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darkflounder 11-05-04 03:01 AM

DemocraticUnderground open again for lurkers
and it's friggin hilarious.

Go into the General Discussion: Fighting and Acrimony forum and you'll see such threads as this...

Let's pick a weak 'red' company and 'strangle' it first
Straight people who think gays cost the party can kiss my lesbo ass
My new mantra: I DON'T GIVE A FUCK
The American People Have NOT Spoken-This Election was STOLEN!!!
Kerry winning Exit Polls - FRAUD LOOKS PROBABLE

And my favorite thread so far:

I embrace them with a black heart, an empty head and an open wallet!

What is wrong with you people!?? Can't you see our glorious leader is being CONCILIATORY with his god given mandate? He has been gracious enough to NOT immediately throw us into the gas chambers! Do not pass up this opportunity to swear fealty to our glorious overlords! Act now before it's too late!

I for one am hoping for indentured servitude of some kind, though perhaps I'll get lucky and they'll see fit to make me an energy trader (my knees get all wobbly at the prospect)!

Really, this whole democratic republic stuff is over rated. It's about time we gave something new a try. Why NOT feudalism? Can serfdom be so bad?

Join the bandwagon! It's so easy! Just give in, give up and get god! Amen!

Thank God Bush Won! We get this kind of entertainment for the next four years!

Let's repeal the 22nd Amendment, so Bush can run a third term!!

CarlitoBrown 11-05-04 04:14 AM

Nice find.

I forgot who on TV said it but it went along the lines of "I believe that Republicans would take a Bush loss much more gracefully than Democrats a Kerry loss"

So true.

raven56706 11-05-04 05:19 AM

i am signing up..... who is else is as brave as myself

darkflounder 11-05-04 05:46 AM

I did sign up. Posted twice (very politely, mind you) and was summarily booted out. I wasn't pure of heart, I guess.

DU seems to avoid dissenting thought, FR looks for a good argument.

johnglass 11-05-04 08:09 AM

I'm going to print out a few hundred flyers with "4 More Years", and mail them to everyone in this thread.



SMB-IL 11-05-04 09:08 AM

Originally posted by raven56706
i am signing up..... who is else is as brave as myself
...maybe when they get some REAL forum software! Ugh!

nevermind 11-05-04 09:12 AM

Originally posted by SMB-IL
...maybe when they get some REAL forum software! Ugh!

Viva La Resistance!

Venusian 11-05-04 09:14 AM

please take this to one of the other DU threads

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