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  1. GOP Debate BINGO
  2. Sexy First Ladies
  3. BSA Lifts Ban On Gay Scout Leaders
  4. The one and only "people shot and killed in Chicago over the weekend" thread
  5. Mass shooting at Louisiana movie theater
  6. Half of world’s Muslims are inbred due to generations of incest
  7. Black Lives Matter Takes Over Liberal Meeting
  8. EEOC Adds LGBT Citizens to 1964 Civil Rights Act
  9. Shooting At TN Naval Recruiting Building
  10. Two antiabortion activists behind undercover Planned Parenthood videos charged with 1
  11. Time to End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions?
  12. New York Post: "20 years of cleaning up NYC pissed away"
  13. Obama going to federal prison! =O
  14. Colleges charging $50k or more increased 2400% over last 3 years.
  15. FAA makes changes because too many white males were passing air traffic control class
  16. War On Christianity
  17. You don't need to know were your meat comes from!
  18. The Official Bristol Palin is Knocked Up Again Thread
  19. Since 9/11, more Americans killed by non-Muslim extremists than by Muslim extremists
  20. Forgiveness for a murder
  21. Where is the NY Prison Escape Thread?
  22. SJW, MRA, Puppies and other assorted stuff
  23. Chemical agents tested on minority soldiers in secret experiments during WWII
  24. Should the U.S. bring back the duel?
  25. One and only legal cannabis thread [Merged with grundle]
  26. If people would actually listen to you, could you fix the world? Your top 3.
  27. The One and Only Civil Seizure thread
  28. Shooting at Charleston SC Church
  29. Rachel Dolezal sued University for discriminating against her because she’s white!
  30. China's Spies Can Blackmail 21.5M Americans
  31. Montana GOP Gov Candidate : 600 year old Noah Didn't Retire, why should you?
  32. Obama continues to ignore history - Secret Service operating without eunuchs
  33. U.S. tech companies expected to lose more than $35 billion due to NSA spying
  34. Abortion and Child Support: Choices
  35. Kansas Gov. Brownback pulls an FDR (tries to stack courts)
  36. Innocent black teen who spent 3 years in jail without trial commits suicide
  37. Federal judge says it's "racist" to test teachers on their reading and math skills
  38. Obama says there is "nothing secret" about his secret trade deal
  39. "Bake it So!" Bigot Patrick Stewart Defends Anti-Gay Bakery
  40. Pastor Creflo Dollar gets parishioners to give $65 million to pay for his private jet
  41. Twitter covers for US politicians
  42. Why not nuke ISIS?
  43. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted
  44. Arizona cartoon contest outside mosque: ISIS threatens
  45. Ireland Becomes First Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Popular Vote
  46. Nebraska Legislature votes to abolish death penalty
  47. Duke Professor: Racist Or Accurate?
  48. American declares a kingdom in northeast Africa
  49. Train derails in Philadelphia
  50. The US Has Five Million Fewer Christians than When Obama Took Office
  51. Do our votes really count?
  52. Conspiracy theories over military exercise run amok in Texas
  53. Obama's war on people in Disney costumes selling cheap heroin
  54. Eternal Boner
  55. Israel's Jewish Ethiopian Minority Rallies Against Racism
  56. Woman to become NY firefighter despite failing crucial fitness test
  57. Muhammad Cartoons Get People Shot
  58. Obama Says He Might Go Back to Community Organizing
  59. George Soros May Face a Monster Tax Bill
  60. SCOTUS warned of civil disobedience over same-sex marriage
  61. Baltimore Riots
  62. Pew study: More Americans Want Religion in Politics
  63. Bruce Jenner says, ‘Of course I’m a Republican’
  64. Former Lesbian Speaks at National Press Club Conference 4/24/2015
  65. Former Lesbian Speaks at National Press Club Conference 4/24/2015
  66. Valdosta State Classes Canceled Over Flag Protests
  67. Johns Hopkins SGA ban hypothetical Chik-Fil-A
  68. Bobby Jindal: I’m Holding Firm Against Gay Marriage
  69. Idaho rejects a multinational child support treaty
  70. Ben Affleck is related to a slave owner--for shame!
  71. If invited, would you attend a same-sex wedding?
  72. Police and Stingray Use
  73. Tennessee House votes Bible as official state book
  74. Economic Downturn in 2015?
  75. A Woman Is Making History In Puerto Rico And The World Needs To Take Notice
  76. Sad Puppies: Conservatives Liberate Sci-Fi from Good Writing
  77. What Restroom Should Transgender People Use?
  78. The business impact of homophobia
  79. Phil Robertson Delivers Speech About Family Of Atheists Getting Raped And Killed (Aud
  80. Not Florida — State losing its market leadership in key war criminal–haven metric
  81. 'They were so pure,' father says of 7 kids killed in fire
  82. Obama: Mandatory voting would be "transformative"
  83. U.S. Sets New Record For Denying, Censoring Government Files
  84. UK General Election 2015
  85. Bitch Boy Busted Sexting Weiner's Woman
  86. ΣΑΕ
  87. Slaves freed during the Civil War used as an excuse not to increase minimum wage?
  88. John Oliver gets justifiably outraged over America's treatment of its territories
  89. Is the American Flag Offensive? [merged w/ "Professors" thread]
  90. The Latest Marriage, Abortion, et. al. Dumping Ground: March 2015 Edition
  91. Princeton study shows colleges discriminate based on race
  92. The One and Only Polygamy Thread
  93. Can the Bible really be clear?
  94. Pearson 2040!
  95. The Doctor, the Baker and the Photograph-taker
  96. Thanks goodness we have saved the environment by blocking the Keystone pipeline!
  97. Adult film starr quits teaching because Obama
  98. 3 Muslims Killed By White Middle-Aged Man!
