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  1. Is this food spoiled?
  2. Selling house & need closing advise
  3. Making tea
  4. Shoot my dog, but just don't tell me about it.
  5. 2005 Tax Refund...what will you do with it?
  6. My meat is turning brown :(
  7. 'Busy' women
  8. Is there a connection between heavy sleeping and stupidity?
  9. 2006 National Heads-Up Poker Championship
  10. This is NOT an April Fool's thread keeping track of joke sites on the internet...
  11. Ebay: Selling my wife's box. My cock doesn't fit.
  12. Gas Stations: Any to avoid?
  13. April Fool's Day: tell us what you did/had done to you and yours
  14. Meatloaf Appreciation Day is almost here. Who loves the loaf?
  15. Grilling for Dummies. AKA Grilling 101
  16. Need a New Lawnmower. What's the Best?
  17. Long-term mobile phone use raises brain tumor risk: study
  18. Las Vegas struggles under tidal wave of fat
  19. What D&D alignment are you in real life and why? (be painfully honest)
  20. The Bouillabaise Subterfuge Smorgasbord and Collected Mish-Mash Medley of Miscellany
  21. Looking for a unique recipe site
  22. Do we do anything with the clocks tomorrow night?
  23. Looking for a microwave oven. Any favorites?
  24. Does anyone still do frozen dinners NOT in a microwave?
  25. I sprained my heart!
  26. Study: Prayer has no effect on heart surgery patients
  27. the riddler (as in lots of riddles, not the batman villain)
  28. Calling all German speaking otters....
  29. Will we ever get another state?
  30. I had my fuel injectors cleaned yesterday...
  31. Goshdarn You Classico!
  32. Does anyone know anything about this painting? (guitarist on roof)
  33. New car paint job, how much?
  34. Question about scholarships/fellowship awards included with grad school acceptances
  35. Thinking about getting a new cat, need advice
  36. Upgrading my phone which one should I get?
  37. Proposal to eliminate use of "whilst" from the English language
  38. Personal Injury Attorney? (how to pick, whether it's needed, etc)
  39. Is it bad to let your car's gas tank run to empty?
  40. looking for an air purifier
  41. "I Can Only Show You the Door, You Have to Walk Through it..."
  42. Is the popularity of the Simpsons, South Park, King of the Hill, a portend of doom?
  43. My Windshield's Cracked
  44. Lawn mower tuneup?
  45. Venetian's Poker Room Opening Sunday, April 2nd
  46. Help me find a new road bike
  47. Ever come across a deceptive thread title? If you have, post it here!
  48. Words I never want to hear on tv again
  49. Lend a Hand! - DVD Talk Needs Porn Writers
  50. How To Pour Ketchup (Catsup). A Full Technical Explanation.........
  51. 26 year old work friend committed suicide
  52. How Do You Eat Trail Mix?
  53. Wanna see my crack?
  54. Who Raised This Kid?!: Dilemma @ Pressing Charges
  55. Digital Camera Recommendation
  56. That 70s Show star Spills Hollywood Starlet Sex Secrets
  57. Cure your own traffic problems, so to speak.
  58. You know how they say if you dig a hole through the earth you'll come out in China?
  59. Child molesters in South Carolina look out!
  60. I call dead people.
  61. Crazy Cat Terrorizes Connecticut Town
  62. five hours in chicago: what to do?
  63. In my first car accident
  64. Out of shape, become a samurai
  65. College Student in Wal-Mart for 41 Hours
  66. Peeing in my dreams
  67. How much will it cost to paint my house?
  68. A stranger just shut my door on my head.
  69. Favorite candy?
  70. From the Files of Final Destination (9-11 Related)
  71. How's this for screwed up? Delphi and Mexico related.
  72. where do you play golf?
  73. LAX to Hollywood---Shuttle or Taxi?
  74. Roommate moving to another country with five months left on the lease - Need advice
  75. how much is your time worth?
  76. Wedding gift etiquette
  77. What can a non-teach do to help kids?
  78. Help with Dinner reservation info
  79. Tom Cruise hires bodyguards to fend off evil galactic ruler
  80. Nominate your candidates for "Best. Thread. Ever."
  81. Married man sues eharmony
  82. Letter of resignation: do I have to?
  83. It's raining like a mofo here... How's your weather today? (3/28 edition)
  84. caption this couple!
