
  93. Job Transfer Question
  94. Hundreds of dead pets found in forest
  95. Is some big virus supposed to hit tomorrow? (2/3/06)
  96. The Last Telegram
  97. are seikos good watches?
  98. 27 year employee of major construction company fired. No, scratch that...
  99. best site to play low stakes no limit
  100. Double Bubble gum (with comics) for adults only?
  101. Hubble Telescope takes picture of the "Eye of God"
  102. Anyone else getting a bunch of True banner ads?
  103. Brokeback TO THE FUTURE (fun video)
  104. 3 shot and 1 hatcheted at a gay bar
  105. The greatest eBay auctionů ever.
  106. Another child star turned criminal -- FUll House star hooked on meth
  107. Groundhog day - Early Spring
  108. Guys: Did/Will Your Girlfriend End Up Looking Like Her Mother?
  109. Anybody here work for a bottling company?
  110. Drug smuggling puppies
  111. does anyone else HATE getting the mail?
  112. my family has an issue with a relative
  113. Taxes: Why does $3 in interest cost me $7 on my refund?
  114. Can't find something...RANT
  115. Blanket Loan??
  116. 2006 Tax Thread(how much you owe or getting back)
  117. Pretty frustrated with some female flatmates...
  118. This is guy might have a problem with using a Mac.
  119. Drunk driving + killing 2 people (and almost a 3rd) = ? An epilogue...
  120. Raked Hand question,party poker?
  121. Top 5 Pet Peeves...
  122. In-car Pr0n DVD viewing leads to 2 arrests
  123. Is this the accepted Christian method for shutting down porn shops?
  124. You're scheduled to be the Best Man.. They elope.. What do you do?
  125. So my Mom went on a fast, then ended up in the ICU...
  126. Tried the Premium burger at Steak and Shake? Yea or nay?
  127. Dr. Pepper Wannabes....
  128. Please send a boat and some sand bags
  129. Car otters: Need strut advice.
  130. Hey! Lets team up to screw with some African crooks!
  131. A contest: Guess where GOOG will end up tomorrow and win a prize!
  132. Another Ebay"What are they thinking?" thread
  133. Woman kills her 2 dogs so she can shack up with her boyfriend.
  134. 401K Account rebalancing - square up or let it ride?
  135. Use of term "upgrade" at fast food joints/concession stands? WTFOMGBBQ?
  136. Elisha Cuthbert - Hottest chick to ever come out of Canada?
  137. Children, Media, and Sex: Oh My!
  138. Cellphone Jammers on the Way?
  139. Junk drawers: No method to the madness
  140. Installing Recessed Lighting in My Garage
  141. Should I rat on my friends kid?
  142. Photos from New York... I did promise...
  143. 7 Dead After Ex-California Postal Worker Opens Fire
  144. Friends with Benefits: help, please
  145. What should I get my wife for her 40th birthday?
  146. What color Honda Odyssey should I get?
  147. What color Honda Odyssey should I get?
  148. Coretta Scott King, 78, Widow of MLK Jr., Has Died
  149. Anyone speak French? Please translate this
  150. Would you go for a quickie college degree from an email like this?
  151. Chewing Gum question
  152. Problem with a kid.
  153. Do bands past their prime normally charge outrageous prices?
  154. Lying about monthly rent on a loan application...
  155. What's the first major world event you remember?
  156. Apothecary Table / Decorating Question...
  157. In-n-Out, Animal Style
  158. Follicare?
  159. Claiming unborn children on tax forms?
  160. Who can identify this bird of prey?
  161. I just got another job rejection letter today...
  162. when does your head stop growing?
