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So when did CNN get this bad?

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Originally Posted by VinVega
One of the things that the other news stations felt resonated with FOXNews was how opinionated many of their hosts were. They liked to shoot from the hip, so now all the 24hr news stations try to throw in as much opinion as they can. Sadly, that's not really news, so I find myself watching the 24hr stations less and less. They all pretty much suck. They're about entertainment, not news. I don't think the American public is interested in raw "news."
One of my favorite recent Daily Show sketches is when one of the reporters goes to the english al jazeera network and teaches them how to be 24 hour news. Including the special music, big flashy graphics and getting more American sounding names. Classic!
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Originally Posted by Bushdog
I do the same. But be careful, just because there isn't some dude screaming, gesticulating and making faces doesn't mean the news you read is written from an unbiased perspective.

The virtue to the Internet is that you can choose which topics you expose yourself to.

I strongly recommend

I find a story I want to read about, check out a couple of disparate sources and I feel pretty well informed. It is certainly more effortful, but it (1)allows you to set the agenda for which topics fill your mind, and (2)should give you a spectrum of slants on the particular topic.
I agree. Google has a nice way of showing a ton of news links which can be accessed easily. You can read a lot of different viewpoints right on your screen to get a good perspective of the current news event.
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google news is great. and the so called 24 hr news networks are a joke especially olbermann and o'reilly and hannity and colmes. as a libertarian when i watch these shows the hypocrisy of both the right and left is amazing to watch, all these networks are train wrecks. I am curious has olbermann ever had anyone from nbc or GE as worse person of the year,? i bet not, what a mess he is, all he does is bitch about o'reilly and all o'reilly does is tell me how society is falling apart because of the secular progressives

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One good thing to say for CNN - they're not covering the Anna Nicole Smith 'thing' wall-to-wall as is MSNBC & Fox. Of course I think Headline News is devoting quite a bit a time to the coverage.
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Originally Posted by classicman2
One good thing to say for CNN - they're not covering the Anna Nicole Smith 'thing' wall-to-wall as is MSNBC & Fox. Of course I think Headline News is devoting quite a bit a time to the coverage.
CNN did a nice smackdown on the Lie-du-Jour regarding Barrak Obama and the "terrorist school" a few weeks back too.
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Originally Posted by Groucho
Fox News is #1 not because of politics, but because they sensationalize everything to death. "SHARK ATTACKS ZOMG!" "WHO IS KIDNAPPING ALL OUR WHITE WOMEN WTF?" "ASTRONAUTS IN DIAPERS LOL!!!"
yup, most news channels are pretty bad now days, I still like headline news and CNN. but fox does sensationlize stuff. FOX news even bill o reilly been talking non stop about Anna Nicole.

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I must defend Fox on Nicole.

Their coverage hasn't been as wall-to-wall as MSNBC.
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Apparently a Fox news host (I think it was John Gibson) said on his radio show that people who wanted the news channels to cover less Anna Nicole and more "real" news were "snobs".

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Originally Posted by classicman2
I must defend Fox on Nicole.
Really. You must have missed the finance show a couple of days ago. I saw it playing in the gym. The fools (don't know their names except for Ben Stein) were each picking a stock for ANS's daughter. And they're laughing and joking in windows as most of the screen is taken up with ANS cavorting in front of the camera in various outfits from stock footage they dug up. It was just gruesome.

This is a fucking finance show. And it was 90% Anna Nicole Smith. God, Fox sucks. Forget the politics - it's just a garbage channel no matter how you look at it.
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The Fox coverage doesn't shock me because they've always covered this tabloid crap as part of their flashy graphics, populist format, although usually they have the decency to limit it mostly to the mid-day and 10 PM hour. Flipping around and seeing how much coverage all the media outlets are giving ANS is just baffling.
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