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  1. What We Don't Know About Obama
  2. Rush Limbaugh re Obama: I HOPE HE FAILS
  3. 10.6 % unemployment rate in Michigan
  4. First openly gay mayor has big sex scandal.
  5. When will Obama take our guns away?
  6. The Obama Presidential Approval Rating thread.
  7. Sen. Kennedy becomes ill at inauguration luncheon -- Byrd leaves too
  8. Biden was offered Secretary of State job first
  9. Is it wise to spend $150 million on the Presidential Inauguration?
  10. FOX News Poll: Obama Is Meeting Expectations
  11. YABT - BofA Gets Billions For Being Fiscally Stupid
  12. Report: Over 8 in 10 corporations have tax havens
  13. Bush's Goodbye: Was Anyone Even Listening?
  14. Tax Cut?
  15. US Military report warns of possible collapse of Mexico
  16. Obama nominates tax cheater to head department that collects taxes!
  17. Tennesee Republican Fail
  18. Need help finding a 'Theater of Operations' website
  19. Can the President have someone assassinated?
  20. Choosing sex of gynaecologist to be banned (Sweden)
  21. The One and Only Joe the Plumber Thread
  22. What should California do to solve its $40 billion budget deficit?
  23. How long before an oil exporter creates an incident that raises the price of oil?
  24. Obama's new whip
  25. Larry Flynt asks congress for a 5 billion dollar bail out on porn industry
  26. Rerererehash of 2000 election (split from Franken thread)
  27. The One & Only Global Warming Thread, Part VI
  28. Obama's Stimulus Package
  29. Who are the most disliked American politicians of all time?
  30. The dumbest political vote of 2008 (by our elected officials)
  31. Smoking ban leads to major drop in heart attacks
  32. Breaking News: Teens Often Cheat On No-Sex Pledges
  33. U.K. starts putting children to sleep to protect the environment.
  34. The dumbest political statement of 2008
  35. George Bush = Sarah Palin, former aide says
  36. BREAKING NEWS: Obama eats shaved ice!!!
  37. lesser of the two evils: Hitler or Stalin
  38. Do You Consider Yourself An Idealogue?
  39. Obama is Most Admired Amemrican - Bush is Second
  40. Michael Reagan says, "Screw you, people that don't celebrate Christmas"
  41. Hugo Chavez says DVDTalk's Premium Membership forum to be expropriated
  42. 4 recruiter suicides lead to Army probe
  43. At this time of transition between one lizard and the next...
  44. Cheney Defends the Bush Administration - Blasts Biden
  45. Talking back to congress
  46. When Are WE Going to Get Over It? (a white guys view)
  47. Congress to get $4700 pay increase...
  48. Closing Gitmo, what to do with prisoners?
  49. 'Deep Throat' Dies
  50. Conservative Activist Paul Weyrich Dead at 66
  51. NY Governor proposes "iPod Tax"
  52. Barack Obama is Time's 2008 Person of the Year
  53. Who is most responsible for the disrespect towards the office of the Presidency?
  54. Alleged Madoff $50B Ponzi scheme has worldwide exposure
  55. Riots in Greece (Alexandros Grigoropoulos shooting)
  56. how big is the blago scandal?
