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  1. House OKs bill guarding Pledge from courts
  2. Judge overturns Wal-Mart health care law
  3. Ted Kennedy's opposition to C Cod wind farm has domino effect accross entire country.
  4. Animal group targets UCLA researcher
  5. 2nd Degree Murder Charges For Doctors/Nurses in Katrina Deaths
  6. Pittsburgh's union of city employees opposes the city's crackdown on time card fraud.
  7. Bush gives female german chancellor an unwanted rubdown
  8. Before the white man came? War
  9. IRS Warns Churches to Avoid Campaigning
  10. Old Money, New Money Flee France and Its Wealth Tax
  11. Bush uses first veto on stem cell bill
  12. "Pedophile" Political Party wants to lower sexual consent age, go figure.
  13. Bush says naughty word.
  14. Somalia -- the next Taliban type stronghold
  15. Lawyer who defended FL vote counting deadline is now defending statute of limitations
  16. Hazleton, Pa. council passes ordinance against illegal immigrants
  17. World War III
  18. (07/14/06) Happy Birthday to Gerald Ford
  19. House Renews Voting Rights Act Unchanged
  20. Would any other country be criticized for retaliating after 100 missles hit them?
  21. The one and only "big dig" thread.
  22. Sony & the Racist Ad Campaign!
  23. After NYC fails, Trump fixes rink in less than 10% of time, at less than 10% of cost.
  24. I'm looking for a website that tracks political contributions...
  25. New Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ad...what you think?
  26. Israeli Troops Enter Lebanon
  27. WWII - Firebombing Tokyo discussion
  28. Check out this ad from Vernon Robinson, candidate for US Congress
  29. 7 train bombings in India kill up to 100
  30. suddenly China's far reaching world influence becomes apparent
  31. Associated Press "Some question whether African aid helps"
  32. Chechen rebel behind Russian attacks dies
  33. 'Condistas' Push Rice for President in '08 AND McCain vs. Hillary
  34. San Francisco buys inferior concrete because they had to buy from a minority owned..
  35. Neo-Nazis infiltrating the US military: civil rights group
  36. This song makes me sick, anti-american BS song
  37. another tax cut for the rich
  38. Why We Fight
  39. N.Y. (Terror) Plot Is Uncovered in Early Stage
  40. Hugo Chavez says death is better than Coca Cola, shampoo, and Hollywood movies.
  41. Bush Seeks to Build Standing with Public
  42. YAGMT: New York Court of Appeals Rules Against Gay Marriage
  43. Jailed US music producer pardoned in Dubai (cocaine possession)
  44. good book from the other side (conservatives)
  45. Independence Day
  46. Ted Kennedy raises "safety" concern over proposed Cape Cod wind farm.
  47. Mexican election too close to call
  48. Suburbanites Paid Farm Sudsidies to Not Farm
  49. California Car Buyer's Bill of Rights
  50. Analysis of 2005 U.S. Senate Key Votes
  51. Arnie's ambiguously gay speech
  52. What do you think of France's switching from coal to nuclear power?
  53. NEW! Bin Laden Message
  54. Rising insurance rates push Florida homeowners to the brink
  55. Katrina looters get 15 years in prison
  56. VA worker had OK for data later stolen
  57. Money and Speech - Would the Supreme Court uphold a "spending limit" for abortion?
  58. Obama: Democrats Must Court Evangelicals
  59. Should it be legal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet?
  60. Israel about to go into Gaza [1/21/09 update - they're out]
  61. Kerry & Feingold Form Alliance on Iraq
  62. Limbaugh detained at airport for Viagra w/o prescription.
  63. W covers U2
  64. Did the US declare war on Iraq in the first Gulf War?
  65. Drainage and overdevelopment of wetland wreaks havoc with the environment.
  66. Which Was Last Week's Most Important Story in Washington?
  67. CIA officer claims US ignored warnings about WMD errors
  68. CIA officer claims US ignored warnings about WMD errors
  69. why not do in africa, what we are doing in iraq?
  70. California stays "green" by paying other states to build new coal power plants.
  71. Mother of slain JonBenet Ramsey dies
  72. Germany's price controls on doctors' fees cause doctors to flee the country.
  73. Saddam Hussein ends hunger strike - after missing one meal. LOL
  74. Oregon fire department fires employees for not speaking Spanish.
  75. Black Muslim Group Thwarted In Domestic Terrorist Attempt
  76. Report: Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq
  77. S.F. to offer Health Care
  78. House delays renewal of Voting Rights Act
  79. US Govt and MPAA pressured Sweden to (unsuccessfully) shut down Pirate Bay
  80. What part of the political spectrum are you
  81. Pentagon document classifies homosexuality as a mental disorder
  82. Please remove you Bush04 stickers from your cars?
  83. Don't like the electoral college? Don't amend it, just circumvent it!
  84. 5 Republican Senators support amnesty for ...
