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Religion, Politics and World Events They make great dinner conversation, don't you think? plus Political Film

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Old 05-12-05, 11:52 PM   #1
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Dan Rather not the only problem at CBS

Emailed to me from a colleague:

AP Story:

Kenneth Starr -- an appeals court judge on the D.C. circuit from 1983-1989 -- came out against the Republican plan to ban judicial filibusters on Monday. He told CBS Evening News that it is a "radical, radical departure from our history and our traditions, and it amounts to an assault on the judicial branch of government."

National Review:

CBS, AP, and other outlets reported earlier this week that Starr had said that getting rid of the judicial filibuster would be a "radical, radical departure from our history and our traditions, and it amounts to an assault on the judicial branch of government."

This seemed like a very odd thing for Starr to say, so I contacted him.

He forwarded to me an email he had sent to someone else who had asked about this matter:

"In the piece that I have now seen, and which I gather is being lavishly quoted, CBS employed two snippets. The 'radical departure' snippet was specifically addressed -- although this is not evidenced whatever from the clip -- to the practice of invoking judicial philosopy as a grounds for voting against a qualified nominee of integrity and experience. I said in sharp language that that practice was wrong. I contrasted the current practice . . . with what occurred during Ruth Ginsburg's nomination process, as numerous Republicans voted (rightly) to confirm a former ACLU staff lawyer. They disagreed with her positions as a lawyer, but they voted (again, rightly) to confirm her. Why? Because elections, like ideas, have consequences. . . . In the interview, I did indeed suggest, and have suggested elsewhere, that caution and prudence be exercised (Burkean that I am) in shifting/modifying rules (that's the second snippet), but I likewise made clear that the 'filibuster' represents an entirely new use (and misuse) of a venerable tradition. . . .

"[O]ur friends are way off base in assuming that the CBS snippets, as used, represent (a) my views, or (b) what I in fact said."
CBS Video

Will they ever learn?
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Old 05-13-05, 07:19 AM   #2
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The Onion is a more credible source than CBS. Is thre anyone left who doesn't know that? But, when you fabricate snippets people could deny having said, you should always kill them first. Dummies.
9/11/2001 - You have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve. - paraphrased from Yamamoto
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Old 05-13-05, 08:28 AM   #3
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Ken Starr is probably the most misquoted and mischaracterized public figure of the past 10 years.
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Old 05-13-05, 09:31 AM   #4
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Michael Moore has made a lot of money using cut-and-paste snippets to twist words.
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They should change their name to SeeBS
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