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  1. What is the obsession with ninjas and pirates? (plus pick your choice poll)
  2. OK my insane Religious Coworker is losing it!!
  3. Anyone tried Internet dating?
  4. The next big toy/gadget--Video inside
  5. Anti-depressants..opinions?
  6. What'd You Do on Your 21st Birthday?
  7. This is pretty sweet!
  8. Crazy Chalk Art
  9. Always someone just a little bit better
  10. Kid walks on lawn. Neighbor shoots him dead. Grinds him into fertilizer for the lawn!
  11. this dude knows how to play with his balls.
  12. Rock Balancing!!!
  13. Who's Seen This AWESOMENESS?!
  14. why do so many contests exclude residents of alaska and hawaii?
  15. My day in Pirate Court (and a 4 year old black girl that won't destroy Logan's)
  16. So..... What's the going rate for teen's allowance these days???
  17. Is this normal? (relationship with siblings when they are in serious relationship)
  18. Is PSO gone? down?
  19. So my roommate got arrested...
  20. Just got back from my trip to Iceland! (Pictures!)
  21. Video games take their revenge
  22. Help with a blinding dog
  23. 2006 WPT season
  24. My cat passed away this morning...
  25. This is tearing me up inside
  26. Didn't get a W2, how long do you think it'll take to get a replacement?
  27. GF / Money advice needed
  28. Has anyone used ReFiCarGuys.com?
  29. Cool driving video: record at Nurburgring
  30. Help me minimize how screwed I get by this eBay "Buyer"
  31. Websites That Ask For Donations
  32. My dog was diagnosed with an open Pyometra...please help ease my mind
  33. shopping for a slipcover for the couch, need help
  34. Looking for one of those funny web videos...
  35. Guys & Gals! Ever PLUCK shave?
  36. So who wants Puppies?
  37. Sweet. Huge Lego aircraft carrier
  38. Happy Birthday to the Infidel...
  39. US Navy kills one, wounds five suspected pirates off Somalia
  40. A Crying Game
  41. Googs stays private
  42. European vacation ideas
  43. Any Honda Pilot owners
  44. How to find out who manufactured windows in home
  45. Any coin collectors here? Question about a penny I have...
  46. Nike Petition: Create shoes like the ones Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II..
  47. Help me settle a bet
  48. FYI! Use EXTREME CAUTION when removing Pixy Poo!
  49. The divining rod that is a cat's nipples...
  50. Scam E-mail
  51. Anyone else betting on all 4 #12 seeds to upset the #5 seeds in the NCAA tournament?
  52. Big Bang Inflation proved?
  53. Eat at CA Denny's, you WILL be shot and killed!
  54. Magellan RoadMate 700 or the Garmin Streetpilot 2620? Any advice??
  55. this 'Bird Flu' is scaring my relatives
  56. Dude throws his own version of the other forum guy at Police!
  57. Caring for your introvert
  58. Hawaiian Shirt - Tucked or Untucked?
  59. Dell's new marketing angle...
  60. Caption This: Bill Clinton finds true love
  61. Caption?
  62. What ever you do, don't eat this...
  63. Horror film fan killed 4 in rampage....
  64. Anyone have a Motorola V710? Memory problems, need help.
  65. Hot pepper kills prostate cancer cells in study
  66. So what's everyone's St. Patrick's Day plans?
  67. what is your cholesterol level?
  68. BK or McD's Hash Browns? Which do you prefer?
  69. So, how do you turn on the time and date stamp on a Fuji camera?
  70. What Fan Clubs were/are you a member of?
  71. ok it finally happened...my car ran out of gas
  72. Boogers! Furnace not working, 85 bucks just to look at it?!
  73. Good Digital Camera ~200-400?
  74. Happy Birthday Mrs. Danger
  75. Is this "New Car Deal" a scam?
  76. Anyone ever had to have their kids in a hip brace?
  77. Is it "pinch a loaf" or "pitch a loaf"?
  78. so, how do i lose these love handles?