  99. Republican finds the upside to rape
  100. Brian Williams Scandal
  101. Who is more likely to be elected President next? A woman or a man with facial hair?
  102. Harry Reid's brother accused of DUI, battery on an officer
  103. ISIS/ISIL burns pilot hostage alive; Jordan hangs two prisoners
  104. Stalin is so alluring. (also includes a poll about Presidential college degrees?!)
  105. The latest partisan fault line: vaccinations
  106. BP Continues To Fight For Lesser Spill Penalty
  107. NYS Assembly speaker arrested for embezzelment and kickbacks Governor could fall next
  108. How secular family values stack up
  109. Justification for Hiring Political Speechwriters
  110. Are Catholics all over your local news too?
  111. Christians defend fire chief who was fired for writing anti-gay book.
  112. Christian mom alarmed that school bus tail lights form ‘pagan’ pentagram
  113. Satanists victorious in wild scheme to disrupt Florida school district’s Bible plan
  114. Brand-spanking New Atheist- & Christian-bashing thread
  115. January 9, 2015: Islamic terrorists murder as many as 2,000 in Nigeria
  116. Federal Prosecutors Want Charges Against General Petraeus
  117. Free College! And surprisingly, I'd like to hear more!
  118. 2016 Senate & House Elections
  119. Gun attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo kills 11
  120. Gun control hypocrite David gregory will not be prosecuted for breaking the law that
  121. Neil deGrasse Tyson angers Christians with Christmas Tweet
  122. Obama breaks another promise (or: Does Obama hate the Navy?)
  123. USA--The Home of Everything Protestable
  124. Hotels ask FCC for permission to block personal WI-FI hotspots
  125. Obama: Sony made a mistake by pulling 'The Interview'
  126. Missouri GOP bill requires men to give written permission for abortion
  127. United States-Cuba to resume diplomatic relations
  128. Taliban attack a school in Pakistan. At least 126 dead
  129. Dr. Who???...new surgeon general
  130. Hostage situation in Sydney
  131. Who Would Have Guessed that Santa was a Republican?
  132. Senate Report on CIA Torture
  133. Stand Up for Hillary
  134. Why can't a cop get convicted?
  135. Obama Requests Police Body Cameras, Training
  136. Babies Switch At Birth: Bio Mom Suing For Custody
  137. Hosni Mubarak Cleared On Hundreds Of Deaths
  138. What do Marion Barry and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Not Have in Common?
  139. Pew: Republicans are less willing to support compromise.
  140. Man could get life in prison for publishing a picture of a gun
  141. The New Ku Klux Klan - now with hispanics, blacks, jews and gays
  142. The weed vote: Oregon, Alaska, DC smoke 'em if you got 'em. No joy for old Florida
  143. Obama’s Border Policy [May Have] Fueled [EV-D68 enterovirus] Epidemic, Evidence Shows
  144. “Hey, Beautiful”: On the Racist and Classist Implications of the Catcalling Video
