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JasonF 03-31-09 09:57 PM

NY-20 Special Election
New York's 20th district was represented by Katerine Gillebrand until a few months ago, when she was appointed to Hillary Clinton's seat. SO tonight they had their special election to fill the seat. In the red trunks, from the city of Saratoga, Fightin' Jim Tedisco, currently serving as the Republcan leader in the New York state assembly. In the blue trunks, Fightin' Scott Murphy, a businessman who is new to politics. Polls closed about two hours ago, and the results are in ....

.... it's a tie. :hairpull:

Mr. Murphy is up right now, but his margin is less than 100 votes. So of course, we can expect the inevitable recount, the spin, and, of course, the lawsuits (Mr. Tedisco was kind enough to get a head-start on the process by filing a lawsuit this morning asking for an injunction barring Mr. Murphy from being seated).

Anybody here live in NY-20?

briank 03-31-09 11:06 PM

Re: NY-20 Special Election
I live just outside NY-20 (5 minute drive) so got all the commercial campaigns last couple of weeks.

Race was a lot closer than I expected (obviously - less than 100 votes as of now).

With approx. 6,000 absentees waiting to be counted I expect it to flip the other way to the Republican. Which I'm sure will cause even more controversy.

Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. 04-01-09 08:53 AM

Re: NY-20 Special Election
Oh, that's awesome. Time to see if the NY system is as absurd as the one in MN.

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