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  1. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. CVII
  2. Own-goal protest ends in 149-0 defeat
  3. Emmitt: Sander would still be tops if he didn't retire
  4. NY vs SF: Who will win the 2012 US Olympic bid?
  5. NCAA Football: Nov 2nd
  6. Smallball 'Best of the Rest' Tournament X
  7. Esera Tuaolo's story in ESPN Magazine
  8. Sports Guy is leaving ESPN for Hollywood
  9. Minor League Hockey Team declares "Guaranteed Fight Nights"
  10. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. CVI
  11. Who Would Win? (#15 in a series)
  12. How does one become a Heisman Hopeful?
  13. Wrestling Fans: Need a laugh?
  14. Shaq Reportedly Uttered Obscenity at Bill Walton
  15. NBA games (10/31/02)
  16. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. CV
  17. College Basketball Top 25 Coaches Poll
  18. NFL Conference Championship Games to air later than usual
  19. Florida v. Georgia - World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party
  20. WWE SmackDown 10/31
  21. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. CIV
  22. Who's gonna win: CSU or Air Force?
  23. Wanted - Pool (8ball, 9ball) PRACTICE DRILLS
  24. Wrestling - Who will win the Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series
  25. NBA Team Slogans!
  26. woodson fined 75,000!
  27. Bad News for Vince McMahon and the WWE
  28. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. CIII
  29. so what did Jeff Smoker do?
  30. What's More Heartbreaking ?Game 6 of 1986 or Game 6 of 2002???
  31. NBA Action: Day 1
  32. Who Would Win? (#14 in a series)
  33. Blake won some cash!!!! (and a little for Shumway, too)
  34. What's Happened to Football?
  35. Which teams will finish undefeated? [NCAA Football]
  36. Seahawks sign Jeff George
  37. College Hoops Nat'l Championship odds.
  38. Should Barry Bonds have won the World Series MVP?
  39. What is J. Bettis' playing status for this week?
  40. Angels-Giants WS sets record ratings low - Why?
  41. Lakers get their rings tonight!
  42. Bengals guarantee a victory against Texans
  43. what are your thoughts on barry sanders?
  44. Anybody else feel sorry for that little kid in the World Series?
  45. WWE Anthology 3 CD Set
  46. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. CII
  47. NFL MNF: Giants vs. Eagles (10/28/02)
  48. A conundrum: Fantasy Football & Monday Night Football
  49. Who are your favorite players?
  50. Arkansas-Ole Miss game streaked!
  51. The season is half over, how is your FF team?
  52. WWE Raw 10/28/02
  53. Great Day for Sports in the State of Texas
  54. F1 new rules...and the death of the last 'real' race
  55. Packer Fans Unite!
  56. Amusing WWE news re:Vince McMahon and Scott Steiner
  57. Well Ags...the inevitable question...Is it time?
  58. Univ. of Colorado = worst fans ever
  59. ***GAME 7: World Series-Angels/Giants***Part duex
  60. Golfers what wedges do you carry part deux
  61. why do we hate FSU?
  62. What is the offical name of this sport?
  63. Should the NFL overtime rule be changed?
  64. Should baseball change its World Series home field advantage policy?
  65. Cowboys not on TV in PHX today?
  66. NFL - Oct. 27th
  67. Can BC upset ND in 2002, like they did nine years ago?
  68. ***GAME 7: World Series-Angels/Giants***
  69. Why do you think Shaq is an *******?
  70. World Series Pictures....What A Great Game!!
  71. Minnesota linebacker faces charges of... genocide
  72. NFL Pick of the Week for 10/27
  73. ***GAME 6: World Series-Angels/Giants***
  74. In sports, why is it acceptable to pat a guy on the ass?
  75. NCAA Football: Oct. 26th
  76. ESPN.com Top 10 RBs of All Time
  77. Fight Fight!
  78. Penn State at Ohio State
  79. TA McLendon
  80. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. CI
  81. For Wrestling Fans - Lesnar's Shooting Star Press !
  82. ••Game 5 Giants vs. Angels••
  83. WWE Finally Signs Scott Steiner!
  84. The Boston Expos???
  85. Hypocrasy and MLB...???
  86. Tuaolo gay: is this news?
  87. Art Howe to be next Mets manager...
  88. WWE Smackdown 10/24/02
  89. baseball's greatest moment?