  85. The Dark Side of Whole Foods
  86. Question(s) about my expiring T-Mobile contract.
  87. Ok, Ive been dying to know. What the hell is Gabbaghul (SP?)
  88. It was a global flood and the earth is only 6000 years old
  89. Ever see a co-worker clip their fingernails or do other grooming (at work)?
  90. When you bought a new Toyota did they hit you up for a mandatory adv. fee?
  91. Ebay? When did Puerto Rico become part os the USA
  92. Ditch bachelor pad to live with 2 girls?
  93. Don't like DVDTalk's search feature? Check this out.
  94. So I might be getting sued....
  95. holy crap, tupac is really alive
  96. This thread contains only the Finest Meats and Cheeses! (Coldcuts, Lunchmeat & Delis)
  97. Online or Offline
  98. Help finding an oldie but goodie thread!
  99. The Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes baby Countdown
  100. My tax dollars at work: Police take inmate to hospital next to a school, "lose" him
  101. Indian man ‘divorces’ wife in his sleep
  102. New HIV drugs may prevent infection!
  103. Ever play with your horny?
  104. Ever pick up the phone & hear someone you don't know having a FRIGGIN' conversation?
  105. Anybody Else Think This Dude's A Perv?
  106. Just another fine way to fall victim to credit card fraud
  107. Hey guys, how old are you and what's the youngest age you would date a girl
  108. Issue with teenage neighbor... how far should I take this?
  109. Parasites brainwash grasshoppers into death dive
  110. Discovery of Red Army phrasebook hints: Soviet plans to fight Hitler onBritish front
  111. Giant centipede eats mouse
  112. What do you hate?
  113. Wal-Mart to Make Big Push Into Organic Food Products
  114. Smoothie Recipes?
  115. can anyone with carfax access hook me up on 1 vin?
  116. Do You Keep Your Door Locked While In The Bathroom?
  117. Poster, lurker, or thread maker?
  118. Batman vs James Bond
  119. Teething Puppy
  120. Tha amazing bacon thread (now with Poll©)
  121. Got a Ticket for Jaywalking
  122. dagnabbit!! girl won't go out with me again.
