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Venusian 10-25-04 12:53 PM

Is it legal for campaigns to call your cell phone?
what the subject says? Is it legal for campaigns or pollsters?

nemein 10-25-04 01:46 PM

Why wouldn't it be? Esp considering the number of people who are switching to their cell phone being their only phone they are going to have to deal w/ an increasing number of the same type of annoyance calls.

VinVega 10-25-04 01:57 PM

Aren't they technically "unlisted" numbers?

nemein 10-25-04 01:58 PM

Aren't they technically "unlisted" numbers?
I believe they are... for now, there was a meeting on the hill last week (or the week before) about making a national directory. Even then as long as they aren't on the "do not call list" it's not illegal to call an unlisted number.

Venusian 10-25-04 02:10 PM

plus the do not call list doesnt apply to political campaigns. my coworkers thought that it was illegal. i figured i'd ask here

Michael T Hudson 10-25-04 03:14 PM

I would think it would be illegal since most people have to pay for incoming minutes.

Ranger 10-25-04 05:24 PM

I guess a variety of those calls would be from your party leaders if you registered under a party, that's probably where they get your info, like if you listed your cell phone on your registration. If it's a live call, I don't see why you can't tell them to remove your name from the calling list.

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