  79. Video of Asimo
  80. What does a guy from Philly dip his pretzel in? (give us your answer)
  81. Californian Sues Self For Car Accident
  82. Have I Been Scammed On EBay?
  83. Amanda Bynes Mega-Thread
  84. Not enough b-day threads lately? Here's one more
  85. Celebrities you have been compared to.
  86. Low GI diets bunk?
  87. Noah's Ark found!? I doubt it.
  88. Man busted with fake billions
  89. Dutch Immigrants Must Watch Racy Film
  90. worst driving spot in the USA?
  91. I think I am getting a divorce
  92. I think I am getting a divorce
  93. Ok Ladies (or gents), purse (man bag) check. What are you carrying?
  94. Question about Fair Use, Public Domain, and Copyrights
  95. Online Limit Poker
  96. Woman slams car past standing traffic (aka when nobody will let you merge...)
  97. Do you talk on the phone, while in the bathroom?
  98. Went To Jury Duty Yesterday
  99. Lastminute.com and Gary Glitter - do you find it funny or offensive?
  100. I Hereby Officially Predict an Earthquake!
  101. do i need to call my auto insurance co. and let them know i'm driving to canada?
  102. So my apartment was burgled yesterday
  103. Car question - MAP sensor
  104. Need Help Installing a CB Radio
  105. Carpooling with a DUMMY costs driver
  106. Johari and Nohari
  107. Can't, can not or Cannot, which is correct.
  108. Dude, give me some of your tots
  109. do you talk on your cellphone while you drive?
  110. Miss Deaf Texas struck by train, killed
  111. Mind reading site, freaky stuff
  112. one more question about girls
  113. Drug (Crestor) Is Found to Unclog Arteries
  114. Tint strip on windshield, or no?
  115. Delay purchase to help commissioned sales person?
  116. Do you know why they call Chicago the Windy City?
  117. Press Your Luck host dies
  118. Anaheim, CA gang members charged in rape allegedly watched by mother of one
  119. HD Radio...has anyone tried it yet?
  120. what have you done or seen (in person) that would make it on AFV?
  121. My birthday's in two weeks. What are you getting me?
  122. switching tires, don't want to pay a bundle
  123. Drying Automotive Interior
  124. Happy Purim!
  125. Looking for a good scar remedy
  126. Do you know anyone that still uses the term "colored"?
  127. Question about Ebay Feedback
  128. Anyone hear own or lease a Hybrid car?
  129. Police catch motorcyclist going 155 mph
  130. I got a racist T shirt in the mail, what to do?
  131. Sometimes I have to sign, sometimes I don't???
  132. Need Advice on New Grill
  133. Home Buying Websites?
  134. Health Talk (or, what ails you at present?)
  135. Latest Cigar Aficionado is Vegas Issue
  136. Calling Other lawyers... need help looking for cases
  137. Getting cheap Comcast cable TV?
  138. Chewy's blog
  139. Should kids run around restaurants? My friend says yes!!!!!
  140. Would you call a real estate agent at home on a Sunday?
  141. Post Cereal Commercial
  142. 1-Liner This: ".5 Shrew Times Two" Edition
  143. 2-week old car and already a door ding! ?s...
  144. NBA player's wife lets him cheat once per year
  145. Lift top coffee tables
  146. Hangover Remedies.....
  147. Cover letter help!
  148. Best Bank In Chicagoland Area?
  149. Traveling Abroad and Money
  150. Pics from my Disneyworld roadtrip last week
  151. Boy makes bet to Print out of Entire Internet
  152. Woo hoo! My first rally/protest! (Seattle, March 11)
  153. Creative Coin Stacking
  154. Snowed in Los Angeles today
  155. Lawyer Finds New Twist To DUI Defense
  156. So my cousin was on trading spouses last night.
  157. New Outback Commercials Comedian?
  158. Ruth. A fat person name?
  159. Is Buffalo meat the new turkey burger?
  160. 143 Days Without Rain - Phoenix Record-Breaking Drought OVER
  161. T.P. Wars (or: Am I in teh wrong?)
  162. It's 3am...I'm in the mood for a donut burger
  163. No more Defensive or Natural Mummy, Praying Mantas, or The Corpse for me!
  164. Woman carrying human head arrested in Florida!!! Evil Spirits she says...
  165. Beanie Weenie: Food of the Gods?!
  166. Would you buy a new car if you could write off the car loan on your taxes?
  167. Pros and Cons of a Split Bank Account
  168. ok so this Hot girl just farted..
