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More Voter Fraud Shenanigans

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More Voter Fraud Shenanigans

This shit is getting out of control (on both sides)

Republican Group Accused of Voter Fraud

1 hour, 24 minutes ago


Substitute teacher Adam Banse wanted a summer job with flexible hours, so he signed up to knock on doors in suburban Minneapolis and register people to vote. He quit after two hours.

"They said if you bring back a bunch of Democratic cards, you'll be fired," Banse contends. "At that point, I said, `Whoa. Something's wrong here.'"

He isn't alone. In several battleground states across the country, a consulting firm funded by the Republican National Committee (news - web sites) has been accused of deceiving would-be voters and destroying Democratic voter registration cards.

Arizona-based Sproul & Associates is under investigation in Oregon and Nevada over claims that canvassers hired by the company were instructed to register only Republicans and to get rid of registration forms completed by Democrats.

"We treat these complaints very seriously," said Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. The Democratic office-holder said three complaints were filed with election officials throughout the state. He declined to provide details, citing the continuing investigation.

Nathan Sproul, a former head of Arizona's Republican Party and the state's Christian Coalition branch, denies any wrongdoing and accuses Democrats of making things up.

"This is all about making accusations," Sproul said Thursday. "They allege fraud where none exists and get the media to cover it."

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Heather Layman responded that her party accepts all voters, and she accused the Democratic Party of operating under this mandate: "If no sign of voter fraud exists, make it up, manipulate the media into covering baseless charges and spread fear."

Sproul declined to name the states in which his company conducted registration drives. His political consulting firm was founded last year and has received nearly $500,000 from the RNC since July, according to federal election records.

Former canvassers such as Banse have come forward in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Oregon in the past two weeks alleging they were told to register only Republicans and to "walk away" from people who said they intended to vote for Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites).

Some said Democratic registration forms had been thrown out or ripped up.

It is illegal to tamper with voter registration cards, which are numbered and issued by local election officials. In some states, including Oregon, such acts are felonies.

Eric Russell of Las Vegas told The Associated Press that he watched a Sproul supervisor tear up eight to 10 registration forms completed by Democrats and managed to grab some of the shredded documents as evidence. State officials are investigating his claim.

Russell said that Voters Outreach of America, the name under which Sproul employees operated in Nevada and other states, owes him hundreds of dollars for registering residents but refuses to pay him.

Sproul called Russell simply a disgruntled employee.

Prompted by Russell's accusations, Clark County Democrats unsuccessfully went to court last week to try to persuade a state judge to reopen voter registration in their county, which encompasses Las Vegas.

In West Virginia, Lisa Bragg said she refused a sorely needed $9-an-hour job to register voters after attending an orientation session conducted by Sproul employees.

Like Banse in Minnesota, she said canvassers were discouraged from registering Democrats and were told to misrepresent themselves as poll takers.

Bragg, who filed a complaint earlier this week with the West Virginia secretary of state's office, said Friday that canvassers were given a script that read at the bottom, "Our goal is to register Republicans."

She called the registration drive dishonest, adding, "I believe everyone has the right to vote. Even though I'm a Democrat, I would have registered Republicans to vote."

In Pennsylvania this week, former Sproul canvassers said they had been instructed to not register Democrats. About 40 to 50 also complained they had not been paid.

In Pittsburgh, library patrons protested that Sproul employees were pressuring people to register as Republicans at tables set up outside a Carnegie Library branch.

A similar incident was reported in Oregon in September, when the manager of Medford library headquarters refused a Sproul request to register voters after learning the firm was affiliated with Republicans.

it's not that long, so no bolding (for now)

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I believe this is the first known instance of Republicans doing anything untoward. All other election fraud ever committed has been perpetrated by Democrats.
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Sounds like if this is true(a big if) then it is one company and not a political party that is causing problems.
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I wonder how all these people making the claims are connected?
I need more proof!
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The Republicans? Trying to sway an election?' can't just can't be!

"I'm John Kerry, and I approved this message."
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I don't know about the other states in the article, but in Minnesota you don't choose a party affiliation when you register to vote. There is no box on the state's voter registration form to choose a party. Instructions for the National Mail Voter Registration form tell you to leave the "Choice of Party" box blank for Minnesota registrations.
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Originally posted by MadMark
I don't know about the other states in the article, but in Minnesota you don't choose a party affiliation when you register to vote. There is no box on the state's voter registration form to choose a party. Instructions for the National Mail Voter Registration form tell you to leave the "Choice of Party" box blank for Minnesota registrations.
Well, that just sucks the life out of Debbie Hasting's story. I guess she should have gone and researched the state instead of "phoning it in." I'm sure all the other states are a veritable hotbed of fraud though.
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Where's the poodle?
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I don't remember choosing a party affiliation when I registered any time. The only time they want to know is during the primaries.
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In Michigan, we don't even declare in the primary. They just caution us to only vote in one column (organized by party) as crossovers will cause ballot to be rejected.
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Let me tell you something that happened to me that made me remember it isn't all shit.

