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  1. Teacher our on leave for making disparaging joke about confederate flag
  2. It's Time for the 1st Asian American President! Andrew Yang - Moving America Forward
  3. Does Trump deserve to be impeached?
  4. Hey... hey Canada. Your election is on Oct 21, 2019. VOTE DAMMIT
  5. Has Trump done ANY good?
  6. Big boobs and Catholic Church bingo
  7. Is it time to repeal the 2nd amendment?
  8. LGBTQ: Jessica Yaniv and the waxing wars - It's not a hate crime for women to refuse to wax your junk.
  9. What fictional characters would have voted for Trump?
  10. Should the House Democrats open an impeachment investigation?
  11. Ross Perot - dead at 89
  12. The One and Only 2020 Downballot Races Thread
  13. Pot, Hookers and Drivers Licenses in NY
  14. Catholic boys' school forced to remove embarrassing statue
  15. Can we please just throw them all in prison? (or, drain the swamp, but for real this time)
  16. The Top US States losing and gaining population
  17. BREAKING: FBI, IRS raid home of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh
  18. Over 200 dead in terrorist attacks on Sri Lankan churches and hotels
  19. The William Barr Investigation
  20. Boeing 737 Max 8 issues
  21. Coast Guard Terrorist plotted to kill Democrats, Journalists, and "leftists in general"
  22. When are you contacting your members of Congress about Trump's unconstitutional national emergency?
  23. YouTube and six degrees of Kevin Bacon (if Kevin Bacon was an anagram, for, um, hate)
  24. The One and Only Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Obsession Thread
  25. Danes Rethink a Welfare State Ample to a Fault
  26. Rep. Ilhan Omar asks judge for compassion in ISIS recruit sentencing
  27. Ever wonder how Soros became the great right wing boogeyman?
  28. DNC out as Women's March sponsor amid anti-Semitism controversy
  29. Spies in our midst
  30. Another Black Man is found dead in home of California Democratic donor Ed Buck
  31. Morocco announces new arrests in Nordic tourists’ killings
  32. How the news media is stealing from professional wrestling
  33. New York Times: Planned Parenthood Is Accused of Mistreating Pregnant Employees
  34. YouTube host faces charges for criticising Thai princess's Miss Universe dress
  35. Do you think Trump will be re-elected in 2 years (2020)?
  36. How the IRS Was Gutted
  37. Official Trump Presidency Thread, Part 3
  38. The Chicago Way
  39. Human-rights court upholds Austrian woman’s conviction for disparaging the Prophet
  40. PC EVERYTHING Has Gone Too Far!!! Also: Starbucks cups are OFFENSIVE
  41. Pat Buchanan's "Culture War" speech 1992
  42. The difference between the far left and the far right
  43. George H W Bush has died
  44. California Democratic Party chair takes leave amid sexual misconduct allegations
  45. Official Avenatti 2020 Thread, Part 1
  46. What are you doing about Whitaker?
  47. Were you ever represented by a congressperson you liked?
  48. Did you vote in the 2018 general election?
  49. Protect Your Gold from Barack Obama
  50. Why putting a citizenship question on the census is a big deal
  51. Hidden Tribes: A Study of America's Polarized Landscape
  52. George Washington's Farewell Address
  53. Post-Presidency Perks Are Ripe for Reform
  54. Make PR, DC, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin, and Northern Mariana Islands... States?
  55. Are you registered to vote?
  56. BREAKING NEWS: Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, DEFIES Royal Protocol
  57. Some critics are referring to a proposed policy as a "link tax"
  58. Bernie Sanders -"Stop BEZOS Act"
  59. Anti-semitism in Germany
  60. No jail for Antifa ethics professor who used metal bike lock to assault 7 people
  61. The Internet of Garbage
  62. Living or Dead: Three Greatest Americans of All-Time?
  63. Antifa protestors assault Bernie Sanders supporter for carrying an American flag
  64. Grand Jury: Catholic Church Covered Up Child Abuse in Pennsylvania for Decades
  65. First woman fined in Denmark for wearing full-face veil
  66. Did the Obama Administration Approve the Transfer of Money to a Listed Terroris...
  67. San Francisco weighs ban on employee cafeterias
  68. James Gunn Fired by Disney: The Political Thread
  69. Trump derangement syndrome - Yes, it is real
  70. #WalkAway Russian troll-bots pretending to abandon the Democratic Party
  71. "Families Belong Together" rallies are this Saturday.