  85. What? No North Korea is gonna kill us with a Nuke thread?
  86. Democrats’ New Direction for America
  87. Terror Group: We Have Your GIs
  88. The government uses lower standards in order to hire more women.
  89. Political forum: improving/degrading/the same???
  90. "it takes more than a gallon of fossil fuel to make one gallon of ethanol--29% more"
  91. This is why rich people who earn their money legally and honestly deserve that money.
  92. Police State or Terrorist Bomb?
  93. Goodbye Peter Cottontail
  94. Japan pays off 3rd world countries, regains pro-whaling vote
  95. Top court allows evidence in illegal home entry
  96. "Papers show 'gloomy' state of insurgency" + Iraq "debate" in congress
  97. Missouri starts issuing voter IDs
  98. CA Budget in limbo..
  99. Miami School Board proves how much better we are than Cuba by banning books
  100. Do You Really Know Anything About World Politics?
  101. At least Bush has a great sense of humor
  102. Katrina Victims Needed FEMA Assistance.....To Buy Bling!
  103. Nicholas D. Kristof NY Times editorial "One man's sweatshop is another's opportunity"
  104. So, How's That Deficit??
  105. Bush makes surprise visit to Iraq
  106. Fatah gunmen rampage through Ramallah
  107. The Panic of 2006
  108. Sad but Funny: Palestinian terrorists shoot Israeli Arab
  109. One Muslim speaks out.
  110. Rich people who claim to favor the inheritance tax actually use loopholes to avoid it
  111. Three Guantanamo detainees apparently commit suicide
  112. Okla. Governor Approves Executing Child Molesters
  113. Pilot With 9/11 Association Deported From New Zealand
  114. Uh-Oh. Israelis Shell Gaza Beach and Kill 7... then again maybe not (post#67)
  116. Should the government regulate grandparents who babysit their grandchildren?
  117. China theaters to pull 'Da Vinci Code'
  118. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is DEAD!
  119. First gay marriage, then bigamy. Canada legally recognizes multi-wife marriages.
  120. Coulter calls 9/11 widows "witches"
  121. Republican Wins House Race in California
  122. 10 Commandments Judge loses AL primary
  123. Are things safer?
  124. Residents debate windmills on Great Lakes
  125. Which side is the ACLU on?
  126. My primary dilemma
  127. California ballot initiative could regulate Montessori pre-schools out of existence.
  128. Supreme Court to decide on application of Geneva Convention (Merged)
  129. Supreme Court to Consider Affirmative Action in Public Schools
  130. Canada labor union boycotts Israel/Muslim terrorists planned attack in Toronto
  131. Canadians healthier than Americans: study
  132. Physician Shortage Looms...
  133. Was the 2004 Election Stolen? (RS Article)
  134. Ireland's economic policies are the opposite of France's.
  135. good job RCMP - Toronto Terrorist Attack Foiled [merged]