I voted already via absentee. Yesterday the County Auditor (who is a Democrat) called me and told me that I should probably come in and sign a new card in the next year because my signature is starting to be significantly different that when I originally signed up. We actually had a pretty good laugh about it. It was nice just to know that someone actually looked.
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kvrdave: he probably changed your vote. that once less for nadar now...
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kvrdave: he probably changed your vote. that once less for LaRouche now...
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I just hope my maid isnt allowed to vote for Gore this time around.
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Do you have her sit out in the car while you eat in restaurants like the Gores did?
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In Pennsylvania, you DO have to declare a party affiliation when that's one state where it's required.
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Originally posted by OldDude
Well, that just sucks the life out of Debbie Hasting's story.
No, not really. The federal voter registration form does have a box for party affiliation.

There is also this:

Everyone is supposed to wear a Bush-Cheney sticker -- to attract Bush-Cheney supporters and repel Kerry ones. We were told to introduce ourselves by first name to passerbys at malls in front of stores, wherever we could get away with it. He even told us that we could stand out in front of stores, but that it wasn't necessarily legal. He told us that if they told us to leave we had to leave, but to stand there as long as we could get away with it. He also told us how to sneak into apartment buildings and that it wasn't legal, but a good way to pick up registrations and you didn't hear it from him.

Anyway, we're supposed to introduce ourselves and then ask people if they plan on voting in the election if yes, then are they supporting Bush, if no -- walk away from them! Don't make eye contact or discuss politics. If they say they're undecided, try signing them up, if they're Bush-Cheney supporters, sign 'em up. If they're Kerry supporters, and they insist sign them up, but try to get them to send the card in on their own -- that way you're not held responsible for it and you won't get in trouble (Ben said he wanted a 9-1 Bush-Kerry ration, minimum). If they said they're Nader supporters, sign 'em up because Ben said (and I'm not making this up) a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush. That's about it. He told us not to get in political discussions with any Kerry supporters because we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves.
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Originally posted by dork

There is also this:
And if this were people's only way to register that would be a huge concern. We probably need a law like Motor Voter to provide options, . . . , oh, wait.

I'm fine with outlawing these "paid volunteer" registration drives by both parties. People should register at SoS office (motor voter) or town clerk, they should show id and proof of residency and citizenship. It would get rid of a lot of fraud. The fact they walk in probably proves they aren't dead, too.
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Here's some real voter fraud. At least 1650 people (double registered) voted twice in Florida. I have no idea what the nonsense about early voting mixed in the same story is -- bad journalism or an attempt to obfuscate?
Florida officials worry about double voting
It's illegal to cast a ballot in two states, but nobody's checking
By Chip Reid
NBC News
Updated: 7:36 p.m. ET Oct. 22, 2004In Orlando, Fla., early voters were hoping to avoid crowds. The rush, though, is already on — there are so many early voters there are parking lot traffic jams.

But while Florida voters focus on this election, the front page of the local paper has more disturbing news about the last one.

A new study by the Orlando Sentinel says more than 68,000 Florida voters are also registered in Georgia or North Carolina — and 1,650 of those actually voted twice in the 2002 or 2000 elections.

It is not a violation of the law to be registered in more than one state, but it is a felony to vote in two states in the same election. The problem is there's almost no chance of getting caught.

"Basically, what we have here is an honor system — the voters don't really have to tell their local jurisdiction — their former home jurisdiction — that they moved," says Dan Seligson of the watchdog group

Even so, the Florida secretary of state insists she's on the case.

"People will be prosecuted, and we are greatly concerned about the fact that some fraudulent activity may be occurring," says Glenda Hood.

The Orlando Sentinel study concludes that if voting records of other states besides Georgia and North Carolina were analyzed, the number of double-voters in Florida could be well into the thousands — in a state that President George W. Bush won after a bitter battle by just 537 votes.

Many say that election is why they're voting early this year — and not just in Florida. Early voting is exploding — it's now legal in 35 states, and they are lining up from North Carolina to Texas to Colorado.

A new study by the Annenberg Policy Center says 22 percent of Americans plan to vote early this year. That’s as many as 25 million voters — all determined to make sure what happened to many Florida voters in 2000 doesn't happen to them.
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This was in local newspaper tonight. I found this quote by current secretary of state and candidate for governor to be hilarious.

