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Each campaign- biggest mistake / best move

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Each campaign- biggest mistake / best move

So in your perspective what was the best and worst point for each campaign.


Best- Money raised, first debate, registration drive (could win it for him)
Worst- too long to respond to Swiftboat crap


Best- Made vote about Kerry-"flip-flop" label / "I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against..."
Worst- first debate

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Kerry -

Best - Hard to say- seemed dead in the water even way back to before the primaries, just to keep coming back

he seems to have deflected a lot of the Mass. liberal label.

Worst - toss up: Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam or his running mate choice

Bush -

Best - Flip Flop (I agree bfrank)
Worst - first debate and "it's hard work"
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Re: Each campaign- biggest mistake / best move


Best - registration drive (could win it for him); ABB unification; focused on Bush instead of himself

Worst - getting himself into a worthless argument over 'nam when he could have instead focused on stuff that the majority of Americans actually are concerned about; too "plastic" looking; his "plans" seem to be either to similar to Bush's or impractical


Best - Very good fundrasing; Made vote about Kerry-"flip-flop" label / "I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against..."; still comes across as a "man of the people" though he certainly isn't

Worst - first debate; spent way too little time focusing on the positive events that have taken place over the last four years; needed more focus on "what's next" and how he plans to get there

I don't know how I would rank it, let alone how it would have played out, but I'm still surprised that I never saw Bush go directly after the Democrats when Kerry was saying Bush would ask for the draft to be reinstated. I thought that given there actually were democrats calling for a draft, Bush would have such an easy time turning Kerry's claim against him and making it a big win.
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Worst- Agreeing to three debates. He does not come across well in a debate, and confirms everyone's suspicions about being inept. Better to have people think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it. Three times.

Best- The Swifties. This was the definition of a perfect move. They unleashed a bulldog and got to keep the appearance of keeping their hands clean.


Worst- Not taking advantage of the openings Bush provided, and the just general lack of a sense of strategy in the entire campaign.

Best- Um.... has he done anything really well? I thought used the momentum from the debates as well as possible.
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Best - Made election a referendum on Kerry...for a while. Stayed on message despite terrible news.
Worst - Invading Iraq


Best - Debates
Worst - Vote against $89B (no contest)
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Best: Marrying into the Heinz estate.
Worst: Theresa came with it

Best: Afghanistan, Iraq
Worst: Colin Powell's botched presentation based on bad Intel.
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Best - Strong Convention

Worst - First debate performance


Best - kept focus off Kerry's (lack of a) record.

Worst - $87B vote

Runner-up: 527 funding, or lack of it.
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Both - lack of focus on domestic issues.

Kerry rode the Vietnam thing for too long.

Bush rode 9/11 too much.

I can't think of any positives of either campaign.
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Worst: Voting against the $87B supplemental. By far. Not even close. Followed by that infamous explanation.

Other mistakes: Foolishly thinking his Vietnam service would insulate him from having to prove his willingness to fight terrorism. Not talking about Iraq until forced to by sinking poll numbers. Not talking about Abu Ghraib at all. Not strangling Bob Shrum and dumping his body by the side of the road.


Worst: Too many to list. But not hitting Kerry much harder for voting against the Gulf War was a mind-boggling lapse.
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Kerry best move - Can't really think of one decisive one, since I believe this to be a referendum on Bush. In general he ran a blah campaign. I guess hanging in there and not pulling a Dukakis?

Worst move - Holding the convention too early and being broke because of the campaign finance so he couldn't answer back from the Swifties during August. a 5-7 point lead was clobbered into a 10 point deficit.

Bush best move - Holding the convention in nearly September and coming out strong in it (right behind the Swifties which was simply brilliant and cheaply done as well). The bounce he got was far beyond what I had expected. Tremendous performance and well scripted by Karl Rove and the boys.

Worst move - Opening his mouth in the first debate. I think his inner circle sheltered him to the point where they could not be critical in their coaching and preparedness for that debate. They figured the American people would give him a pass if they lowered expectations when they should have been preparing seriously for it. Bad job losing focus on that one.
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Best: GOTV campaign in FL and OH, key to victory.
Worst: performance in 1st debate.


Best: Having the LSM not talking about his 20 year record in the Sen.
Worst: Not a fault of Kerry per se but no one likes him.
(the 87 B vote was not really a mistake per se because if he voted yes, he migh not have been the candidate).
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Kerry - worst: fake tan.

Bush - worst: trying to sell wood.
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OH, I forgot a runner-up for worst Kerry move: Knowing what I know today I would have authorized the war in Iraq.

It was a good move by Bush to call him out with that question, but it was a worse mistake for Kerry to answer it.
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