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  1. save the internet
  2. 2 Trillion Gallons of Oil Under Colorado?
  3. Bolivia kicks out foreign gas companies
  4. U.S.: Ramadi battle kills 100-plus insurgents
  5. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith dies
  6. I will soon be a class c felon in Washington State
  7. Powell Forces Rice to Defend Iraq Planning
  8. Where's the dissent about source of quote? (Mark Steyn)
  9. The White House Correspondents Annual Dinner
  10. Understanding Islamic suicide bombers.
  11. Time Cover Article: "Q: What Scares Doctors? A: Being The Patient."
  12. Rush Limbaugh Arrested For Prescription Drugs...
  13. Rush Limbaugh arrested on drug charges
  14. New Mexico has 4,000 people with concealed carry gun permits.
  15. Mexico votes to legalize small amounts of cocaine, heroin and marijuana
  16. Jane Jacobs, Urban Activist, Is Dead at 89
  17. The 1 And Only IRAN Defies World Thread
  18. Alcohol sales in grocery stores--yay or nay?
  19. Economy Rebounds Smartly in 1st Quarter
  20. "Day Without Immigrants" - May 1st
  21. U.S. Settles Lumber Dispute With Canada
  22. Top Democrat on ethics panel resigns
  23. Gym Instructor Mocks Bush In Front Of First Daughters
  24. Heard any pathetic pleas for votes lately?
  25. Bush Halts Deposits to Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  26. Return of America First?
  27. Should people who can't read traffic signs be allowed to drive?
  28. Bush's approval ratings slide to new low (4/24/06) Discussion reaches new "elevation"
  29. Congress readies broad new digital copyright bill
  30. Dissident President: George W. Bush has the courage to speak out for freedom
  31. Bush's Thousand Days - Arthur Schlesigner's View
  32. Ex-CIA official: WMD evidence ignored
  33. Kennedy says he'd again back Kerry for president
  34. It's time for...another OBL tape! Wooo-whooo!
  35. What do you think of requiring free ID for all voters?
  36. Pentagon Reveals New Plans for Combatting Global Terrorism
  37. Wrong number: Interpreter answers cell phone, dupes insurgents
  38. In Pictures: Vivian's story (Baghdad widow)
  39. Should online journalists receive the same rights as traditional reporters?
  40. Charges brought against Chinese president protester
  41. Is Congress going to ruin the Internet?
  42. CIA officer fired over leak
  43. Pinch Gets Punched(NY Times)
  44. Senator calls for gasoline price-fix probe
  45. F.D.A. Dismisses Medical Benefit From Marijuana
  46. 4/21 Polls [threads merged]
