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VoteMatch: Which Politician Most Closely Matches Your Politics?

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VoteMatch: Which Politician Most Closely Matches Your Politics?

I wish I had found this site before the Election, there's some pretty interesting info here:

You get to answer questions pertaining to Individual Rights, Domestic, Economic, and Foreign Policy issues and get "scored". You can then compare your scores against as many politicos as you want to see which of them match your own alignment best.

For me, I scored 20% on the Social Issues scale, and 74% on the Economic Issues scale. Apparently, I believe that my standards of morality & safety should be enforced by government, I believe in personal responsiblity for my own financial matters and that free-market competition is better for people than central planning by government. Here's where I map:

The rankings of various political celebrities on the KenBuzz-o-meter are:
63% George W. Bush
58% Dick Cheney
53% John McCain
53% Ronald Reagan
50% John Ashcroft
45% Rush Limbaugh
43% Joe Lieberman
38% Al Gore
33% Bill Clinton
30% Ross Perot
25% Hillary Clinton
20% Dick Gephardt
18% John Kerry
15% Jesse Ventura
13% John Edwards
10% Al Sharpton
10% Ted Kennedy
8% Ralph Nader

Highest-rated Democratic Senator: 48% Zell Miller (GA)
Lowest-rated Republican Senator: 30% Lincoln Chaffee (RI)
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I'm a Liberal Populist. Damn didn't even know that.

Personal Score 51%
Economic Score 7% (damn I'm a freaking Socialist)

My best match is Hilary Clinton at 55% and my worst is John Aschcroft and Ronald Reagan at 13% (I knew they were the same guy).

Guess I know who I'm voting for in 2008.

My best match for the election was either Nader or Kerry and Bush was the worst match so I should really love the next 4 years.

BTW my closest Republican match is John McCain a conservative I admire a lot.

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Shocker I know.
Ralph Nader - 48%
George Bush - 13%
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I think we've done this before.

Best match was Peroutka, worst was Camejo. Bush was at 40%, Kerry at 30%.
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It says I am a "Libertarian-Leaning Conservative".

I can deal with that. I just wish the Libertarian party would come alive.

Nobody even mustered up to 50% with me.

Peroutka of the Constitution Party Candidate got the highest with 48%.

Badnarik - 43%
Cheney - 43%
Bush - 40%
Edwards - 30%
Nader - 23%
Kerry - 20%

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I came up hard-core liberal.

Kerry 68%
Nader 60%
Bush 15%
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According to this site, Nader was the closest to my views with a 43% overlap. Kerry came second at 40%. Bush/Cheney scored a dismal 15% overlap with me.
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Michael Badnarik
Libertarian Party nominee for President
Total 63%
Social 50%
Economic 71%

Dick Cheney
Vice President of the United States
Total 40%
Social 38%
Economic 42%

David Cobb
Green Party nominee for President
Total 40%
Social 50%
Economic 33%

Michael Peroutka
Constitution Party nominee for President
Total 40%
Social 19%
Economic 54%

John Kerry
Jr Senator (MA), Democratic nominee for President
Total 38%
Social 44%
Economic 33%

Ralph Nader
2004 Reform nominee; 2000 Green Candidate for President
Total 38%
Social 56%
Economic 25%

George W. Bush
President of the United States
Total 38%
Social 31%
Economic 42%

John Edwards
Democratic Nominee for Vice President; NC Jr Senator
Total 35%
Social 56%
Economic 21%

Peter Camejo
Reform Party nominee for Vice President
Total 35%
Social 50%
Economic 25%

I didn't know I had such unpopular opinions...
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Moderate Liberal

55% Kerry
25% Bush

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55% George W. Bush
53% Dick Cheney
40% Michael Peroutka
25% Michael Badnarik
23% Peter Camejo
20% John Kerry
15% John Edwards
13% David Cobb
05% Ralph Nader

(Your political philosophy is Hard-Core Conservative.)
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Nader 48%
Edwards 45%
Cobb 45%
Peroutka 40%
Badnarik 38%
Kerry 35%
Camejo 33%
Cheney 28%
Bush 18%

Funny, I would never vote for Nader, but I did prefer Edwards over Kerry.
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Bush 50%
Cheney 48%
Peroutka 38%
Badnarik 30%
Camejo 13%
Kerry 8%
Nader 3%

I left a few as 'no opinion/don't know', that might have affected it. "Your political philosophy is
Hard-Core Conservative'

On the quiz, I got:

with two 'Maybe's
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I guess I am a Liberal-leaning Libertarian.

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Here's what I got:
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Personal Score: 42%
Economic Score: 54%

Where your Personal score meets your Economic score on the grid below is your political philosophy. Based on the above score, you are a Moderate Populist Conservative .

Bush 45%
Cheney 45%
Edwards 35%
Kerry 33%
Nader 30%
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Wow.. I was sure I was going to pull liberal but actually ended up in the dead middle with a slight conservative edge. I guess I have opposing views though.. I am for all gay and women's rights, but would like to see criminals executed and immigrants ejected from the country. Heh.

35% Kerry, 23% Bush

Moderate Populist Conservative
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