  57. Blame me for job losses (author blames the Obama election for the job losses)
  58. Kirsten Gillibrand, Caroline Kennedy, and the New York Senate seat
  59. RIP, European Feudalism :( — Sark, last European territory, abolishes feudalism
  60. Bush’s ‘Midnight Rules’
  61. Joe the Plumber: McCain appalled me, Barack scares me even more, Palin is real deal
  62. Gov. Blagojevich in trouble -- and he's outta there...
  63. Obama tells America not to bother stocking up on guns
  64. Will President Obama Be Allowed To Smoke In The White House?
  65. The Economy, the recession, stock market...you can find it here pt VIII
  66. Anti-religion display at Washington State Capital
  67. (Australian) politicians may have to take breath test
  68. The official Bush Pardoning thread
  69. Canadian leader shuts Parliament to keep power
  70. Let's Talk Tax Cuts...and also how crappy kvrdave's town is
  71. Holy carp! I'm famous! (not really)
  72. Obama=The next bush?
  73. What Is The One Issue That You Have Strong Disagreement With Your Party?
  74. Obamas offer help at food pantry on Thanksgiving
  75. Terrorist attack in Mumbai, 80 dead
  76. Alan Colmes to leave "Hannity and Colmes" after 12 years
  77. Obama Administration Already Flouting Federal Regulations
  78. CA: State Lawmakers working on plan to triple vehicle license fees!
  79. Attorney General Mukasey collapses during speech in Washington
  80. After more than 400 lawsuits, disabled man can sue no more
  81. Man who was too lazy to start his own website files lawsuit instead.
  82. Who Wrote The Constitution of The United States?
  83. New Study Finds Americans Earn a Failing Grade ... on American History and Economics
  84. CEOs Are Just Total Scum
  85. Is the Barack cover of the new Time Magazine photoshopped?
  86. Do you think American automakers deserve to be bailed out? (Merged with GM email)
  87. Exec's forgo Bonuses
  88. President-Elect Obama on 60 minutes
  89. Gerald Celente Predictions For The US.
  90. Caption This: Bush Shocker Edition
  91. Public education article — "A School Chief Takes On Tenure, Stirring a Fight"
  92. Will Barack Obama be on a United States coin someday?
  93. F Is for "Fake" not "Fact Check"
  94. Gay marriage part 2
  95. Same Sex Marriage Thread Part 2
  96. CNN saying Obama already making more progress in first week than Bush did...
  97. The Obamas code names and past presidents
  98. A view from Iraq
  99. Here's a great way for business owners to deal with Obama's tax increases!
  100. Do you think businesses should be taxed higher than individuals?
  101. Caption This: Obama and Bush at the White House edition
  102. Agenda disappears from Obama Web site
  103. What will George W. Bush do when he's no longer President?
  104. Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know
  105. Should they paint the White House black?
  106. If you want to protest Prop 8...
  107. Mutt & Jeff?
  108. Obama may spark baby boom
  109. The 111th Congress Thread
  110. Obama Press Conference 11-7-08
  111. Does anybody here voluntarily pay more taxes?
  112. Can Anyone Be President Other Than A Woman?
  113. Obama's "civilian national security force"
  114. Britt Hume Retiring - Glenn Beck moving to Fox News
  115. Reid Looking to Remove Lieberman as Committee Head
  116. Professors’ Liberalism Contagious? Maybe Not
  117. Election results thread #2
  118. Schwarzenegger proposes to temp raise CA sales tax 1.5%
  119. The Media's Role in the Age of Obama
  120. Gas Prices
  121. Rest of the World is Joyous with the Obama win
  122. That Was Quick...Obama To Name Clinton's NAFTA Man As Gatekeeper
  123. Why Is a Progressive Tax System More "Fair" Than a Flat Tax
  124. So, pretend the economic fallout doesn't happen....
  125. so, anyone make/lose any money on the election?
  126. I did not vote for Obama, but I accept him as the next president
  127. Ralph Nader's "Uncle Tom" remark
  128. Oh that wacky Soulja Boy...Gives Shout out to the Slave Masters!
  129. Extra precautions for President Obama?
  130. Will You Miss The Election Cycle?
  131. Why won't they call NC & MO?
  132. World War II - looking for a "simple" answer..
  133. President Elect Obama & the Issues
  134. Wow the GOP is bitter...
  135. Will Smith as Obama, Tom Hanks as Biden...
  136. So was Fox News that biased election night?
  137. Obama [read the rules... no profanity allowed in titles] won!
  138. The One and Only Obama Administration Thread
  139. What now for the Grand Old Party?
  140. What campaign Rep makes you vomit?
  141. "I Voted" - where is my free stuff?
  142. Election Coverage on DirecTv
  143. Did You Vote Thread!
  144. Make Your Final Predictions on the Presidential Race
  145. The 2008 election SCANDAL thread.
  146. The one and only (or one of many) election results thread
  147. Election Day!
  148. Hypothetical: If Obama loses the election...
  149. How are you watching the returns?
  150. Early voting ...have we done this before?
  151. Obama's grandmother has passed away.
  152. Wednesday is going to be the best day ever!
  153. Make Your Election Predictions Here
  154. Has there ever been this high a percentage of undecided this close to an election b4?
  155. So, any Dem/Rep consider not voting or voting a 3rd party?
  156. Please give us a break!
  157. Who would you vote for president, Biden or Palin?
  158. If elected, Obama will CANCEL CHRISTMAS! OH NOS!!1!
  159. How much control of the economy rests in the hands of the man in the oval office?
  160. the next cabinet? (merged with hawkish cabinet)
