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Shaved Bush pic

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Shaved Bush pic

George H.W. Bush shaves head for 2-year-old cancer patient

Former President George H.W. Bush shaved his head on Tuesday, supporting a two-year-old with leukemia whose father is part of the 89-year-old's Secret Service detail.

Members of the Bush Protective Division began removing their hair last week in solidarity with Patrick, who was diagnosed with leukemia last spring, Bush's spokesperson Jim McGrath told

Bush said "it was very easy for him to do," McGrath said.

Patrick's prognosis is "good," but his treatment and illness carry a special place in Bush's heart as his daughter Robin died of the same blood disease in 1953 when she was three.

His Secret Service members have organized a website and 50-mile motorcycle ride through Maine - where Bush resides - to help pay for Patrick's medical bills.

Way to go, Mr. President! I'm glad that Patrick's prognosis is so good.
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

I like them trimmed not shaved. Oooops wrong message board.
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

That was cool of him to do. It cracks me up that when you look at the story on any site that allows comments how people try to politicize this.

It is sad that some people lost the ability to say "that was a nice thing" instead of somehow getting angry about it.
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

Excellent title.

I work with a Secret Service agent who speaks very highly of both Bush's and Clinton as protectees, but the senior Bush gets superlative marks as being a total class act.
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

< Putting away Lotion and tissues.

But seriously, I saw this pic already. It was cool of him to do that.
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

The whole detail
<img src=>
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

Very cool.

Interesting also the comment about putting together a fund raiser to help pay for treatment. Sort of debunks the "myth" that goverment workers have it made with respect to benefits.
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

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Re: Shaved Bush pic

I prefer my bush to have a good 'fro. I'm old-fashioned that way.

Wait... what...
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

Originally Posted by kvrdave View Post
The whole detail
<img src=>
It's like looking at a room full of frozen nutsack, dog·killin', sons·a·bitches...and one mini·Dave.

Must be nice.
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

How come Bush the Greater is in a wheelchair?

Just old age, or did her have surgery or something?
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

Sometimes I think this guy is going to live forever. Keep on truckin' Mr. Prez.
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

It's a nice gesture by Bush and I hope they do well with their fund-raising, but a motorcycle ride? Really? Usually they have running, biking, or at least walking - something that takes some effort.

They might as well do it with cars. Cruise for the Cure™
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

First he hikes my taxes, now he screws up my favorite image search.
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Re: Shaved Bush pic

Originally Posted by Josh-da-man View Post
How come Bush the Greater is in a wheelchair?

Just old age, or did her have surgery or something?
He's really frail. Check out some video clips or interviews with him. I don't expect him to last much longer.
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