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Iran is NOT capitulating: they are going underground

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Iran is NOT capitulating: they are going underground

For those who don't read international news reports, you're missing a lot. And just recently, let's see, we had US news agences report Iran was doing an about-face? Yeah right.


Tehran, Nov 13, IRNA -- Iran`s intelligence minister sounded out
Muslim nations Saturday over threats to their security, which he
said were being orchestrated by Israel and the United States.
"Today, the security of Muslim countries in the region is being
threatened by a blind terrorism scourge, Israel and America," said Ali
Younessi while hosting Muslim diplomats, based in Tehran, at a banquet
to break their fast.
"The diplomatic and security apparatus of the Muslim countries now
need cooperation more than any time," he said as he touted his
ministry`s achievements in unveiling plots against Iran`s security.
"We have either stemmed or controlled some dangerous roots which
were being tendered by America and certain Western countries," he
said, outlining plots to stir up sectarian violence in the country.
"The threat of religious and sectarian wars is not less than
terrorism and we all know well that the origin of these conspiracies
lie with the intelligence services of America, Britain and Israel.

"The Information Ministry (Iran`s equivalent for intelligence
ministry) has identified many agents so far and aborted their plots,"
he said, adding Iran`s intelligence service has not let the country
become a haven for terrorist groups affiliated to Al Qaeda.
"Those who either knowingly or non-inadvertently publish divisive
books and articles about Shiites and Sunnis only serve the enemies,"
Younessi said.
Late in August, the minister said that Iran`s intelligence
services had arrested dozens for spying on the country`s nuclear
Younessi said the Intelligence Ministry was having all the
enemies of the Islamic Republic under surveillance.
"We easily monitor our enemies and arrest them whenever needed,"
he said, adding `the Information Ministry has all affairs under
surveillance with full command and it will nip any plot in the bud`.
"The Information Ministry, thanks to its enormous experience, is
now able to fight out an intelligence battle against the most powerful
security establishments of the world.
"And we believe we can win most of those battles," he added.
Younessi cited some of his ministry`s achievements, including
helping Iran steer clear from some of the major showdowns, similar
to what has befallen on its doorsteps in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"We have put behind many crises and managed to turn some of these
crises into opportunities.
"If the Islamic Republic had not acted wisely, the crisis which
occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan could have unfolded in our country,"
the intelligence minister said.
Younessi recounted some of the Intelligence Ministry`s operations
against the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) which has
been involved in a ruthless campaign over the past 25 years, targeting
many officials and civilians.
The minister said Munafeqin or hypocrites -- the name given to
them by the Islamic Republic -- have passed the bulk of secrets about
Iran`s nuclear program to the enemies.
"Munafeqin have had a leading role in passing information (about
Iran`s nuclear facilities) and have already expressed their pride in
spying against Iran.


For those new to reading this kind of statement, this is typical 50/50 talk, which appears to be in favor of taking out bad terrorists, but actually, it's saying they are conducting actions to hold of the US from invading them, and at the same time, admitting the US, UK, and Israel are clearly the enemy.

This is the exact kind of speeches I would hear, when I interviewed certain people back in the early-90's, when I was reporting on the Gulf War and later on into the mid-90's, when I was conducting my own investigation.

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So, he's admitting that they have other nuclear program "secrets" because what they have already told the UN aren't "secrets" anymore.

Most of the rest of his drivel sounds more like 100% hot air out of his ass.
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This worked great with North Korea
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Good thing that the adults are still in charge here.
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For those who don't read international news reports, you're missing a lot. And just recently, let's see, we had US news agences report Iran was doing an about-face? Yeah right.
Most of those reports about the "about-face" are coming from the talks/reports from the EU/Iran itself... How is this an implication against the US media/Bush admin?
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Iranian Hardliners Unhappy with Nuclear Deal

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian hard-liners are angered over a deal Tehran has agreed with the European Union to suspend all activities related to its enrichment program in a bid to end an international standoff over its nuclear program.

After weeks of negotiations with the EU's "big three" of France, Germany and Britain, Tehran agreed on Sunday to suspend all uranium enrichment and processing activities from Nov. 22 to avoid possible U.N. Security Council sanctions.

It warned the freeze was only temporary and for a short period of time.

But conservative legislators were unenthusiastic about the agreement, saying it was actually a long-term and full-scale suspension.

"It is undoubtedly an indefinite suspension of uranium enrichment which was previously rejected by Iran," leading conservative MP Ahmad Tavakoli said.

"As a representative of the Iranian nation, I express my deepest regret for accepting such an agreement," Tavakoli said.

Rafat Bayat, another conservative legislator, said parliamentarians would watch the outcome of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) board of governors meeting on Nov. 25 in Vienna.

Tehran says its nuclear program is aimed at generating electricity, not making bombs as Washington alleges. Tehran is seeking the European Union's support to avoid being referred to the Security Council.

The U.N. nuclear watchdog partly cleared Iran on Monday of charges it tried to make a nuclear bomb, but it said it could not rule out secret activities in the Islamic state.

Front pages of pro-reform newspapers splashed the smile of Iran's top nuclear negotiator Hassan Rohani, who praised the agreement as a victory for Iran.

But hardline newspapers focused on what they termed the failure of Britain, Germany and France to fulfil an agreement to provide Iran with peaceful nuclear technology.

In a similar deal, Iran last year agreed to snap checks of its nuclear sites and to halt the enrichment of uranium, but after six months, the deal virtually collapsed as Iran continued producing and assembling centrifuges, which purify uranium by spinning at supersonic speeds.
"This agreement lacks any guarantee about the EU's commitments," said the conservative Siyasat-e Rouz newspaper.

"This agreement has met illogical demands of the EU. It is illegal and beyond the framework of international treaties," said the hardline Jomhuri-ye Eslami newspaper.

But Rohani's deputy Hossein Mousavian told Reuters that the Europeans could remove the ambiguities.

"By supporting Iran's nuclear case to be removed from the IAEA's agenda, they can show that they are committed," Mousavian said.

I, for one, am shocked that the Mullahs are upset over any deal to take away their weapon-capability to stop Zionist aggression.
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Anytime someone goes on the news and says basically "Everything is ok, we are easily defeating plots against us", you can bet things are falling apart at the seams.
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Well, it's all good PR. Meanwhile, they are changing locations for nuclear activity, in the hopes the US won't notice. Sounds exactly like another Iraq scenario.
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