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10-08-19, 08:39 AM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Official Trump Presidency Thread, Part 3

Probably not the best idea to bring the F-35 program into the conversation. We always joked in the military that all spending for training went towards that useless plane. Also, it seems we kicked...
10-07-19, 01:31 PM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Teacher our on leave for making disparaging joke about confederate flag

Agree, talk about why the flag is bullshit but do it in a professional manner. Hope she doesn't get fired but I would say she deserved at least some disciplinary action
10-01-19, 09:09 AM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: RetroMania Wrestling

Day One purchase if it has control scheme like N64 wrestling games.
Forum: TV Talk
09-25-19, 04:58 PM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: This Is Us (NBC) -- Season 4 Thread -- Premieres 9/24/19

Gotta say, spent the whole episode going "who are these fucking characters and I'm going to be so pissed when they waste an episode with these people". Happy I was wrong. Nice way to continue the...
Forum: TV Talk
09-19-19, 12:29 PM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Saturday Night Live adds new cast members and first Asian Cast Member for Season 45

Yea, this dude wasn't making a racist joke at a comedy show that didn't go over well. This was pretty much him and a buddy saying Chinese people suck. This was a no brainer firing and I'm a bit...
Forum: Music Talk
09-18-19, 02:08 PM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Vince Guaraldi - It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - soundtrack on CD

I forget which Facebook metalhead group it was on but someone ordering a metalcore vinyl from Amazon and this came to them instead. The consensus was that the buyer got a better album.

Forum: Music Talk
09-13-19, 09:40 AM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: The 'Ghost B.C.' Thread

Love it. Not really sold on Mary on a Cross
Forum: Music Talk
09-13-19, 09:40 AM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Green Day - Father Of All Motherf*****s - 2/7/20

I'll take Fall Out Boy over anything Green Day put out post Nimrod. American Idiot is one of the most overrated albums of all time in my opinion. Post that its just filler. Warning was mostly...
Forum: Other Talk
09-12-19, 10:08 AM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: What activities do you refuse to do by youself?

Pretty much everyone finds it odd that I go to the movies, dinner, concerts, and even amusement parks by myself. I traveled alot in the Navy and many times I didn't go with anyone. So on the...
Forum: Other Talk
08-30-19, 10:38 AM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Bird: The scooters suck thread

While I agree that they are an eye sore when left discarded just anywhere, these things are an absolute must and should become standard as public transit in every major US city without a good public...
Forum: Movie Talk
08-14-19, 04:22 PM
Replies: 338
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Clerks III (D: Kevin Smith)

For reason I can't understand Tusk deeply disturbed me, in a way I haven't felt sense watching The Shining for the first time. Not saying it is on that level but I thought it was a very underrated...
Forum: Other Talk
08-14-19, 03:39 PM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: What countries have you been to?

<a href=""><img...
Forum: Sports Talk
08-07-19, 02:44 PM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: The 2019 Pro Wrestling Thread

I think on the Steve Austin podcast it was mentioned that he is just too similar to HBK and he hasn't distinguished himself enough. I really like Ziggler, both his mic and in right skills.
Forum: Music Talk
08-05-19, 05:29 PM
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Posted By beavis69

Re: What concert did you recently attend?

I got spoiled when I lived in San Diego and saw Cattle Decap 3 times in the span of a year and a half. Now that I'm out in Raleigh who knows the next time they will roll through. Such a great live...
Forum: TV Talk
08-05-19, 03:18 PM
Replies: 61
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Euphoria (HBO) -- S: Zendaya -- premieres 6/16/19

Was it implied that Rue died or that she just started using again?
Forum: Music Talk
07-22-19, 04:10 PM
Replies: 19
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Slayer Farewell Tour announced

Hmm, Nile is the same night as Slayer. Debating which to go see. I love Slayer, but I've seen them three times, the most recent was a special Comic-Con show at the HOB in San Diego 2 or 3 years...
07-20-19, 07:37 AM
Replies: 3,152
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Nintendo Switch: Building a New Generation of Hardware from Scratch

I've had issues with both sets of joycons I've bought, always the right one. Drives me up a wall since on the go play is constantly interrupted by it.
07-08-19, 10:40 AM
Replies: 17,965
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Posted By beavis69

Re: The Random Political Memes Thread

Apparently this is not a Trump supporter and her sign was in opposition to his policies. That message is not displayed clearly in that sign and having your picture taken while holding it is def not...
06-11-19, 12:51 PM
Replies: 43
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Posted By beavis69

re: Marvel's Avengers (5/15/2020: XB1, PC, PS4, Stadia)

Yea, this looks bad. Wonder how it will play.
Forum: Other Talk
06-10-19, 09:21 AM
Replies: 33
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Who Pays for a Teenager's First Car?

My grandparents actually bought us bonds when we were younger and I used that to buy my first car. As I recall, insurance was paid for by my parents until I graduated college and I paid for all the...
Forum: TV Talk
06-07-19, 03:20 PM
Replies: 49
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Black Mirror (Netflix) -- Season 5 Thread -- premieres 6/5/19

Watched all 3. Liked the first alot, although I thought them having a couple of legit matches with some sexual tension leading into the sex would have been better than fight for a minute then make...
Forum: TV Talk
05-20-19, 10:02 AM
Replies: 325
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Game of Thrones (S8E06) -- 79 minute Series Finale -- “The Iron Throne” -- 5/19/19

I think the problem is that they were given a cliff notes version of what events would happen and didn't have the skills/ability to fill in the gaps with proper pacing and logical choices. Many of...
Forum: TV Talk
05-13-19, 11:46 AM
Replies: 360
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Game of Thrones (S8E05) -- 78 minute episode -- “The Bells” -- 5/12/19

Absolutely brilliant episode. What I love even more is the Dany lovers who REFUSED for the entire show to see her flaws and overlooked or dismissed questionable behavior. Now she does some messed up...
Forum: TV Talk
04-26-19, 10:46 AM
Replies: 93
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Posted By beavis69

Re: Atlanta (FX) -- created by and starring Donald Glover -- Series Discussion Thread

Just finished the second season and man they killed it. Every episode was out of the park and even with the serious tone of many of the episodes there were still some great laughs too. Looking...
Forum: Sports Talk
04-07-19, 12:45 PM
Replies: 116
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Posted By beavis69

Re: 2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Thread

I don’t think most Auburn fans (myself included) are pissed about the foul (though it was questionable). Fact is it shouldn’t have even been an issue had they called the easy and obvious double...
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