  169. Mom-to-be parking spaces
  170. Not enough daddy threads lately? Okay, here's one more.
  171. You know that shaving cream can in Jurassic Park w/ hidden compartment? ...
  172. Selling home - Traditional realtor or Help-U-Sell?
  173. How much should a popular movie url be worth?
  174. Michael Jackson ordered to close Neverland
  175. How Well Do You Manage Your Time?
  176. Spring Break: Overrated?
  177. Unethical, Inappropriate, Slimy, or Good Business?
  178. Gates, Buffett again top Forbes billionaires list
  179. Circumstances in which flogging someone with a rubber hose should be legal
  180. So are there any reports on the conditions at Luxor?
  181. Murdering your clients: okay, not okay?
  182. Feeling pretty pathetic.
  183. NASA to announce another possible life planet (moon) today....
  184. People are so wierd.
  185. As anyone ever been to a Hollywood premier or after-party???
  186. Legal Ramifications of not paying cleaning fees when leaving an apt ??
  187. Internet gambling ban in senate today!!
  188. So I wake up, and it's snowing
  189. Kahlua replacement?
  190. Woman Sues Fla. Restaurant After Fall While Dancing On Piano....
  191. Walgreens prescription: 'She's really a psycho!!!'...
  192. A Little Photoshop Help Please
  193. Should I eat this yogurt?
  194. Anyone been to Memphis before?
  195. Is it ethical to steal someones internet?
  196. New Animal Resembling Furry Lobster Found
  197. Caption This: Smelly Finger Edition
  198. Recommend me a last minute family vacation
  199. best sites (ways) to get good deals on vegas rooms
  200. Serving size question
  201. Dad, son drown in pit of manure (CA)
  202. Have you ever had anyone dislike you for no apparent reason?
  203. small claims?
  204. tiger jam IX
  205. Expired parking meter-you see the car's about to get a ticket-would you put money in?
  206. Real Estate/MLS Query
  207. My fight with Prostate Cancer
  208. Caption This: The Young George Edition
  209. SkyNet is coming! Well, maybe not. (Robot Dog Video)
  210. "Shaft" director Gordon Parks dies at 93
  211. Own a Hyundai?
  212. I wonder when the MPAA/RIAA is going to go after YouTube.com
  213. Deducting mileage from taxes for normal employment
  214. Where to move? (Any city in PST/MST)
  215. Trump jokes about dating daughter
  216. Is this normal for PayPal (eBay related): A positive story for once
  217. Surreal and esoteric spam.
  218. tiger jam IX (mandalay bay)
  219. DC/MD/NOVA folks,who is listening to the Smell My Face Beltway race on DC101
  220. Certificate templates online?
  221. Lesbian crowned Homecoming King!
  222. Ninja Killing Justified.
  223. Anyone here Train in BOXING ?
  224. How to get rid of mold?
  225. Early morning excercise - how's this supposed to work?
  226. What do you know about...Primerica?
  227. do yellow lights in california last longer than other parts of the country?
  228. Pollen
  229. Anyone here work from home?
  230. GAS PRICE CHECK: March 2006 Edition
  231. What's worse than "talking to a computer/recording" on the phone?
  232. I'm a daddy for the 4th time!
  233. Had a co-worker die yesterday
  234. Sports Car Hybrid, Built by Teens, Runs on Soybeans, Zero-to-60 in 4 Seconds
  235. Is This Some Kind Of Seller's Scam On Ebay - Refers To Bidding History
  236. Pregnant teen (didn't know), gives birth right after playing in basketball game!
  237. cowabduction.com? What are they selling?
  238. AT&T (SBC) to Buy BellSouth for $67B in Stock
  239. Happy Birthday to Me!!
  240. New Spanish langauge catchphrase? "Homo Shopping"
  241. First race of the year!!
  242. I just joined the MCD!
  243. %$#% US Airways lost my luggage @#[email protected]!~
  244. Abandon cars?
  245. Soap Or Body Wash?
  246. I need help with a job application question.
  247. Why don't you vote in the polls here? (please vote)
  248. Caps Lock
  249. Fred Phelps
  250. Oh, Great: "Stealth Shark Spies"