  72. Melania’s Jacket
  73. California to vote on splitting into 3 states
  74. Feminist studies prof complains that "Women are underrepresented in higher-wage jobs"
  75. Tanzania orders all unregistered bloggers to take down their sites
  76. James Wolfe Director of Security Senate Intelligence charged leaking & lying to FBI
  77. Real world evidence shows that affirmative action hurts black people
  78. Feminist Author Germaine Greer Says Most Rape is Just "Bad Sex"
  79. Homeless man stabs homeowner 17 times when asked to move camp - Portland, Oregon
  80. Signs of Hope For Racial Progress
  81. Fast food chains understaffed because teens reject jobs there
  82. Migrants from Central America
  83. MSNBC host Joy Reid she says she was hacked
  84. Long hours, low pay push some Democratic campaign workers to unionize
  85. The Anatomy Of Hillary Clinton's $84 Million Money-Laundering Scheme
  86. Barbara Bush dead at 92
  87. The DOJ Inspector General Report has been released
  88. London - No excuses: There is never a reason to carry a knife.
  89. Put Nuge in a Stranglehold?
  90. Political bias by social media, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  91. Chicago's halt to "stop and frisk" led to 239 additional murders (Study)
  92. Swedish government pays for three homes for one polygamous family
  93. New York Post (real news): Mount Holyoke wants to stop calling students ‘women’
  94. Fake news
  95. Are lawns constitutional? If only Frankturfer or Dougrass were still on the court...
  96. Laura Ingram - The Countdown
  97. Devonte Hart, Boy in Famous Photo, Feared Dead With Family in S.U.V. Plunge
  98. CHP Nightmare
  99. As U.S. Postage Rates Continue To Rise, The USPS Gives The Chinese A 'Free Ride'
  100. Hillary Clinton is still seriously ill
  101. Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class
  102. FEC fines Bernie Sander's campaign for violating campaign finance law
  103. Billy Graham 1918-2018 [Merged]
  104. Did you support or oppose armed secret service agents at Obama's daughters' school?
  105. Applebee's: America's racist neighbor
  106. Kennedy kid’s mouth creeps me out
  107. Health Insurance: FSA/HSA Low Limits
  108. Mass Shootings [Merged]
  109. 2!! Mi-nutes!! To Miiiid-niiiight!!! (Doomsday Clock)