  123. Funny small business name
  124. Looking for gas milage
  125. Piercing question
  126. 7 Dead In Seattle Shooting
  127. So, I got pulled over last night...
  128. Anyone Going To Ultra?
  129. Found: one magnum XL condom, needs good home
  130. Which Airline is worse, American, Alaska or Northwest?
  131. Tip cup? Don't mind if I do...
  132. Does your refrigeration unit have an ice maker? Your thoughts please
  133. Hand Salve
  134. Six Busted in Wet T-Shirt Contest
  135. Ice-maker not making ice...
  136. Ever see something you wanted, had the cash but 4 1 reason or another didn't buy it?
  137. Do you lock threads when the topic keeps repeating itself?
  138. Toilet seat corollary
  139. Do you keep your doors locked when in your car?
  140. New help finding thread/site about check cashing
  141. Top 25 Craziest Deaths....
  142. Help me plan a weekend in Atlantic City (June)
  143. One's fat, one's thin, both are starving: who dies first?
  144. Do you lock the doors to your office while at work?
  145. Should race be considered?
  146. Do you keep your doors locked when you're in your house or apartment?
  147. Do you lock your car doors when you're home?
  148. Stump Tom Cruise
  149. I think I pulled my back..
  150. Can Someone Tell Me The Point Of Bids Below The Reserve Price On Ebay?
  151. Finally, a nude Britney Spears! ...sort of.
  152. Anyone ever have their gasoline stolen?
  153. Now ... PayPal on your cell phone
  154. School "504" experience.. ?
  155. Anyone here ever gone to BlobFest?
  156. Abandoned toddler wanders into strip club
  157. Day Care workers forget one...
  158. Leprechaun spotted in Alabama. (video)
  159. Sakura-Con Seattle 24, 25, 26
  160. Anyone Else Hate Their Neighbor?
  161. Minister shot dead-wife and kids disappear. Innocent until proven guilty?
  162. Airport security?
  163. Pole Dancing as Exercise? Really?
  164. Why must I leave the toilet seat down?
  165. Anyone here have kids taking karate or themselves?
  166. Study: Left-Handed Snails Have Advantage
  167. Does your job ever feel like high school?
  168. Ebay - Seller waiting for buyer to leave feedback 1st?
  169. Free at last! Free at last!
  170. "Poker Stadium" opens in May in Las Vegas
  171. ebay item, check out the shipping cost
  172. Radio host fired for Racial slur towards Conde Rice
  173. Anyone sold a car to carmax?
  174. March 23rd - The anniversary of my birth
  175. No really - I am an otter!!
  176. Need some advice with immigration situation
  177. Lawyer question, moving truck towed from apartment (not me) Chicago / Lincoln Towing
  178. So, anyone here work for Caltrans?
  179. I summon the power of the OTTER FARM! (Need help searching for a certain site)
  180. Caption this shaun3000 photo
  181. Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk
  182. Shazbucks!
  183. Toilet paper at amazon.com. "Get it for less! Order it used."
  184. Cashier at Best Buy called me "blood". Does that mean I'm cool?
  185. Tax preparers may be selling personal financial information
  186. Girl Missing For 10 Years Allegedly Locked In Bedroom
  187. Inverted/negative yield curve
  188. Bomb squad checks suspicious package outside White House
  189. Best credit card with frequent flyer miles?
  190. What can me and my SO do together?
  191. Need Advice On Vacuums
  192. question about the David Copperfield audience vanish illusion
  193. Hold 'Em odds questions
  194. Planning a trip to Miami for bachelor party, any suggestions?
  195. Cat falls 80 feet - video
  196. Fire Breaks Out In CNN Studio
  197. Woman sues taco bell for burns when she spilled hot breadstick sauce on herself..
  198. Have you heard about the Jury Duty Scam thingamabobby?
  199. Jobs where they paid you to do nothing...who's had them?
  200. How would you feel if your grandpa got caught cross dressing and pleasuring himself?
  201. What is the obsession with ninjas and pirates? (plus pick your choice poll)
  202. OK my insane Religious Coworker is losing it!!
  203. Anyone tried Internet dating?
  204. The next big toy/gadget--Video inside
  205. Anti-depressants..opinions?
  206. What'd You Do on Your 21st Birthday?
  207. This is pretty sweet!
  208. Crazy Chalk Art
  209. Always someone just a little bit better
  210. Kid walks on lawn. Neighbor shoots him dead. Grinds him into fertilizer for the lawn!
  211. this dude knows how to play with his balls.
  212. Rock Balancing!!!
  213. Who's Seen This AWESOMENESS?!
  214. why do so many contests exclude residents of alaska and hawaii?
  215. My day in Pirate Court (and a 4 year old black girl that won't destroy Logan's)
  216. So..... What's the going rate for teen's allowance these days???
  217. Is this normal? (relationship with siblings when they are in serious relationship)
  218. Is PSO gone? down?
  219. So my roommate got arrested...
  220. Just got back from my trip to Iceland! (Pictures!)
  221. Video games take their revenge
  222. Help with a blinding dog
  223. 2006 WPT season
  224. My cat passed away this morning...
  225. This is tearing me up inside
  226. Didn't get a W2, how long do you think it'll take to get a replacement?
  227. GF / Money advice needed
  228. Has anyone used ReFiCarGuys.com?
  229. Cool driving video: record at Nurburgring
  230. Help me minimize how screwed I get by this eBay "Buyer"
  231. Websites That Ask For Donations
  232. My dog was diagnosed with an open Pyometra...please help ease my mind
  233. shopping for a slipcover for the couch, need help
  234. Looking for one of those funny web videos...
  235. Guys & Gals! Ever PLUCK shave?
  236. So who wants Puppies?
  237. Sweet. Huge Lego aircraft carrier
  238. Happy Birthday to the Infidel...
  239. US Navy kills one, wounds five suspected pirates off Somalia
  240. A Crying Game
  241. Googs stays private
  242. European vacation ideas
  243. Any Honda Pilot owners
  244. How to find out who manufactured windows in home
  245. Any coin collectors here? Question about a penny I have...
  246. Nike Petition: Create shoes like the ones Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II..
  247. Help me settle a bet
  248. FYI! Use EXTREME CAUTION when removing Pixy Poo!
  249. The divining rod that is a cat's nipples...
  250. Scam E-mail