  161. Why is same sex marriage so bad?
  162. The "US Killing People in Unauthorized Countries" thread
  163. James Dobson's "Letter from 2012 in Obama's America"
  164. Obama infomercial had higher ratings than the World Series
  165. Do you think 4 years from now people will think differently of Bush?
  166. Do you always vote for the person you want to win?
  167. Australian Government to Enact Internet Censorship?
  168. WheN will the next terrorist attack on US soil be?
  169. [Fictional] Lorne Michaels Says Obama "Mulatto" & Sex With Grandma Skit Went Too Far
  170. Obama's 30 Minutes of "Wowsa." - The Prequel Speculation
  171. A "What if" Thread: It's March 20, 2011... and nothing is different.
  172. Should your gaga old grannie be allowed to vote?
  173. Words & phrases you are sick of hearing - Election 2008 edition
  174. Obama turns heel???
  175. Obama assassination plot thwarted
  176. The B-Girl in 2004
  177. First political posting: Illinois constitutional convention??
  178. John McCain gets Rick Roll'd by Obama
  179. Are you voting?
  180. Sean Hannity Encouraged KKK Racists to vote!
  181. GOP consultant fired for sending inflammitory e-mail
  182. McCain has done zilch for vets: Read this interesting article
  183. McCain/Palin a sinking ship? Who will they point blame at?
  184. The Super Ultimate Sarah Palin thread pt V [Fair and balanced Poll version]
  185. Independents: Who are you voting for?
  186. What to watch on election night: the Chronology
  187. Our voting system sucks (Please let this election be undisputed!)
  188. drugs and abortion
  189. Palin 2012?
  190. Political Newb Question
  191. Oil powerhouse Venezuela struggles to keep lights on (since electric nationalization)
  192. Do you have to deal with the political wacko at work?
  193. What are the candidates hiding?
  194. Senate and House races - discuss them here...
  195. Chicago Politics?
  196. US vs Canada (state income tax vs federal income tax)
  197. Obama policy question.
  198. What will happen if the Dems hit 60?
  199. McCain reminds Biden he's been tested in crisis [plus bonus grammar discussion]
  200. Do you live in the "real America"?
  201. Let's talk Socialism...
  202. Do you see a day when elections do not end peacfully?
  203. Factory closure in China a sign of deeper pain (sweatshop workers lose their jobs)
  204. Will Obama Be A One-Term President?
  205. Businesses putting up candidate signs - do you care?
  206. So, apparently it costs $15 million to make copies of e-mails
  207. Who says solar doesn't work?
  208. So, at what point will the national debt become a major problem?
  209. Political .gif thread!!
  210. The Presidential Endorsement Thread (merged in Ron Howard thread)
  211. Facts about Joe the plumber
  212. Do you believe Obama will not raise income taxes on those making up to $250,000?
  213. Caption This - From The End of The 3rd Debate
  214. Simple 3-Question Political Survey
  215. Do you think Joe the plumber's taxes should be increased?
  216. Would Ron Paul have been more successful if not for the War
  217. The Third and Final 2008 Presidential Debate Thread
  218. Michigan's Proposition 2 - Proposal to end ban on Stem Cell Research
  219. Dutch serial rapists/murderers face maximum jail time of 18 months per victim.
  220. Liberals voting for McCain
  221. Presidential influence on the Economy (split from issues thread)
  222. Conservatives voting for Obama
  223. The (Inevitable?) Iceland Implosion Thread — An economic sidebar
  224. Something I just don't get about Obama/democrats....
  225. Edmond, OK Funds Third Attempt for Public Religious Art
  226. Charter (public school) Success in L.A. (is opposed by the teachers unions)
  227. Bailout Bill Unconstitutional?
  228. I have questions on the Obama citizenship "issue."
  229. One & Only Illegal Immigration Thread: Part VII
  230. This Election is Over!!! (for me) Yeah, I Just Voted!
  231. What was the first "gate" scandal after Watergate?
  232. I cannot watch political shows anymore!
  233. Globalization - Shift Happens Video
  234. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 and banks hits home with kvrdave
  235. How heavily does Obama's faith weigh on his supporters?
  236. Connecticut Supreme Court rules on marriage equality
  237. The economy theme park thread... featuring the stock market rollercoaster
  238. Is there a non-partisan voting reform effort out there?
  239. If I Had It To Do All Over Again - I Believe I Would Be A Politician!
  240. Video On The Hunt For Osama Bin Laden - "Kill Bin Laden"
  241. Is this the source of the latest financial crisis?
  242. Obama vs. McCain - Town Hall Poll Edition
  243. Is the word Neo Con/Neo Conservative a mainstream term?
  244. The Second Presidential Debate thread (Town Hall style)
  245. McCain's questionable supporters
  246. Barney Frank's role in the financial crisis
  247. Obama's questionable ties...
  248. How accurate have political polls been in the past?
  249. Whats the 'correct' way to view modern politicians?
  250. A question about demographics