  110. Devin Nunes, Trump's man-servant on the House Intelligence Committee
  111. California Has Highest Poverty Rate In The United States (again?)
  112. Bangladesh stops open defecation in just over a decade
  113. Would you vote for Oprah?
  114. In the last 100 years, the Amish population has doubled, on average, every 17 years
  115. Baltimore Schools Closed After Outrage Over Frigid Classrooms
  116. California Prosecuting Man for Insulting Posts on Islamic Center's Facebook Page
  117. Barack Obama is building a library — and grappling again with Chicago politics
  118. Six dead in Washington after environmentalists brag about pouring concrete on tracks
  119. The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook
  120. What should the prison sentence be for someone who makes a false accusation of rape?
  121. Official Trump Presidency Thread, Part 2
  122. NYC terrorist bomb made from sugar and Christmas tree lights kills zero people
  123. Judge gives probation instead of prison to woman who kidnapped and tortured someone
  124. ALERT!!! Planning for the Firing of Mueller or Rosenstein
  125. George H.W. Bush the longest living president in U.S. History
  126. Why is America so fascinated by the British royalty and monarchy?
  127. Facebook to Inform Users If They Liked a Russian Propaganda Account
  128. The US Tax Policy Thread
  129. GOP “family values” legislator caught having sex with another man in his office.
  130. NYT crossword puzzle accurately predicted the winner of 1996 Presidential election
  131. Brooklyn Jury Finds 5Pointz Developer Illegally Destroyed Graffiti
  132. Germany serial killer: Niels Hoegel 'killed at least 100'
  133. Is it Sick or Seek (Sikh religion)?
  134. 27 dead and 30 injured in Texas church shooting [Bonus Apparel Discussion]
  135. Retrenchment of the Voting Rights Act (NOBODY is Talking About it)
  136. An American was just jailed in Zimbabwe for mean tweets about Mugabe
  137. How angry are you at Donald Trump and the GOP?
  138. Foreign lobbying investigations megathread
  139. After the book tour, what should Hillary Clinton do?
  140. NBC News interview with woman who says the President of the United States raped her
  141. 3 Dead in Colorado Walmart Shooting [UPDATE: Suspect caught]
  142. CNN: Fatalities reported after truck rams people in Manhattan
  143. #metoo
  144. Whitefish Energy: A Case Study in Corruption
  145. Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal
  146. Breeding endangered animals for hunting and profit makes their populations bigger
  147. Somalia Truck Bomb Attacks Kill Over 200
  148. Why can you change your gender but not your race?
  149. The General LBGTQ rights (or lack of) thread.
  150. Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California
  151. The Ultimate sexual harassment and political fallout thread (Harvey Weinstein, etc)
  152. Actual collaboration between Breitbart (Milo & Bannon) and neo-Nazis revealed
  153. JFK is the single most overrated political figure in American History?
  154. Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy / Alternative Theory Thread
  155. 60 dead, nearly 500 injured Vegas shooting. [Merged]
  156. Police officer attack and truck chase in Edmonton, Canada
  157. Saudi Arabia Agrees to Let Women Drive
  158. Bath Spa University 'blocks transgender research'
  159. 7 Shot At Nashville Church; One Dead
  160. Taxpayers billed $1,092 for an official’s two-night stay at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club
