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  1. In Oklahoma, You Can Get Fired from Your Job for Owning a Gun
  2. Tancredo: If They Nuke Us, Bomb Mecca
  3. Time mag: .....Why That's Ridiculous (Blaming America)
  4. Eminent Domain: Washingtonians still safe for now.
  5. Green Party platform calls for a 100% tax on all income above $260,000 a year.
  6. CFR's Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada
  7. Does J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter author, deserve to be a billionaire? [Politics Talk]
  8. Planned Parenthood will "fix" its defective condoms by changing their color.
  9. Hybrids for Power, Not Fuel Economy (and Reaming the Taxpayer)
  10. 11 US Soldiers charged with detainee abuse in Baghdad
  11. What If US History Edition: Slavery
  12. Senators fight hidden sex in 'Grand Theft Auto'
  13. France 'to expel radical imams'
  14. UN says it's unfair that the country that created the internet controls the internet
  15. caption this: Chirac, Blair, and Koizumi
  16. Chinese general warns U.S. that it will use nuclear weapons regarding Taiwan
  17. Do Dems have a chance in 2006?
  18. Thank you, Pennsylvania!
  19. Support for bin Laden falls in Muslim countries
  20. The time bombs in France's suburbs
  21. Being Profitable Is “Giving Back.” Why the estate tax should be repealed.
  22. Militant killed while meeting reporter
  23. New Twist in Offshoring US Jobs
  24. Ohio Governor Bob Taft has the lowest approval ratings in the country
  25. political discourse without the non-stop bashing? [merged w/ "nutshell" post]
  26. Bush's Job Approval Rating Soars in Gallup Poll - Well Maybe Not Soars
  27. Possibly the most infuriating and dumbest cartoon ever published...
  28. London bombings: The aftermath (includes 21 July bombing too)
  29. Alberta, Canada: better health care for wealthy
  30. Suspected Killer of Van Gogh Confesses
  31. Guess where the next police state is...
  32. Hitchens: Jefferson's ideas presaged the Bush doctrine
  33. Was the wrong man executed?
  34. The 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America
  35. Why wait for 2008?? Stop her now!!!
  36. Prisoners escape US Base because they coudn't take the abuse..
  37. I don't even know what to think about this.
  38. Hillary Clinton: Bush = Alfred E. Newman
  39. If he wasn't anti-US before, he has every reason to be now...
  40. Armitage admits he was Novak's source
  41. US Troops in Iraq to be reduced by 63% in 2006 (UK reduction as well)) [merged]
  42. "The war on terror has done absolutely nothing to get to the root of the problem"
  43. A sorry state of health care.
  44. Democrats seek court nominee with 'big heart'
  45. On tax policy [merged w/ NY Times article on economy/revenue]
  46. Teamsters & AFL-CIO hire non-union construction workers to save money
  47. Conn Democrats vote down Republican bill that would have stopped eminent domain abuse
  48. What's the Obsession with Africa?
  49. Yelm, Washington city council bans Wal-Mart talk
  50. The Dread Pirate Bin Laden
  51. Who was he? Why was he there?
  52. Iraq signs military pact with Iran
  53. London hit with multiple bombings - political crap
  54. Searching for Lessons in Jefferson High Melee(Black/Latino Tensions)
  55. Is the Constitution a Living Breathing Document?
  56. this has to be the stupidest political "controversy" i've ever heard
  57. Breaking News: Bush, Riding His Bike, Collides With Policeman In Scotland
  58. Where's Howard Dean when you need him???
  59. Conservative Judges and Original Intent
  60. Canada: new breeding ground for terrorists
  61. Doctors denounce abstinence-only sex education
  62. G-8 protestors?
  63. My Name Is Rachel Corrie
  64. Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day, Dies at 89
  65. Church lobbies City Council to ban low pants and gold teeth
  66. NOW spotlights merchants to avoid
  67. Brian Williams: Founding Fathers Could Have Been Terrorists
  68. Attorneys behind silicosis suits draw U.S. judge's wrath
  69. help me to help our youth....