  47. Intel Chief Says Personnel Number 100,000
  48. FBI trying to "clean up" journalist's papers before they are opened to historians.
  49. Sudanese problems spilling into Chad
  50. China is a human rights nightmare
  51. The Earth Day thread - 04/22/06
  52. Iraq War Costs Continue to Climb
  53. Iran Elected to UN Disarmament Commission
  54. Wow! Here a new (to me) 9/11 conspiracy deal....
  55. September 11th gets the comic book treatment....
  56. U.S. Records Drastic Decline in Death Rate
  57. The Voter ID Thread
  58. Explosion near US Embassy in Kabul
  59. Rolling Stone Article on Domestic Spying
  60. Time's list of the best and worst Senators
  61. Scott McClellan announces resignation
  62. Teachers Beheaded In Front Of Students In Baghdad
  63. What would happen if Roe v. Wade were overturned?
  64. World War III? (Suicide attack in Israel 4/17)
  65. USA Today article on the realities of solar and wind power.
  66. Mike Gravel declares "long-shot bid for president"
  67. The bizarre fight over the city of Vernon
  68. Former Illinois Gov - guilty on all counts
  69. Oil makes america great - propaganda film from 1950s
  70. Greenpeace co-founder explains why he's in favor of nuclear power.
  71. Tax Law Authors Have Pros Do Their Returns
  72. School Funding: Price per student...
  73. EGYPT : Muslims attack Coptic Church in Alexandra
  74. Cut taxes on income, and raise taxes on pollution.
  75. Formerly "The 'ite' debate" thread... I don't know what the hell it is now ;)
  76. Television stations report two explosions near New Delhi's main mosque.
  77. The Congressional Scandal Thread
  78. Comedy Central bans picture of Muhammad, but allows defacating Jesus
  79. California considers gay education bill
  80. Rumsfeld Rebuked by Retired Generals - Ex-Iraq Commander Calls for Resignation-merged
  81. Same AT&T name, now with the NSA behind it
  82. OMG Indiana leases toll road to foreign company!!!
  83. Forgivetaxcheats.com....
  84. Oprah Winfrey: Wealth Is 'A Good Thing'
  85. U.S. Trade Deficit Improves in February
  86. Biological Laboratories Captured (May 29, 2003): Not True (Today)
  87. What's wrong with other countries having nukes?
  88. John Kerry's Plan for the U. S in Iraq
  89. U.S. Military Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar
  90. Turning in an illegal alien because his daughter wouldn't put out.
  91. Filmstrip International Presents: The Bush Aministration Is Evil, Because....
  92. Military Plays Up Role of Zarqawi
  93. How can illegals openly protest without getting arrested?
  94. Town Sees Nuclear Plans as a Boon, Not a Threat
  95. Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies
  96. 1 in 4 gay males are infected with HIV in San Francisco
  97. Job Insecurity Takes Major Toll on Health/Strong economy generates more heart attacks
  98. Here we go again! US Planning Iran Bombing Campaign [merged w/ poll]
  99. What's the definition of "Terrorism"?
  100. Girl, 5, Forced To Apologize For Hugging Classmate - Parents Looking For New School
  101. Nbc: Staging The News Again?
  102. Observation on taxes
  103. Bush Scandal Timeline?
  104. Libby says Bush authorized leaks (current: Libby sentence commuted)
  105. Sweden applied Nazi race laws in wartime, study shows
  106. "Pork" funds teapot museum, arctic games
  107. Why don't high school/middle school kids do their protesting AFTER school?
  108. Historic first: Kuwaiti women vote, run
  109. Bible Talk [Is dvdtalk a liberal place?]
  110. Homeland Security Press Secretary Arrested
  111. Is dvdtalk a liberal place?
  112. A little de Villepin humor...
  113. Childhood TV and gaming is 'major public health issue'
  114. HOORAY for Bill Cosby
  115. Minarchist states?
  116. SD abortion.
  117. Hillary wants tighter gun control + national database
  118. Can You Pass The Citizenship Test?
  119. Bush was right!
  120. Erotic thrillers lose steam at box office(Verhoeven: govt. promoting Christian values
  121. John McCain on Meet the Press
  122. U.S. plan to build Iraq clinics falters
  123. "Pacifist group revealed as moral imbeciles" column by Ian Robinson
  124. Don't deny that some Muslims are hot for jihad
  125. Rice Admits to Thousands of Mistakes That Have Been Made in Iraq
  126. McKinney may be arrested for assaulting an officer
  127. xxx The Political Forum Three Strikes Rule xxx
  128. More Americans Now Call Themselves Democrats
  129. Boo! Corporation doesn't want to honor its contract to workers.
  130. The UN's Global/International Tax?
  131. Ronald Reagan shot 25 years ago, where were you on March 30, 1981?
  132. Unions hurting environment? Plumber's Union Raises Stink About Waterless Urinals...
  133. U.S. Weighs Helping Libya Destroy Weapons
  134. One and only illegal immigration thread Part 2
  135. We are coming to get ya, Iran -- UN Security Council gives Iran 30 days
  136. One of Jon Stewart's best lines....ever.
  137. Sharon Stone: Hillary Is Too Hot To Be President....
  138. And now some Berlusconi nuttiness.
  139. Earth forum hears dire warnings of environmental collapse
  140. 'More than 25% of prison population Noncitizens'