  161. "Tube" Terrost in London Subway with Bucket Bomb
  162. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex-abuse allegation
  163. UC Berkeley offers counseling to people traumatized by Ben Shapiro’s speech
  164. Illegal voters may gave handed New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton
  165. Senator Bob Menendez’s corruption trial
  166. On white supremacy, minority relations, and how to protest
  167. Finland attack: 2 killed in Turku stabbing spree
  168. Barcelona: Van hits crowd near Las Ramblas tourist spot
  169. Google diversity memo
  170. The Google controversial manifesto (anti-diversity) memo
  171. Martin Shkreli found guilty of securities fraud
  172. Court rules in favor of woman who committed paternity fraud, orders non-father to pay
  173. Australian town bans construction of synagogue
  174. Would You Consider This RAPE?
  175. USPS Violated Hatch Act Due To Favoring Clinton Campaign Supporters
  176. Should we just get rid of the States and become America?
  177. National anthem protests top reason NFL viewers tuned out [Bonus Pizza Discussion!]
  178. Top FBI lawyer allegedly under investigation for leaking classified info
  179. Translator says Islamic Center of Davis (California) calls for extermination of Jews
  180. Arrest made re: the House IT network criminal investigation (UPDATE: debunked)
  181. RIP Senator John McCain 1936-2018
  182. Attacks On Women In Saudi Arabia's Kingdom
  183. RNC falsely says “delivery of a voice message directly to a voicemail box does not...
  184. 2018 Congressional, Governor, etc election thread
  185. An apology
  186. Trump's biggest fans? Canadian universities
  187. Defense Secretary Mattis interviewed by high school student Teddy Fischer
  188. The latest NRA recruitment video is unsettling to many
  189. Bankrupt - What to do with a broken Illinois?
  190. Suicide bomber triggers an explosion in Belgium
  191. Special elections, 2017-style
  192. SCOTUS Strikes Down Government Intervention In Trademark Case
  193. Car rams police van on Champs-Elysees, armed suspect dead
  194. London vehicle hits pedestrians, police say “number of casualties”
  195. The Grenfell Tower Fire
  196. The Official Trump/Russia Wacky? Conspiracy Thread
  197. Shootings at Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria
  198. Man goes on racist rant at Starbucks, calls black man a slave
  199. Alleged Mis-Use "legal" Chemical Weapons Used By US-Led Forces In Syria
  200. Sen. Sanders Attempts to Apply Religious Test to Nominee
  201. Sen. B. Sanders Applies UnConstitutional Religious Test to Nominee
  202. Why Shouuld Private Businesses Not Be Allowed To Discriminate?
  203. Josh Feuerstein's Facebook page is a riot
  204. The Qatar Crisis: Or How Donald Trump Just Screwed the US Military in the Middle East
  205. Breaking: Possible attack in Paris
  206. Obama Unwittingly Helped Trump Undermine His Own Healthcare Plan...
  207. CNN: London police report 'incident' on London Bridge
  208. Hillary Clinton Claims DNC (and NYT) Did Not Help Her Fight Trump
  209. Blue Cross/Blue Shield to withdraw authorization for ER visits (Atlanta area)
  210. Going too far? Kathy Griffin (Bonus: Am I racist, or just asking questions?)
  211. The American Taliban...(TM)
  212. Chortling with schadenfreude
  213. Caption this
  214. Explosions (w/fatalities) @ Ariana Grande concert in the UK
  215. Christian store owner wins court case in "Pride shirts" case
  216. Roger Ailes, Dead at 77
  217. Poll: Will Trump be impeached or leave office before his first term ends?
  218. Has there ever been a more tumultuous 100+ days of a Presidency (2017)?
  219. People to Follow on Twitter Who Aren't Insane Conspiracy Theorists
  220. Black students at Harvard to hold their own commencement
  221. Does Trump have palilalia? Does Trump have palilalia?
  222. Hackers (Russia?) release French presidential frontrunner's campaign emails
  223. Buckingham Palace Calls Emergency Staff Meeting at 3AM
  224. FBI agent married rapper turned Isis fighter before realising her mistake
  225. Judge: California Must Allow Transgender Inmates' Earrings
  226. Is the Far Left in Putin's Pocket Too?
  227. N.S.A. Halts Collection of Americans’ Emails About Foreign Targets
  228. New Orleans Begins Removing Confederate Monuments, Under Police Guard
  229. Local Trump campaign chairman & former district judge charged with human trafficking.
  230. Police Officers Shot, 1 Killed in France Terror Attack
  231. Bill O'Reilly - Exiting Fox News
  232. Active shooter in Cleveland
  233. US drops MOAB in Afghanistan
  234. Man suspected of killing border agent in 'Fast and Furious' scandal arrested
  235. At Least 4 Victims Reported After Elementary School Shooting in San Bernardino
  236. US launches missile strikes against Syria
  237. Black Lives Matter (Philly Chapter) Bans White People From Participating
  238. George Takei to challenge Devin Nunes for his seat?
  239. Is it wrong for a cis-gender, straight male to use the lady's shower?
  240. Brit politician Nigel Farage wants to split California in two to benefit Republicans
  241. Internet service providers could sell your browsing history to advertisers
  242. London Terrorist Attack: 4 Dead in Incident Near UK Parliament
  243. Only Democrats commit voter fraud...
  244. North Korea may have fired missiles
  245. Schizophrenic inmate boiled to death by guards; no charges
  246. Tax dodging businesses
  247. Charitable donations thread
  248. Oklahoma GOP State Senator/Trump Supporter Ralph Shortey found in hotel with teen boy
  249. Demise of Public Civil Discourse Toward Opposing Viewpoints
  250. Pusher of Anti-LGBT Legislation Caught in Affair With Cousin