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Kerry's October surprise(links with communist Vietnam)

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Kerry's October surprise(links with communist Vietnam)

Friday, October 29, 2004
How's this for an October surprise?

While John Kerry is running around claiming President George Bush and our troops overseas failed the American people by not guarding an explosives dump without explosives in it, documents have been uncovered at Texas Tech University that show Kerry was following Vietnam War protest guidelines from North Vietnamese communists in the early 1970s.

"Wait! Why am I not seeing any of this in the national news media, Mr. Gaylon?" you might be asking. "This cannot be true. Our Democrat candidate for president surely wasn't on the side of the communists and carrying out their requests when he got home from valiantly fighting for his country and winning all those medals, was he?"

Yes, he was.

The documents -- which actually LOOK like they came from the 1970s and not from a Microsoft Word program -- were found at the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and reproduced from captured communist records. These documents have been PROVEN 100 percent authentic BEFORE their release, unlike those 60 Minutes National Guard documents that CBS refuses to investigate. They show that Madame Nguyen Thi Binh, the Viet Cong provisional governor of South Vietnam at the Paris Peace Talks, delivered a plan from Le Duc Tho -- Ho Chi Minh's second in command -- for American anti-war activities that anti-war protesters followed to the letter.

These documents are available at or and show anti-war protesters not only received approval from the communists in North Vietnam, but also their direction. One of the documents states, "The spontaneous antiwar movements in the U.S. have received assistance and guidance from the friendly (i.e. communist Vietnamese) delegations at the Paris Peace Talks."

Another article at also reflects on the North Vietnamese anti-war coordination with protest groups.

By the way, Madame Binh subsequently became the Minister of Information for the People's Republic of Vietnam after Saigon fell. You know what "Minister of Information" means in communist countries, right?

Of these organizations, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the communist organizations Peoples Committee for Peace and Justice and National Peace Action Committee were represented at the talks. Some representatives of these groups had their airfare covered by the United States Communist Party.

Shortly after Kerry returned from the talks he delivered Madame Binh's peace proposal through a press conference on July 22, 1971. He did so with veterans' families around him, a tactic that was suggested by the communists. However, he said he only attended the peace talks because he was on his honeymoon in Paris.

There are two problems, Hanoi John met twice, and possibly thrice, with communist officials in Paris. Also, his honeymoon was spent at the Jamaica home of the Pershing family with then (other) heiress wife, Julia Thorne, in 1970. I suppose Paris was a second honeymoon.

Kerry had also met illegally with Binh in 1970 while he was still a Naval officer on inactive reserve status, and in fact, all his meetings were under the six-year window of the term of his enlistment. This precludes him from even running for elective office, much less president, but nobody is mentioning it for some reason.
Amendment 14, Section 3 states: "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-president, having previously taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, [who has] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

Other documents show the Hanoi plan for war protests, which was basically accepted and carried out by PCPJ, NPAC and VVAW and other protest groups, which eventually forced a vastly superior military force to capitulate to a sniveling gang of thugs because of propaganda and lies.

It was John Kerry's finest hour.

So Kerry's earnest presidential campaign begins and ends the same place it started: Vietnam. And the whole way, the national liberal news media have ignored his crimes. They are overlooking this new evidence while inflating a bogus charge from the United Nations against the president during a time of war. Kerry is helping spread the lie, again, working against his government for his own purposes.

Those who think this man is even an American -- much less are willing to vote for him -- ought to have their heads examined. But then again, so few people on the left even know what it means to BE American anymore that I doubt Kerry's activities alarm, surprise or offend them. There is a growing body in the Democrat Party that sees nothing wrong with subservience to the United Nations on any and all issues. For them, Kerry must be a revelation.

But for Americans who do not trust an organization so guilty of greed, glorification of communism, thuggery, deception, virulent anti-Semitism and corruption, Kerry is anathema. His pursuit of the presidency should never have been allowed, but for all the left-wing propagandists in the media. They've refused to do their jobs and we're paying the price with a lousy, traitorous Democrat candidate.

John Kerry took the direction of a foreign government in protesting one war and now he's doing it again. This time, as with the last, he is a willing puppet of people opposed to American strength.

John Kerry is on the wrong side again, folks. I hope on Nov. 2 you're on the right one.

Gaylon Parker can be reached at [email protected] or (228) 875-8144.
A little extreme in the opinion portion but interesting discovery of documents.
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John Kerry is far from being a VC plant in the White House.

No, in fact, Kerry is just another politician riding on the mistakes of a previous administration. That's all he is.

I think all of us (who are thirty-something or older) have experienced a falling out with our government to some extent and looked to other means to satisfy our ends--which were simply--to be heard in a time where we felt we were not being listened to and we had no effect on changing circumstances we could never control in the first place.

Both parties are pathetically embarassing themselves with activities that are decades old.
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Can we pass a new law that anyone who lived through the vietnam era is ineligible to become president? I swear, every person who was touched by this war seems to be permanently screwed up for life. Those who went, those who didn't for whatever reason. Doesn't matter. If you had anything to do with this disaster, you should not be allowed to president.
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Originally posted by Jason
Can we pass a new law that anyone who lived through the vietnam era is ineligible to become president? I swear, every person who was touched by this war seems to be permanently screwed up for life. Those who went, those who didn't for whatever reason. Doesn't matter. If you had anything to do with this disaster, you should not be allowed to president.
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Presidenting is hard work.
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man bhk you need to take a week off of blogging
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Originally posted by Thor Simpson
Presidenting is hard work.
But we're making progress.
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Still voting for Kerry.
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You young ones didn't miss anything; you're being treated to a remake of Vietnam, with a lower production budget and no draft...yet.
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Is "thrice" a word?

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Yes, thrice is a word.


Now, vote Bush.
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