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Fake news

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Fake news

Considered posting this in the "War for free expression on campus" thread but don't know that's the best fit. If mods think so, please move it there. Seems to be a pretty interesting item that was widely reported (Yahoo, NY Post, Huffington Post, Fox, etc.). Author was former CNBC contributor and the same article appeared in multiple sources; I just grabbed the first one I saw and have no idea what the "Lifezette" blog is about other than designed for "moms" and "parenting."

At an All-Women’s College, You Can’t Call Them ‘Women’ Anymore

It's gender-neutral politics in overdrive as professors are urged to drop the word entirely, use 'student' instead

by Elizabeth M. Economou | Updated 23 Mar 2018 at 12:14 AM

Since its inception in 1837, Mt. Holyoke College, set in South Hadley, Massachusetts, has been graduating luminaries — such as poet Emily Dickinson, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, and a myriad of other individuals.

As the first of the Seven Sisters — a consortium of prestigious East Coast liberal arts colleges for women and the female equivalent to the once all-male Ivy League — Mount Holyoke is now urging its professors to drop the word “women” from their vernacular when referring to their students, according to the school’s website.

In other words: At an all-women’s college, you should no longer call a woman a woman.

Go figure.

In an effort to promote a so-called gender-neutral environment, officials at Mt. Holyoke College, with a population of about 2,200 students, created the Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students guide, which is found on the school’s website under the “diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom” section.

To an outsider, the effort seems like wasted energy, especially considering that the admissions team at Mt. Holyoke does not keep track of how many students self-identify as trans or non-binary — and that the school’s student population is quite small.

Strangely, though, the college’s home page reads: “Imagine if every day were International Women’s Day.” It appears that not everyone at the school got the memo about rejecting the word “women” across the campus.

LifeZette reached out to Mt. Holyoke for clarification and comment, but did not hear back before publication.

Michelle Cretella, a medical doctor based in Providence, Rhode Island, and the president of the American College of Pediatricians, called out Mt. Holyoke’s efforts for what they really are: more of the same PC that has turned liberal arts colleges today into indoctrination and recruitment centers for the Left.

“Mainstream academe, medicine, psychology and law have sacrificed morality, and therefore, inevitably, science and sanity, too, on the altar of political correctness,” she told LifeZette in an email.

"Radical feminists are correct when they argue that to embrace transgender ideology in our language erases 'woman' in law," she added. "Transgender language eliminates women from every public institution from the family forward. If anyone can be a woman simply by declaring one so, then there is no such thing as woman — or man. You cannot eliminate half of humanity in language without eliminating humanity itself."

Mt. Holyoke does not appear to see it that way. The school seems bent on making something out of nothing, as a paragraph from the website's diversity pages reveals:

Many students spend the first day of class braced against various types of disrespect — professors who mispronounce their names, call them by the wrong name entirely, misgender them, and so on. Students who are worried about not being treated with respect can't concentrate on what we're saying. Here you will find a few reliable techniques to establish mutual respect with students in the first class meeting.

Seriously? When did an honest and everyday mistake like the mispronunciation of a name turn into a vile and blatant act of disrespect?

Related: Steer Clear of 'Gendered' Language, Even 'Husband' and 'Wife,' on Campus

Like too many other universities nationwide, Mt. Holyoke appears driven by an agenda of identity politics, as its gender neutral-affirming suggestions shown below reveal. Still, officials may want to revisit if and how restricting anyone's language actually prepares students for life beyond the insular college town of South Hadley — population 17,300.

Some "guidelines" for professors, as noted by Mt. Holyoke's guide:

"Avoid making statements like 'We're all women here' or referring to the two genders."
"Invite your students to let you know if you misgender them so that you can avoid doing so in the future."
"Use gender-neutral language whenever possible, but certainly in your syllabus and other general written communication."
"Whenever possible, avoid making assumptions. For example, don't assume someone is or isn't a Mt. Holyoke student based on your perception of their gender."
"Avoid making assumptions about how students experience their own genders, even if they've named a particular identity."

Elizabeth Economou is a former CNBC staff writer and adjunct professor. Follow her on Twitter.
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Re: Women's College Instructs Professors Not To Use Word "Women"

LifeZette is a conservative American news, opinion, and commentary website. It was founded in 2015 by political commentator Laura Ingraham and businessman Peter Anthony.[3] The site features news and commentary on a range of topics such as politics, lifestyle and culture using the slogan "Life. Explained"

The publication is based in Washington, D.C. and owned by Ingraham Media Group.[5] Ingraham is the LifeZette's editor-in-chief, Maureen Mackey is its managing editor and Peter Anthony is its chief executive officer.[6] The site was criticized for promoting conspiracy theories in the run-up to the 2016 United States presidential election.
edit: a bit more on their conspiracy peddling:
LifeZette has been linked to several controversies since its foundation surrounding conspiracy theories and the 2016 Presidential Election.

Two weeks before the 2016 Presidential Election, the website posted a video about voting machines possibly being compromised because of links to a company tied to liberal billionaire George Soros.[12] The story that the machines were linked to Soros, which was found to be false, was also reported in numerous media outlets including The Daily Caller, Fox News, Newsmax, and The Epoch Times.[citation needed]

LifeZette also published a video titled "Clinton Body Count", which promoted conspiracy theories regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton. LifeZette removed the video and later released a statement saying that "[t]he video was made in jest, and merely noted that the theories existed," comparing them to viral videos made by "left-leaning digital outlets like BuzzFeed."[13] In September, the website published a since-removed article entitled "10 People Under the Clinton Curse", which said that it was "hard to deny that being close with the Clintons could kill you."[14][15]

In August 2017, it was alleged by multiple LifeZette employees that CEO Peter Anthony made sexually inappropriate comments about the publication's female staffers, which he denied.[16]

So, knowing that, and taking away the shitty commentary from the article, we have these facts:

- Mt. Holyoke College is set in South Hadley, Massachusetts
- officials at Mt. Holyoke College created the Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students guide (direct link to the guide)
- the guide is purely aimed at embracing transgender and non-binary individuals who attend the college. I suggest y'all lurking to actually read it. Such as this important section:

Making Mistakes
We all make mistakes. As professors, when we do make a mistake, we have the opportunity to set a tone of respect in the classroom and model active learning for our students.

A few tips from Dean Spade’s classic “Making Classrooms Welcoming for Trans Students.”

“If you make a mistake, correct yourself. Going on as if it did not happen is actually less respectful than making the correction. This also saves the person who was misidentified from having to correct an incorrect pronoun assumption that has now been planted in the minds of any other participants in the conversation who heard the mistake.

If someone else makes a mistake, correct them. It is polite to provide a correction, whether or not the person whose pronoun as misused is present, in order to avoid future mistakes and in order to correct the mistaken assumption that might now have been planted in the minds of any other participants in the conversation who heard the mistake.”
Sounds pretty reasonable to me but I'm not a right-wing TERF-haven like LifeZette.

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