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Fun with revisionism

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Fun with revisionism

A few things World War II related that I find interesting:,...330716,00.html

"Following protests by Hindu groups who say they've used the swastika as a religious symbol for millennia, Germany announced Monday that it has dropped plans to outlaw the sign throughout the European Union."

BUT ......

Public incitement of violence and hatred or the denial or trivialization of genocide with racist or xenophobic motives" should be criminalized EU-wide, German officials said in Brussels on Monday

However .... it is okay to deny this happened,00.html

"More bad news for Poland's rocky relations with Germany: The Polish government, incensed at a compensation claim by an obscure German group representing people expelled from Poland after World War II, has threatened to reopen a 1990 Treaty fixing the Oder and Neisse rivers as the border between the two countries.

Poland has threatened to renegotiate a treaty concerning its border with Germany in an angry response to a compensation claim by a group of Germans expelled from Poland after World War II."

... and ignore stuff like this until now

"After the war, the incident was played down by the East German government for fear of antagonizing its communist comrades in Moscow, and the West German government played down the incident for fear of playing into the hands of neo-Nazis."

But, Soviets were all good. (

Also, interestingly note in the commentary in the movie Downfall (Der Untergang), the director purposely left out the Soviet raping and pillaging in Berlin, my guess as to not offend the Russians.

Obviously and rightly, the Holocaust and the enormity of crimes committed in the war by the Nazis drive this, but I do wonder how ignoring crimes by Soviets and Poles in the post-war period on the basis of all Germans are Nazis, so they got what they deserved" . To fight revisionism with further revisionism and banning parties (only on the far right, not the far left), some symbols, and speech does not seem a very valid way to preserve liberty.

Note, in Japan, the war in major circles was considered justifiable on the part of the Japanese to fight for the "Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere", which if you talk to the Koreans, Chinese, Pilipino, etc did not treat all Asians anywhere near the same. The Japanese Prime Minister goes annually to the Shinto shrine to honor the war dead, amongst those are some pretty serious war criminals who murdered prisoners, innocent men, women, and children and sought to enslave people based on race ... they were merely not as methodical as the Nazis.

In an odd way, I am more okay with the way the Japanese deal with the war than the Germans and the Europeans in that there can at least be a legitimate dialogue without fear of being arrested for making a counter argument (See David Irving who was jailed for over a year in Austria for Holocaust denial).
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Interesting post BearFan. While, I'm not quite as passionate about the topic as your appear to be, I found your argument pretty insightful. Don't be a stranger here. I think there's all sorts of hypocrisy WRT WWII history. Sorting through it all is what we all have to do on a personal level.
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Say, that was fun!
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