  70. Apparent dirty dealings of a congressman
  71. Ronald Reagan is the greatest American?
  72. When will the UN act in Sudan? ICC tell UN it has enough evidence
  73. The Nontaxpaying Affluent Grew by 15% in One Year
  74. Arkansas Student charged with planning Jihad
  75. Time Inc. Decides to Hand Over Notes of Reporter
  76. Afghan Choppper incident just got worse...
  77. Wine More Important Than Lunch Meeting??
  78. McCain throws his medallion into the ring for 08?
  79. Widow tells Bush to stay the course in Iraq war
  80. Iran Leader-Elect a terrorist?
  81. Spain Legalizes gay marriage AND adoption!
  82. [Bush]Aide who doctored global warming report joins Exxon
  83. Canada Passes Bill to Legalize Same-sex Marriages
  84. You know those "cigarettes for votes" allegations from the last election?
  85. Canada to Ban Bulk Exports of Rx Drugs
  86. Economy's Growth Is Better Than Expected
  87. U.S. Blocked Release of CAFTA Reports
  88. Survey: Respondents Rank Health Insurance for the Poor Ahead of Defense
  89. California Libertarian near the front in crowded San Diego mayoral race
  90. Anyone catch the president's speech
  91. FYI if you're traveling to Mexico (don't)
  92. The "War" in Iraq?
  93. Teacher's union stupidity. Fight a health care plan that will save 300 jobs
  94. Classic! Lost Liberty Motel
  95. Map of Iraq War Fatalities
  96. Court: Some Ten Commandments Displays OK, Some Not
  97. Oil Prices: Cause and Effect
  98. Poor republicans more likely to believe in the American Dream than poor democrats.
  99. Looks Like There Are Moderate Clerics Out There
  100. Grokster decision discussion
  101. Government mandated recycling wastes more resources than it saves.
  102. What is it going to take? (Bush/Iraq)
  103. UN says even occasional puff of pot is link in deadly drugs chain
  104. EU Ordered "Windows XP No Media" Version Flops
  105. If you can't beat'em negotiate wid'em...
  106. Is Bush already a lame duck?
  107. Lawyer Accused of Being a Paid Plaintiff
  108. UN demands access to Guantanamo Bay
  109. Bad Cow You Mad Cow
  110. Environmentalists like windmills, unless someone actually tries to build them.
  111. 2005 Supreme Court Vacancy thread - O'Connor steps down [merged]
