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Bush supporters - answer one question...

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Originally posted by TheAllPurposeNothing
. . .

Instead of addressing the other points individually, I"ll summarize the main point of my post. It was meant less as an argument, per se, than an elaboration on a bigger problem. Billions are constantly thrown away helping corporations, often when the help is not really needed.

. . .

I just get tired of people constantly crying about the mis-uses in the public welfare system while turning a blind eye to the massive mis-uses of public money within the private sector. And sadly, the mis-uses in the public system are much less representative of the whole than the mis-uses in the private sector.

. . .

Is that any clearer?
Much clearer . . . thanks.

I agree that there are certainly many examples of corporate irresponsibility when it comes to government aid, but I think what sort of hit a nerve with me is that we hear about those all of the time, but personal irresponsibility in this area is often overlooked as an issue. In fact . . . and by no means read this as me saying that things are getting all that much better in the corporate arena . . . there, at least, have been some changes made to address some of these problems (e.g., stricter accounting laws, better awareness by the public, introduction of new legislation to improve "things" [even if it doesn't neccessarily get passed], etc.). When it comes to some of the personal wellfare issues, however, there is rarely any noise made about problems there. In fact, the call is most often for more funding, regardless of the problems that exist in the programs.

Basically, I'd like everybody to be held more accountable, but I see the call to make such changes being a little more singly focused than I think it should be.

If we are going to boil it down to a "bigger problem" I think it goes, fundementally, to an overall decline in responsibility in our society, but I won't go into that here . . .

. . . specifically since I already covered that once here - - - - - >
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Originally posted by jasonr114
By cutting the fat from social programs.

Kerry was going to cut taxes for the middle class as well, who shoulder most of the tax burden, and was going to continue the war.... where was he going to get the money from?
My understanding is that the top 10% of the wealthy pay near 90% of taxes so I don't think your statement is correct. I could be wrong on this though so I someone has other info, let me know.
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Originally posted by Trigger
Originally posted by reservoirdog

Medicare and Medicaid are fat. Sorry if you'd die without them, but people die. Why should I pay to keep you alive? Once you've reached a certain age you're not really contributing much to society and become a bigger drain than anything.

- Here's your darwin theory again. That's fine, but without medicare or medicaid, people would have to self-insure and this would ultimately drive up the costs of insurance... having government health programs actually brings down your costs of healthcare.

I think that cost would go down without the government involved since insurance companies would have to fight to get people to sign up for their plans.
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