  163. My Clan site hacked...
  164. Who are freaks to you?
  165. Oh my god, I am german
  166. So my brakes went completely out yesterday on the highway
  167. I'm being sued because of PayPal?
  168. Old people: (25+) Are you always sore if you work out regularly?
  169. Question about traveling to Canada...
  170. Broadband Service faster and cheaper outside the US?
  171. Anyone use mp3 players at the gym?
  172. Men - arent you glad you never have to give birth ?
  173. The Future of Google
  174. 'Baby Jessica,' now 19, reportedly marries
  175. Changing your sleeping pattern/amount of sleep
  176. Teacher shows "Virgin" movie and Bando's wife gets him fired. Yea or nay?
  177. something weird just happened at B2B
  178. is there any way to find house prices online?
  179. Looking for the source of a quote...
  180. Is this America's dumbest criminal?
  181. please help identifying a type of oriental noodle soup
  182. Does it bother you when an EX moves on extremely fast?
  183. Teach your 7 year old daughter how to shoot a machine gun!
  184. Watched a building implosion, this morning
  185. Ugly people never develop eating disorders.
  186. What Up?
  187. Sciatica anyone?
  188. Flying Dogs
  189. School Me on Watch Winder for Automatic Watches
  190. What is the earliest "Historic Event" that you remember?
  191. Where were you 20 years ago today?
  192. How is it possible to claim 0 exemptions and still owe taxes?
  193. Sense Of Entitlement: How Did This Happen?
  194. Breast Milk For Sale
  195. Happy New Year, again!
  196. Free to good home: 3 Boys
  197. Did I overreact to the flowers?
  198. Selected Classifieds from the UK
  199. The most retarded game ever:Know your flushes
  200. Favorite country you have been to?
  201. Please vote for me..It is for a great cause.. :)
  202. So Who's The Guerilla Marketer Here? Is It You???
  203. What breaking news services do you subscribe to?
  204. How much pressure do you like in your tires?
  205. Are Black people Generally Friendlier than White people
  206. Parents: ever wish your kids would just stop getting sick?
  207. Anyone know a store that carries miniature miter saws?
  208. Recommend me a bathroom scale
  209. More GoogleEarth Weirdness: A flying car?
  210. How do this sound for a Burger?
  211. Question about international air travel
  212. I have an idea for a restaurant...would you eat there?
  213. More whackiness involving a teacher and her student....
  214. Ebay Question - Please Help
  215. Possibly up for a promotion. HELP!
  216. Anyone here been to Showshoe, WV - skiing?
  217. Superbowl snacking ideas
  218. What is your least favorite state in the US?
  219. Weekly motels in Portland ,OR?
  220. Yes, another job interview question.
  221. How about starting up another monthly DVDtalk poker game?
  222. Give to family missionaries when you don't believe?
  223. Man and woman charged with alleged sex abuse of a toddler, teenage boy...
  224. Top Secret Tijuana Tunnel Taken, Two Tons of Texas Tea Salvaged
  225. How hard is it to install a bike rack on to your car?
  226. Indian food- teh taystee...
  227. Happy Australia day!!
  228. Atkins and Exercise: Do They Mix Well?
  229. I cant stop getting up in the middle of the night to beat
  230. Seven kids from the same family killed in crash
  231. WOW...What a run
  232. Skagway Alaska ??
  233. Meet... ZEUS!!!
  234. Do you think the statement "black don't crack" is racist if it's a compliment?
  235. Is this a guy a jerk or am I wrong?
  236. How to not shrink clothes?
  237. Dead Squirrel Kit (eBay)
  238. what life lessons would you want your child to learn?
  239. Anybody going to Vegas soon?
  240. Just realized something about Slashdot
  241. Booth or Table?
  242. When that online deal becomes a steal
  243. Worst Website or Talk Forum....
  244. Body Part Theft Scandal.....
  245. Housewarming party?
  246. The Rabbit77's are breeding! (DVDTalker's son delivered Tues.)
  247. Woman Cited in Pa. for Flinging Lettuce, $173.50 Fine....
  248. Where can I box cardboard jewelry boxes?
  249. Peaches urges celebs not to give their kids stupid names....
  250. Personals Question