  145. We are a nation of cowards for not discussing race issues....
  146. Obama Toxic? Embrace Clinton!
  147. Hillary Clinton praises candidate who had just used a racial slur
  148. Hillary: 'Don't Let Anybody Tell You' That 'Businesses Create Jobs'
  149. Shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School near Seattle
  150. YAO&IT: Yet Another Obama and Islam thread: Can't stay on topic edition
  151. Rep. Don Young Tells Kids They're Responsible for Friend's Suicide
  152. Shootings in Ottawa, Canadian Parliament
  153. Anti-Gun Missouri Democrat Arrested Carrying Weapon [UPDATE: NOT 'ANTI-GUN']
  154. The Random Political Pic Thread
  155. Gay Houston Mayor Demands Christian Pastors Submit Their Sermons [UPDATE: FALSE]
  156. Terror Group Threatens to Massacre American Feminists; Cops Refuse to Help
  157. Republicans FUD up their base ahead of Election 2014.
  158. Ebola cases in the USA
  159. DEA created a fake Facebook profile in this woman’s name using seized pics
  160. "Pro-Life" Republican Advocates Mass Murder
  161. Political Typology Quiz (Pew Research Center)
  162. News IQ Quiz (Pew Research Center)
  163. New Jersey nun who 'cured' blindness to become first American beatified in the US.
  164. Obama and the Secret Service
  165. Would it be possible to ban tobacco without it causing the same problems as...
  166. Hong Kong protest thread
  167. No kidding? The Fed is in bed with the banks? Incredible story.
  168. Eric Holder To Step Down As Attorney General
  169. ancient times vs. medieval times
  170. Protests planned to target US southern border entry ports
  171. Taking Back America - Small Victory for Religious Liberty
  172. Scotland Independence Referendum Sept. 18th
  173. The "sanctity" of marriage
  174. 2014 Midterm Elections: Governors Edition
  175. Poverty is the problem with education (interesting articles)
  176. Gun law(s) question
  177. Burger King, Warren Buffett under fire for Canadian inversion deal
  178. Making American law enforcement (aka "po po") less militarized
  179. Senate Democrats vs. the Middle Class
  180. Rick Perry (D) Indicted for Abuse of Power
  181. Five Muslims sue US Government over No-Fly List
  182. Sketch Factor - racist app?
  183. 18 year old Michael Brown shot by police in Ferguson, Mo., & ensuing civil unrest.
  184. Texas cheerleaders wave Bible banners at public high school football games
  185. Hillary Clinton's Living History
  186. The 40th anniversary of Watergate
  187. Which of your personal beliefs go against "your" party?
  188. Foreign Policy: Washington Post Turning on Obama
  189. The Death Penalty: Why Doesn't the Rest of the World Follow Our Sterling Example
  190. Anyone remember Donald Trump's plan to get rid of the country's debt?
  191. Who is the greatest SINGLE TERM U.S. President?
  192. MD Passes Anti-Gun Law, Beretta Moves Jobs To TN
  193. Swastika Rehabilitation Week
  194. Dave's Awesome anti-Gay Marriage Idea Thread: Too Fabulous to Post. [split]
  195. Civil War (slavery or ???) or, what's worse, Reconstruction, or Chicago-style pizza?
  196. Three-quarters of Americans say the Iraq War was not worth the costs.
  197. US Gov't spends taxpayer money helping fast food joints market their crap
  198. Listen to Hillary laugh as she explains how she defended a guilty child molester
  199. Federal agency cancels Redskins trademark registration, says name is disparaging
  200. Is it time for the US or UN to get involved in Iraq again?
  201. Why One Walmart in North Dakota Is Paying $17.40 an Hour
  202. Archbishop isn't sure if he knew that sex with children was illegal
  203. Huge loss for teachers unions in California case
  204. What is the reason girls/women choose to carry and keep a baby they can't afford?
  205. European Election 2014
  206. Another college shooting: Seattle Pacific University, 6/5/14
  207. Seattle approves $15/hour minimum wage
  208. Woman who says she always votes for higher taxes complains that they're too high
  209. US Taliban Prisoner Swap
  210. Father Gets Probation For Making Son Walk Home From School
  211. DC Schools: $29,349 Per Pupil, 83% Not Proficient in Reading
  212. Does 'House of Cards' really happen?
  213. Mount Rushmore II
  214. Is the DOJ legislating morality through "Operation Choke Point?"
  215. Warren Buffet: Top Managers Would Want LESS If Their Pay Rate Was Private
  216. San Jose raised minimum wage to $10/hr and is actually doing better than expected
  217. Sorry losers, Alabama Chief Justice says First Amendment only protects Christians.
  218. One single NYC fire hydrant earns $33,000 a year
  219. Hobby Lobby owner brings Bible curriculum to public schools (Irony Alert)
  220. College administrator suspends a teacher for the most asinine reason
  221. Tipping point for Atheism in America: within 50 years?
  222. Man assumes soda refills at a gov't facility are free. Fined $525 for theft.
  223. If you True Christian, your should only have sex when you want to make a baby
  224. Making homes more affordable for the middle class
  225. Anyone Following this Bundy Ranch situation?
  226. CEO of Mozilla steps down due to anti-gay marriage donations
  227. Rep. Moran (D-VA): Members of Congress Can’t Afford to Live Decently in D.C.
  228. Shooting at Fort Hood military post
  229. Pornography prof who "assaulted" pro-life "activist" said she did the right thing.
  230. Why use computers when you can use 28,000 file cabinets instead?
  231. Man denied job as police officer. Test shows he isn't dumb enough.
  232. Autism, Dementia & Tornadoes: God's punishment for LGBT rights
  233. E-Cigs, "Vaping", and City Bans...
  234. Feds to hand over its limited oversight of the Internet’s domain-name system
  235. The Beast Revelation
  236. Fred Phelps now knows God's actual opinion
  237. Important new interview with President Obama
  238. NYT and Ralph Nader criticize Obama for illegally seizing private property and...
  239. 2014 House elections
  240. Senate Dems use Kock brothers as new enemy in elections....
  241. Why do some liberals have a bit of disain for African Americans who are conservative?
  242. Why do liberals have so much hate for black conservatives
  243. Sulla: Why did he get away with it
  244. Revolutionary War vs. Civil War
  245. Fundamentalism and Sexual Abuse
  246. Should politicians be able to hedge their bets by running for two offices at once?
  247. "On the wrong side of history"
  248. Georgia crafting a segregation law under religious freedoms act
  249. Lobbyist drafts bill to ban gays from NFL
  250. Why does the USA make fun of France