  90. Hall of Fame waives five-year wait for Kile
  91. FFB help! Changing to keeper league. Need ideas.
  92. Where were you during Kirk Gibson's home run
  93. *** GAME 4: World Series Giants/Angels ***
  94. Fantasy Baseball Keeper League Question
  95. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. C
  96. Will Emmitt break the record this week?
  97. Have you ever owned "Lifetime Rights/Seats" to any sports team?
  98. Have you ever bought "statTraker" on Yahoo Fantasy Sports?
  99. Lawyer presses NFL for more racial diversity among coaches
  100. Who Would Win? (#13 in a series)
  101. Where do you buy NFL tickets?
  102. Week 8 Fantasy Football Advise/Help Thread
  103. Who are the front runners for the NFL MVP?
  104. *** GAME 3: World Series Giants/Angels ***
  105. DVDTalk Smallball Team Logos - Season 13
  106. Taco Bell giving away free tacos is anyone hits the target in World Series.
  107. Smallball: BOTR Tournament Format?
  108. WWE Raw 10/21/02
  109. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. XCIX
  110. Quincy Carter benched for next Cowboys game
  111. BCS Week 1 10/21
  112. Football rules you hate
  113. My World Series Experience, ala Mastercard...
  114. MRI shows that Favre tore his LCL
  115. Steelers / Colts MNF!!
  116. Chris Carter signs with Dolphins
  117. Can Charles Rogers enter the NFL draft this year?
  118. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. XCVIII
  119. I am an angry Redskins fan!
  120. wwe: why brock lesnar
  121. *** GAME 2: World Series Giants/Angels ***
  122. NFL Football (10/20/02)
  123. fantasy NBA- who are your top picks?
  124. You think you hate your football coach?
  125. *** GAME 1: World Series Giants/Angels ***
  126. Chris Carter a Dolphin?
  127. What is the best online sports betting website?
  128. Kobe Bulks Up!!
  129. NCAA Football: October 19th
  130. Matt Millen tells his player to "Get some balls"
  131. I understand he's breaking the rules, but why is there even an rule?
  132. Which golf clubs would you get?
  133. Show me the Monkey
  134. NBA 2002-2003 Season: Thoughts? Predictions? Sacramento Queens!?!
  135. WWE No Mercy PPV This Weekend!!!
  136. Who Would Win? (#12 in a series)
  137. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. XCVII
  138. Mental Note: Don't run nekkid on ice (NHL related)
  139. First Pitch To Be Thrown By Space Station Crew
  140. Kirby Puckett charged with sexual assault
  141. Terrell Owens is "misinterpreted"
  142. Bengals may be sued for sucking
  143. Sports stars by the number
  144. NCAA Football: Ga Tech vs Maryland
  145. Smallball 'Best of the Rest' Tournament IX
  146. Maurice Clarett considers challenging the NFL
  147. caption this!
  148. Prettiest swing in baseball?
  149. Pens vs Thrashers (all you baseball fans)
  150. Can a player be considered the greatest without ever having won a championship?
  151. Guys - Want World Series Tickets for Pac Bell???
  152. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. XCVI
  153. Fantasy Hockey Draft Help
  154. "Michael Jordan,Wayne Gretzky-they've all been here before.Why not Barry?" -D. Baker
  155. Week 7 Fantasy Football Advice/Help Thread
  156. Frank Thomas and the Diminished Skills Clause
  157. Giants World Series Tickets
  158. Bonds and Lofton = Jerks
  159. Bandwagon Fans
  160. Who Would Win? (#11 in a series)
  161. Who's more annoying: Tim McCarver or the Rally Monkey?
  162. Do the Angels play in Japan? Those fan sticks certainly make it look like it.
  163. So what happened to "He Hate Me"....
  164. Terrel Owens and a sharpie?
  165. World Series 2002-SF Giants vs Anaheim Angels!!
  166. Raw 10/14 (hope I got the date right!)
  167. Anyone watch the Women's World Volleyball final?
  168. MLS Cup Pre-Game banter
  169. NHL fans: Greatest PURE GOAL SCORER in history?
  170. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. XCV
  171. WWE in major trouble with No Mercy PPV
  172. DVDTALKII FANTASY HOOPS HEAD TO HEAD LEAGUE - stragglers, latecomers, and junkies!!
  173. NFL unsportsmanlike & taunting penalties
  174. So now I have this extra World Series ticket...
  175. Knicks' McDyess fractures kneecap, could miss season
  176. NFL - Oct. 13th
  177. how long can rice play?
