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Global Warming Questions

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Global Warming Questions

At this point its pretty obvious to most that there is some sort of global warming or at least the environment is not in the best condition it could be. But I really have to wonder about some things. I'm not trying to start a big huge political discussion or talk smack. I just really wonder how much global warming has been pumped up and dramatized. Like perhaps global warming is really 1/10th the problem it really is. I say this because I got to thinking. The people that have the most to gain seem to be the ones that tell the most fantastic and doomsday like tales of global warming. If someone is being paid to study past temperatures for example or someone getting a federal grant to research future scenarios, they need to keep global warming a hot topic. No drama about global warming no $$$. Again, I'm not saying global warming doesn't exist, I'm not saying we aren't polluting more than we should be, etc. There's just something fishy in my humble opinion.

Also, I ask for someone more educated on the topic to answer this. Are the things we read that play out future scenarios flawed? You know, like when someone comes out with a study that says in 50 years the temperature will be x degrees warmer, or like in 100 years the sea will be y high, etc. To me, its strange. How are we supposed to know what is going to happen in the future. I don't think you can extrapolate figures so far. I mean, every year mpg in cars are higher, more people buy hybrids, we are always finding ways to live cleaner lives. Whats the mpg going to be, how many hybrids will be on the road, our green house gas emissions in 2010? 2020? etc Won't that mess up all these predictions about the future?
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There's the "one and only" global warming thread only five threads down from this one.

But, to add a substantive reply to your post, let me say this: WE ARE ALL DOOMED.
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Originally Posted by Goldblum
There's the "one and only" global warming thread only five threads down from this one.
Goldblum is on the money. If you want to comment about Global Warming, there is already a thread open.

Closing duplicate thread.
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