  141. Dems going on the offense
  142. Auto Industry Gets New Fuel Economy Rules
  143. illegal immigrants
  144. Where to buy Pro U.S. bumper stickers or magnets
  145. McDermott pays Boehner for boner
  146. Casper Weinberger and Lyn Nofziger die
  147. Scalia's recusal sought in Guantánamo case
  148. Stop paying taxes
  149. Israelis Deciding the Future of West Bank
  150. Breaking News: Moussaoui Says He Was To Fly Plame Into White House
  151. The Perils of Economic Ignorance
  152. The One and Only Global Warming Thread
  153. Bush Was Set on Path to War, Memo by British Adviser Says
  154. Wife of Robert Byrd Dies
  155. France slides into fear and depression
  156. Charles Murray wants to replace all welfare programs with annual check for $10,000.
  157. Question about Florida's "Castle Doctrine"/Self-Defense Law....
  158. Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement
  159. Global Cooling Is Going To Kill Us All!!!
  160. U.S. beef producer sues USDA to seek blanket BSE testing
  161. Dick Cheney's Suite Demands - John Kerry's Sweet Demands [merged]
  162. Muammar Gaddafi Lectures U.S. on Democracy
  163. Republicans better in bed?
  164. Bush Administration Awards China No-Bid Contract To Scan For Nukes
  165. Battle to overturn S. Dakota abortion law begins
  166. McCain and his favorite pet, censorship...
  167. Hey! My states nuts too! State senator attacks staffer.
  168. Hillary vows to block bill criminalizing illegal immigrants
  169. The Framers and the Faithful
  170. Atheists: America's most distrusted minority
  171. St. Paul City Office Boots Easter Bunny
  172. Oregon has the 3rd worst air quality in the country??
  173. Meet the anti-war protesters (3/18 in San Francisco)
  174. Will Your Job Survive Globalization?
  175. What they won't tell you about global warming
  176. Corzine unveils record budget for NJ, breaks campaign pledge
  177. Mississippi outlaws sex toys
  178. Bill Clinton To Be Next NFL Commisioner?
  179. China pressed on currency
  180. Iraqi Official Gave U.S. (CIA) Information Far More Accurate Than What They Believed
  181. The Bush White House Shake-Up - Andy Card resigns
  182. Extinction rate is going NUTS!!! But by how much?
  183. Great news about Congress!
  184. Afghan on trial for Christianity
  185. The Paradox of International Action
  186. Iran celebrates the New Year!
  187. Sarbanes-Oxley
  188. Veteran's Voices on Iraq - 100 Veterans Tell It in Their Own Words
  189. School me on the Online Freedom of Speech Act
  190. Federal aid programs expand at record rate
  191. Liberal Canadian Senator fires back at U.S. family upset with seal hunt
  192. California gang members to be tracked by GPS
  193. Missouri House OKs birth control funding ban
  194. Bush to Restate Plans for Yet More Iraqs
  195. Immigrants Benefitting from Jobs Growth?
  196. Supplemental Bill Gives Bush $92B for Wars & Hurricanes
  197. 1st Declassified Iraq Documents Released
  198. The Democrats' Positive Election Year Agenda
  199. Central Ohio judge sets rapist free, that's right, no jail time
  200. Russian Communist leader sees U.S. behind bird flu outbreak
  201. "The Fertility Gap" - New and improved with poll!
  202. Senator Norm Coleman (R/MN) Calls for New White House Team
  203. Iraq says it foiled Green Zone plot
  204. Dr. Wafa Sultan on how violence destroys Islam
  205. Geocentricism
  206. Meanwhile... In Afghanistan
  207. Feingold to call for rare presidential censure (+ new home of the wiretap debate)
  208. Bush aide arrested for theft
  209. Biden: Troops Should Come Home in Summer
  210. White supremacists fined for spreading hate on the internet (in Canada)
  211. Clinton, Lieberman propose CDC investigate games
  212. Being PC Is Getting Out Control
  213. Slobodan Milosevic dies in jail
  214. Become a Minimum Wage Increase Citizen Co-Sponsor
  215. U.S. May Reduce Its Defense of Iceland
  216. Gale Norton Resigns
  217. Equal rights lawsuit - for men?
  218. New Jersey Governor bails out stalker
  219. China Lashes Back at U.S. on Human Rights
  220. Conservatives blast Bush at libertarian event
  221. would you want to be president?
  222. Can you "deprogram" a terrorist? Australia thinks so
  223. DNA in '88 killing doesn't match that of convicted man
  224. Venezuelan middle class flees Chávez rule of hate
  225. 1/only illegal immigrant workers thread (1 in 20 workers are illegal & RICO act used)
  226. French protest at youth job plan
  227. A pro-judge thread
  228. US snubs Britain over sex criminals [London Times]
  229. Katherine Harris Took Illegal Donations - Senate Run in Doubt
  230. Katherine Harris' Poetic Justice
  231. Supreme Court Upholds College Military Recruiting Law
  232. US: "Iran will reap painful consequences..."
  233. A Glimpse Of The US: Muslim Student Uses Car Intending To Kill
  234. So George Clooney and the Gang are arriving to the Oscars in hybrid
  235. I think this woman (Dr. Wafa Sultan) rocks
  236. Bush's poll numbers consistantly below 40%
  237. Energy Independence: Cow Dung Shall Set Us Free!!
  238. A Dark Day For Free Speech - Web posting protests lead to Jailtime
  239. R.I.P. Harry Browne
  240. How Long Have You Held the Political Views That You Hold Today?
  241. US/India nuclear deal
  242. High school teacher's comments investigated by district
  243. Caption This: Bush India Visit
  244. Former Taliban Spokesperson Getting Learned At Yale
  245. Eurabia/Dhimmitude---Opinions?
  246. Miss. Bill to Ban Most Abortions Advances
  247. Ports thread continued - Second UAE deal announced (factories this time) p#49
  248. Just one in 1,000 people could name all five First Amendment freedoms.
  249. High taxes drive productive Californians to leave the state.
  250. A Catholic millionaire's dream town draws fire. (The ACLU is worried.)