  112. So You're Worried About the Price of Gasoline...
  113. I Have a Question That Has Troubled Me for Quite Some Time....
  114. Allies view China more favorable than the United States.
  115. Chinese Oil Company seeks to buy Unocal
  116. States 'Lie' About Graduation Rates, Lots of Kids Left Behind
  117. Rove lashes out at Democrats' Reponse to 9/11
  118. The continuing erosion of the 5th Amendment: SCROTUS OKs personal property seizures
  119. Recent international-edition Newsweek cover stories
  120. Price controls on pharmaceutical drugs cause more harm than good.
  121. Looks like private accounts might be off the table
  122. U.S. Spy Plane Crashes in Southwest Asia
  123. EU fails to cut greenhouse gases
  124. Another indication of increasing jobs in America
  125. The Flag Burning Amendment is Once Again on the Floor of the House!!
  126. Is Capitalism Too Short-Sighted?
  127. Report: Saddam Friendly With U.S. Troops
  128. Biden Intends to Seek Presidency in 2008
  129. New Orleans PD was supposed to get sensitivity training from Nation of Islam
  130. Well It's Sunday and a great day for America
  131. Iraqis Found in Torture House Tell of Brutality of Insurgents
  132. Lifting Payroll Cap Won't Save Social Security
  133. Overestimating China's Help with North Korea
  134. Republican Chairman Exerts Pressure on PBS
  135. (Canadian) Gay advocates fight churches' charity status
  136. Poll shows slump in trust between French, Americans
  137. House passes bill to slash funds to U.N.
  138. Police Find Molester's 'Stunning' Records
  140. Raise the Price of Fame - NY Times 6-16
  141. IL. Sen. Dick Durbin: American servicemen = Nazis
  142. Foxnews hires Wesley Clark
  143. Uh oh. 47.2% (+/- 3%) of the population has an annual income that is below the median
  144. RNC wants money LOL
  145. Abortionist accused of eating fetuses
  146. And yet another OBL is alive thread...
  147. GOP Senators May Make 69 Retirement Age
  148. African famine is caused by the bad policies of African countries.
  149. Thomas Sowell wrote this overwhelming column about the marijuana court case.
  150. Nike sweatshop alert! You liberals better tell these people they are being exploited!
  151. Governator gets booed at his own Alma Mater
  152. Senate financial disclosure statements released
  153. Al Franken for Congress?
  154. Porn Star attending GOP Fundraiser
  155. Another 9/11 conspiracy
  156. Caption this: Kofi Annan & Jacques Chirac
  157. Tom DeLay's Priorities
  158. Democrats Must Reconnect with the Middle Class
  159. Abe Lincoln, racist
  160. Poll: USA is losing patience on Iraq
  161. U.S. to Review Heart Drug Intended for One Race
  162. So, uh...Bill raped Hillary and got Chelsea?
  163. Is anyone else here incapable of having political affiliation?
  164. Dick Cheney: Gitmo Prisoners Are Bad
  165. Italians vote on assisted procreation
  166. Rice Takes to Stage to Aid Ailing Soprano
  167. I got on a local talk radio show. Is the income tax unConstitutional related
  168. Sean Penn in new role at Friday Prayers in Tehran
  169. Unions are into child labor now
  170. Senate panel votes to expand Patriot Act
  171. Rangel once again makes an ass of himself. Holocaust comparison this time
  172. Steven Spielberg slams Hollywood for failing Kerry
  173. Some 600,000 Join Millionaire Ranks in 2004
  174. Rantin' & Ravin' About Jimmy Carter
  175. U.S. officials are negotiating with Sunni Arab leaders
  176. parents must inform on their drug taking kids or go to jail - a new bill
  177. White House aide edits Global Warming reports
  178. Arnold the Greenie
  179. What will Bush be doing after leaving office?
  180. It's time for a Howard Dean "Greatest Hits" thread
  181. An Interview with Bill Clinton on the Fair & Balanced & Unafraid Network!
  182. "Kerry Dumb as Bush?"
  183. Thinking of switching to independent for a while...
  184. Americans More Likely to Think Religion, Politics Should Mix
  185. Irrelavance of the 10th amendment continues: medical marijuana ruled illegal by SCt
  186. New Fla. hazing law
  187. good history book?
  188. John Kerry to call for impeachment of George Bush
  189. Iraq Judge: Saddam's Morale Plummeting
  190. The Great Debate: The Far Right in America
  191. Another Politician Busted for Overly Creative Use of Photoshop
  192. We kicked and smashed--but we never flushed!
  193. First rule of the political forum... no "fixing" posts
  194. "Global warming activists almost freeze to death"
  195. Judge tells Army to release Abu Ghraib pictures
  196. Breaking News: California lawmakers kill off gay marriage bill
  197. Charles Rangel Pushing for Draft Again
  198. But...but..only white people are racist...
  199. Liberal failure in Western Europe? (David Brooks NYTimes Op-Ed piece)
  200. Bill Owens for President in 2008?
  201. Is there such a thing as "mainstream" values in the US?
  202. Supreme Court 2004-05 term winding up this month
  203. School Principals: Learn Spanish or Lose Jobs
  204. "Advise and Consent" - US politics questions.
  205. GHW Bush says Jeb would be "awfully good" as president
  206. "Judge sentences offenders to attend church"
  207. May 31, 2005 - 1,663 Americans Dead in Iraq
  208. who knows any labor law?
  209. Oops: Scores Of Lawmakers Belatedly Disclose Special Interest Trips
  210. Two US citizens caught with Al Qaeda loyalties
  211. Reznor gives MTV the Bird
  212. 10 reasons not to kill Bush
  213. Howard Dean admits Democrat taking Black voters for granted
  214. Why should we care about fixing the National Deficit?
  215. Want to know how to make a Republican cry?
  216. Kerry signs form 180
  217. Democrat Party, Jesse Jackson Violated Election Laws
  218. Critical EU votes on the horizon
  219. Quebec rejects Sharia law
  220. Judge: Parents can't teach pagan beliefs
  221. Amnesty slams U.S. on human rights
  222. How Can America Unify The World?
  223. Chinese = Taliban
  224. Nun arrested while protesting Bush
  225. Hypocrisy Most Holy
  226. Report: Al-Zarqawi is injured; group calls for prayers
  227. Interesting quote from the front page of the Oregonian....
  228. "The Koran needs to be flushed"!
  229. So who "won" re: the nuclear/constitutional "debate"
  230. Jack Idema: Hero or cad? (long but good article)
  231. Tillman’s parents lash out at Army! Handling of Ranger’s death
  232. Medicaid pays for viagra, for sex offenders
  233. The Chinese Connection...
  234. Warren Beatty lashes out at Arnold
  235. Red Cross confirms disrespect of Qur’an
  236. Religion of Peace once again shows their hate
  237. Antarctica ice caps are growing
  238. Shocking news: Muslim World Largely Anti-American
  239. Media dramatization of terrorist messages
  240. Richard Gere: 'Drop the stuff'(Israel/Palestine)
  241. L.A. Mayoral election
  242. Will US extradite suspected Venezualen terrorist?
  243. 'Nuclear Showdown' in the Senate Tomorrow!
  244. Baathist MP to visit US Senate
  245. Canada seeks immigrants to do work they won't do
  246. Mexicans In The US Do The Work Blacks Don't (Sound Familiar?
  247. Interstate Commerce Clause trumps the 21st Amendment (out-of-state wine shipments)
  248. World's most dangerous terrorist...?
  249. JFK Assassination
  250. Anti-American protests in Afghanistan.