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Executive Order: No Texting While Driving

Old 10-19-09, 12:34 PM
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Executive Order: No Texting While Driving

Federal employees are now prohibited by Executive Order from texting/emailing/etc when (a) using a Government vehicle; (b) using a private vehicle for Government business; or (c) using a Government-provided device (such as a BlackBerry).

10/13/2009 - WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- In an executive order issued Oct. 1, President Barack Obama banned federal employees from text messaging while behind the wheel on government business.

"With nearly 3 million civilian employees, the federal government can and should demonstrate leadership in reducing the dangers of text messaging while driving," President Obama said in the order. "A federal government-wide prohibition on the use of text messaging while driving on official business or while using government-supplied equipment will help save lives, reduce injuries, and set an example for state and local governments, private employers, and individual drivers."

Text messaging, or "texting," encompasses more than simply sending a text message via a handheld communication device. It also includes reading from any handheld or other electronic device, including for the purpose of SMS texting, e-mailing, instant messaging, obtaining navigational information, or "engaging in any other form of electronic data retrieval or electronic data communication," the order said.

The order defines driving as "operating a motor vehicle on an active roadway with the motor running." This includes the time the vehicle is temporarily stationary because of traffic, a traffic light or stop sign or other cause.

"It does not include operating a motor vehicle with or without the motor running when one has pulled over to the side of, or off, an active roadway and has halted in a location where one can safely remain stationary," President Obama said in the order.
The specific part that matters is: "Federal employees shall not engage in text messaging (a) when driving GOV, or when driving POV while on official Government business, or (b) when using electronic equipment supplied by the Government while driving."
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Re: Executive Order: No Texting While Driving

Good. I heard about this last week but I didn't realize that the prohibition included (c). The number Federal employees who have been issued Blackberries but never operate a government-owned vehicle far, far exceeds the number of people who operate a government vehicle, Blackberry or not.
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Re: Executive Order: No Texting While Driving

I can't believe this is the sort of thing that needs a rule. I vote we start equipping cop cars Mad Max style and letting police take out anyone they see texting while driving.
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Re: Executive Order: No Texting While Driving

Hey Kenbuzz aka "Who Dey", I agree with this one. It is common sense. But as Voltaire said "Common sense is not so common"
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Re: Executive Order: No Texting While Driving

Meh, somehow this will end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars though.
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Re: Executive Order: No Texting While Driving

Originally Posted by naitram View Post
Meh, somehow this will end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars though.
What doesn't nowadays?

Even Obama's 16 hour trip to push Chicago in the Olympics cost the taxpayers $1 million
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