  136. French Military Victories...
  137. New York State Comptroller Apologizes After Bush Remark - Over the top Bush Bashing
  138. Four Librarians Finally Break Silence in Records Case
  139. Rocky shoals for Bush marriage?
  140. Will someone please explain the term "Progressive"?
  141. Don't bother vacationing in NYC ...
  142. Film's screening sparks religious controversy
  143. Arizona's Voting Lottery
  144. Dutch Pedophiles to launch political party
  145. GI Sues Michael Moore for $85 Million
  146. eBays Meg Whitman issues a call to action
  147. Alarmist and Armageddonist news from Greenpeace!
  148. Don't try sneaking north across Mexico's other border.
  149. Don't The Fallen Deserve at Least a Moment?
  150. The US government paid farmers to destroy 20,000 acres of perfectly good plum trees.
  151. Mississippi jails man for victimless crime involving consenting adults
  152. NRO's Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs
  153. Breaking News: Shots Fired At Rayburn House Office, Capitol Locked Down.
  154. Katrina Coverage - Bush Bashing
  155. Dear MA, I hate you: Minimum Wage Increased To 8.25
  156. Abbas gives Hamas 10 days to recognize Israel
  157. Michigan Official Language to Become English!!
  158. OP/ED: Democrats should try appealing to more married voters
  159. Congress Passes Funeral Protest Ban
  160. Abolish Federal Income Tax in favor of a "FairTax" consumption tax: Good Idea?
  161. FBI Raid on William Jefferson -- Indictment Sought post#89
  162. Hooray! Plan Parenthood contributes to sprawl, & gives better service to rich people!
  163. Lou Dobbs: Bush, Congress Tell Working People to Go to Hell!
  164. Former Senator, Treasury Secretary, VP Candidate Lloyd Bentsen has died
  165. China & US Politics (& who realizes they are our enemy?)
  166. Lethal Injection Drugs Won't Be Questioned by U. S. High Court
  167. How come Puerto Rico isn't a State yet?
  168. Tony Snow labeled a racist
  169. Balkans Balkanize Further: Montenegro votes independence
  170. Just In: Dixie Chicks take back GWB apology! OH NO!
  171. Nagin Wins Re-Election as New Orleans Mayor
  172. Bush lied. He just raised taxes on some capital gains and dividends.
  173. Tate Blows 2nd Chance at Freedom; Gets 30 years
  174. 'Baghdad ER' brings Iraq horrors to U.S. audience
  175. Job growth is 216% higher in low tax states than in high tax states.
  176. U.S. Indictment for Big Law Firm in Class Actions
  177. Lavender graduations?
  178. Iran eyes badges for Jews & Christians
  179. Lawmaker: Marines killed Iraqis 'in cold blood' Update: initial findings post#250
  180. Your Congress at work
  181. Pat Robertson says God told him that storms will lash U.S. coastline this year
  182. Senate Committee Approves A Constitutional Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage
  183. Kosher Anti-Semites (cartoon controversy part II....)
  184. 1/only illegal immigrant workers thread pt. dos [merged - added flag thread]
  185. House Budget Sees $348 Billion Deficit
  186. CU Comission Report on 9/11 Essayist
  187. The EEOC cancels a meeting rather than listen to criticism.
  188. Dutch MP/Islam critic stripped of citizenship, moving to US..
  189. DOD Releasing Video of Plane Hitting Pentagon on 9/11
  190. Chirac scandal?
  191. Government source tells ABC News: Get new cell phones
  192. Hillary Clinton or John McCain?
  193. Hillary apologizes for being right...
  194. Corporate Pork-Busting
  195. Cameras set racial poser on car crime (camera that IDs stolen cars accused of racism)
  196. Ted Kennedy Struck by Lightning - Well At Least His Plane Was
  197. Voter-list purge prompts lawsuit seeking reversal
  198. Sheriff McGee vs. FEMA
  199. Patients 'will die' over culling waiting list
  200. Schumer's Dubai deal
  201. The End of Ideology for the Presidency?
  202. Something the Political forum can agree on (maybe. it's fair use related...)
  203. Houston energy company wants to build wind farm. Environmentalists object.
  204. Any viable Libertarian Candidates?
  205. Would you vote for Hillary Clinton in '08???
  206. Drug costs called ‘out of control'
  207. Dean: Dem platform, "marriage is between a man and a woman."
  208. Bush in '08?
  209. Canada's greenhouse gas emissions far above target
  210. Congress divided on ethanol tariff
  211. Poll: Which of these "Bush vs xxxxx" debates would you most want to see.
  212. Poll: Which of these "Bush vs xxxxx" debates would you most want to see.
  213. GOP Reaches Deal on Tax Cuts - 70 billion dollars
  214. The Bush Barrier and Freedom of Speech
  215. Georgia Student Suspended for Threatening Song...
  216. Iran's president following proud national tradition....
  217. Letter of Ahmadi-Najad to Bush
  218. Key Obstacle in Forming Iraq Govt Resolved
  219. Iran says no to girly sportsmen
  220. Private schools hire teachers who aren't "certified" to teach in public schools.
  221. The (auto) industry isn't going south, it's just moved there
  222. Bush's Appointees Not As Diverse As Clinton's
  223. Nancy Pelosi on "Meet the Press" AND the "I admit, I was wrong!" edition
  224. Army enlists high school student with autism. Controversy ensues.
  225. Bush's best moment in office? "I caught a big fish!"
  226. Medical students fail basic anatomy(Australia)
  227. Hayden confirmed as CIA director (78-15) (was: Goss resigns)
  228. Sign the Petition to Censure the President!
  229. Castro worth $900 million: Forbes
  230. Breaking News: Questions About Kennedy Car Accident
  231. NASA lacks science funds
  232. Please... Think of the BIRDS!
  233. Dean fires Dems' gay outreach chief
  234. British Local Election thread
  235. Al-Zarqawi video outtakes found in raid
  236. Georgia Governor Race
  237. Bush's First Veto??
  238. FOX News, the most trusted in America
  239. Geena Davis Honored for Role As President
  240. Constitutional Right to take drugs only at the FDA investigation stage established
  241. Palestinian Blames U.S. for Lack of Money
  242. American Official Confirms Capture Of Top Al Qaeda Leader
  243. Canada's Budget to Offer Broad Tax Cuts
  244. Poll Shows Many Can't Find La. on Map
  245. White Guilt and the Western Past
  246. Least Known United States Senator
  247. If we attack Iran, Iran will attack Israel
  248. Serving up Social Security & Medicare, Without the Fixings
  249. May 2nd 2006 - Primary Election Day in Ohio
  250. Serving Up Social Security and Medicare, Without the Fixings