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Zod's Handy Dandy California Voters guide! 2008 Edition.

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Zod's Handy Dandy California Voters guide! 2008 Edition.

It's time once again for my handy dandy California voters guide. Simply jot these down and go to the polls. No need for thinking - I've done it all for you.

Proposition 91. Transportation Funds -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment - Majority Approval Required) Prohibits certain motor vehicle fuel taxes from being retained in General Fund and delays repayment of such taxes previously retained. Changes how and when General Fund borrowing of certain transportation funds is allowed.: Doesn't matter .. This Prop is only on the ballot because it wasn't removed before the deadline. Voters Passed 1A in 2006 accomplishing what this prop is supposed to do. Vote No or Yes..

Proposition 92. Community Colleges. Funding. Governance. Fees -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute - Majority Approval Required) Establishes independent community college districts and Board of Governors. Requires minimum funding for schools and community colleges to be calculated separately. Sets fees at $15/unit and limits future increases. NO. Why should I pay to send others to college? If you want to go.. pay yourself. I did.

Proposition 93. Limits on Legislators' Terms in Office -- State of California (Initiative Constitutional Amendment - Majority Approval Required) Reduces permissible state legislative service to 12 years. Allows 12 years' service in one house. Current legislators can serve 12 years in current house, regardless of prior legislative service.NO. There are too many blowhards stuck in the California legislature that NEED TO GO. This prop is just an excuse for them to continue to stay in and continue screwing things up. Unfortunately we'd lose McClintock but we'd also lose Fabian Nunez and several other of his ilk. It is worth it.

Propositions 94, 95, 96, 97. Amendment to Indian Gaming Compact -- State of California (Referendum - Majority Approval Required)"Yes" Vote approves, and "No" Vote rejects, a law that ratifies an amendment to existing gaming compact between the state and the band of Indians relevant to the Prop in question. Yes. Why not? The state would get more than we get now. A no vote just means things stay the same and the state continues to get almost no money form casinos. Let them add more slots all day long if it means more money to the state.
Measure S Reduction of Tax Rate and Modernization of Communications Users Tax -- City of Los Angeles (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)

Measure S Reduction of Tax Rate and Modernization of Communications Users Tax -- City of Los Angeles (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required) Shall an ordinance be adopted to reduce the City’s tax on communications users from 10% to 9%; modernize the ordinance to treat taxpayers equally regardless of technology used; exempt low income senior-citizen and disabled households; to fund general municipal services, such as 911, police, fire protection, street maintenance, parks and libraries; subject to an annual independent audit?Just for City of LA folks.. Make sure you vote NO on this. The 10% tax currently being applied is ILLEGAL and it WILL GO AWAY COMPLETELY if you vote no on this. If you vote yes you are effectively voting in a 9% tax. I only listed this one because it was slimy for them to try to pull this..

Even if you don't follow my guide and just want to go out on your own and make bad voting decisions.. at least go vote!
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Is the land of California a self-governing Republic in the fashion of the politickal theories of M. Locke, et al.?
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My friends takes on the casino one. He's in the biz of politics.

Props 94-97 – they’re all the same (Indian gaming compacts), so you would either vote yes for all of them or no on all of them

-the Yes side are 4 tribes in So Cal that got new compacts signed by the Governor. These tribes are not the best of tribes or most responsible – their workers are not unionized, etc. Most Indian tribes are supporting these measures on principle – allow tribes to negotiate their compacts w/ the Gov – and not have other tribes try to undo them

-the No side are 2 tribes, horseracing tracks, and a labor union – who don’t like the deal the 4 tribes got. The 2 tribes against it have unionized workers and tend to be responsible tribes
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Does unionized workers make them responsible or is that just a coincidence? What makse them responsible?
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I don't question him. He has in the past worked with both sides
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I heartily agree with all your choices.

If Prop 93 is successfully defeated I wonder where Fabian Nunez and the rest of his ilk will resurface. These worthless policiticians always seem to find some other offices to inhabit in which they continue to prop themselves up as humanitarians who fight for the rights of the disadvantaged while all they are really doing is ensuring nice, cushy jobs for themselves on the taxpayers' dime.
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John and Ken on KFI talk about Prop 93 a lot. That will be nice if it's defeated.

Oh, and it will be sweet if Juan McCain loses the overall vote to Romney too.
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