  178. What is one of your sports teams proudest accomplishment(other than championship)
  179. Whats the most bitter lost suffered by one of your favorite sports teams?
  180. High School Football - De La Salle vs Long Beach Poly
  181. Best rivalry in college football?
  182. NFL Pick of the Week for 10/13
  183. Best online place to buy NHL jerseys?
  184. College Hoops - Midnight Madness
  185. The greatest basketball arena in the world officially opens tonight
  186. lord zeppelin's Weekly Pittsburgh Penguins Article...
  187. showalter to manage rangers
  188. Barry vs Babe
  189. FF WR Help!!!
  190. ESPN House Commercial
  191. Be Afraid! Myles Brand Named NCAA President
  192. This is hilarious!!!
  193. So who do you think should get Bonds' 73rd home run ball?
  194. A-Rod donates $3.9 million to Miami Hurricanes
  195. Rooney says "No more female NFL reporters"
  196. NCAA Football: Oct. 12th
  197. NCAA Football: Oct 10th
  198. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. XCIV
  199. So, no one really seems excited that hockey season started
  200. ECW -- Good news/Bad news?
  201. The Road to the Super Bowl goes thru.....
  202. Need a little FF RB help for next week...
  203. So...I need to leave Vegas early on 10/20...
  204. Boom Boom Huck Jam
  206. Texas vs. Oklahoma
  207. The Patsies will win this Sunday
  208. For those who complained about MLB playoffs on ABC Family...
  209. Golden State Warriors Basketball
  210. Alan Trammell
  211. Olajuwon to retire
  212. University of Colorado gets 2 years probation
  213. San Francisco GIANTS vs. St. Louis CARDINALS - NLCS
  214. Week 6 Fantasy Football Advice/Help Thread
  215. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. XCIII
  216. Penn State at Michigan Oct. 12
  217. DVDTalk Smallball Team Logos - Season 12
  218. DVDTalk SmallBall League.. Come on, you know you want to, all the cool kids are!
  219. McNabb throws up during game...
  220. Atlanta Braves possibly for sale
  221. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. XCII
  222. Card collectors--How do you get a card "GRADED" professionally?
  223. Whats is wrong in Pittsburgh? (NFL)
  224. Moving MNF game time back tonight?
  225. How 'Bout That Queen?
  226. If there is SF/ATL Game 5, What time is the game?
  227. Minnesota vs. Anahiem ALCS!
  228. A message to you Rams fans...
  229. Could LSU beat FLA this Sat?
  230. Turf toe. Good God! :eek:
  231. NFL - Oct. 6th
  232. Busy day in Bay Area sports
  233. Official DVDTalk Smallball League Thread pt. XCI
  234. Spurrier when will he be fired?
  235. North American Hockey League (League ID# 35217)
  236. MNF Packers-Bears
  237. NFL Pick of the Week for 10/6?
  238. NCAA Football: Oct. 5th
  239. What are your thoughts on the lack of minority coaches?
  240. Angels Vs. Spankees Part 2
  241. Smallball 'Best of the Rest' Tournament VIII
  242. Janikowski cited for DUI
  243. DJs Prank On Darryl Kile's Widow Angers Cardinals Manager
  244. John Rocker's ERA this year was....
  245. Please Kurt...don't come back early!
  246. Priest Holmes: A Class Act
  247. Eric Crouch would only return to the NFL if he was a QB
  248. SI's America's Best Sports Colleges
  249. Should I even start a Smackdown! thread?
  250. Players that are a**holes and the fans that love them!