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Read about this in The Wall Street Journal last night....
All we hear these days is whining from reckless home borrowers and their banks.

But did you know that renters are 32 percent of American households? And that homes in foreclosure are less than 2 percent?

So why is Congress rushing to bailout high-flying borrowers and their lenders with our tax dollars?

Unfortunately, renters aren't as good at politics as the small minority of homeowners (and their bankers) who are in trouble. We don't have lobbyists in Washington, DC. We don't get a tax deduction for our rent and we don't get sweetheart government loans.

Quite simply, we are just Angry Renters. And now it is our time to be heard: no government bailouts!

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You do realize that site was NOT created by renters? It was created for politics by multi-millionaires trying to make it look like a grass roots effort. Don't know if I agree or disagree with the message, but I don't like that it is being delivered like it was set up and being said by an "average joe" when that is not at all the case.

May 16, 2008 is an amateur-looking Web site that claims to speak for renters fed up with mortgage bailout programs. But it's actually the brainchild of millionaire Steve Forbes and Republican conservative Dick Armey.

Alex Chadwick talks with Michael Phillips of The Wall Street Journal about the faux grassroots effort.

If you go to the web site and scroll to the bottom will you find the link to which will take you here to tell who all is involved in this organization.

So you can say they are not hiding the fact, since it is linked on the page. But if you are simply looking at the site, it looks like it was started by some small time "renter" who was starting a grass roots effort. And there is NO doubt it was meant to look that way (I'm pretty sure those folks have the know how and money to make a better looking web page).

To me it is a lot like Sony movies writing a blog or planting reviews on how great their movies are. In fact they may be right, but since they have an agenda and conflict of interest, not sure it is credible. Same with this.

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I don't know what renters can really complain about.

The owner doesn't get homestead exemption in most cases thus paying more into property taxes. Renters only have to insure their personal belongings. Renters also may be able to take advantage of rent control.

However, in one case, my sister lives in an apt as a renter that is in foreclosure, because the buyer expected to make a huge profit in less than one year selling it as a condo. So sister probably will have to move unless the bank wants to rent to her.
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