Law offers no gaurantee was filed

Blunt, the Republican candidate for governor, said he’s not sure there can - or should - be a law compelling private groups to turn in every registration card they collect. He gives this hypothetical example: What if a Ku Klux Klan member wants to register to vote through black organization conducting a voter drive?

"I don’t believe an organization striving for racial equality should be compelled to register voters who are exactly opposed," Blunt said.

Glad to know that our secretay of state believes that not all people are equal in voting. As long as its someone voting against you most likely - you do not worry about their rights.

You do not have register a political party in Missouri. You can choose either political party during primaries. Also, you can switch political parties from one primary to another primary.
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Where is natesfortune in this thread? Hasn't he been posting a new thread on here every time a democrat in this country looks at a ballot sideways? Yet he's strangely silent when he may have to admit that both sides will literally do ANYTHING to win.
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Republican Shenanigans in Florida

USF Oracle Newspaper
USF students rocked by voter registration scam

By Adam Becker - Editor in Chief
and Lateefa Morehouse - Staff Writer
October 26, 2004

Janelle Elliot thought she was signing a petition supporting stricter child molestation laws in Florida. The voter registration card she received in the mail told a different story.

Elliot is one of many USF students to fall victim to a scam tricking college students into registering to vote as Republicans.

The ploy has been uncovered at several college campuses across the country, including the University of Central Florida earlier this month. Students are asked to fill out a form asking for personal information, and some time later receive a notice from the county election supervisor's office about a change in their party affiliation.

"I had read the article in The Oracle earlier that day about the UCF students," Elliot said. "When I got home, I had a new voter registration card in the mail; and I knew exactly what it was."

Elliot was not only a registered voter in Palm Beach County but also had never filled out an absentee ballot. She noticed her political party was listed as Republican when she had initially registered herself as Independent.

Elliot said she registered to vote at the DMV, so she didn't recognize the paperwork she filled out was a voter registration form.

"I was frustrated. The one time I thought (signing a petition) was a good reason, I decided to stop, and I got screwed over," said Elliot, who explained further that she would never stop to fill out any paperwork from a petition worker again. "I just think it was shady that that's what Republican Party has to do to get voters."

Another USF student, sophomore Justin Lawandales, was also fooled. Lawandales said the people who asked him to sign the petition identified themselves as being associated with the Republican Party.

"It makes it hard to trust the people who are out there actually trying to do good things," Lawandales said.

Lawandales said the form he signed had no indication that it was a voter registration form. He said he signed his name to what looked like a petition, gave the people some personal information -- including the last four digits of his social security number -- and a month later received his new voter registration card in the mail.

Joe Lupia, a freshman at USF, said in early September a group approached him on campus and asked him to sign a petition to change child molestation laws. Lupia said the people were carrying voter registration forms, asking him for general information and whether he was registered to vote.

"When I noticed she was filling out the voter registration form, I stopped, saying I was already registered. She repeatedly told me that wasn't what she was doing," Lupia said.

Lupia, suspicious of the woman, told her to cross out his name from the form before he walked away.

"I don't know exactly what they were doing that day," he said, "but it wasn't just getting signatures for child molestation laws."

A group in Nevada known as Youth Voter Outreach is being prosecuted for a similar plot, using the child molestation law petition to fool young voters. Members there have admitted their affiliation with the Republican Party.

John Duddy, president of USF's College Democrats, said at least a dozen students had contacted him saying their registration had been unknowingly changed. He also said any students who think they may have had their registration changed can call a hotline for help at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

In Florida, voter fraud is a class three felony, said Dan Nolan, chief supervisor of the Hillsborough County Voter Registration office.

Nolan, aware of the situation at USF and UCF, has been working with the USF police and State Attorney's office in trying to trace back the crimes to a certain individual.

"When we're able to trace it back to an individual, we'll have a case," Nolan said.

Nolan urges anyone who thinks they may have been duped into changing their party affiliation to make corrections on the card and then send it back to the Hillsborough County Election office so they may make the corrections.

"Voter I.D. is our responsibility to you," Nolan said.

He said that the voter registration card does not need to be presented at the polls; it's only to inform voters of their voting precinct.

"It won't make a difference in this election, but it could have made a difference in the primaries," Nolan said.

Registered voters tricked into changing party affiliation can vote for whichever party they please; however, Elliot and Lupia are still concerned.

"No matter what party it's for it's unethical. Who knows how many students have fallen for that," Lupia said. "Not everyone is as politically savvy as me."
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In North Carolina, election board shows you how to vote a straight Democratic ticket.
GOP files complaint against Mecklenburg County elections board

Associated Press Writer

The North Carolina Republican Party filed a complaint Tuesday with the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections, charging election officials coached voters on how to cast a straight Democratic-party ticket.

According to the GOP, election officials have given ballots to voters at one-stop voting locations and then provided "unsolicited, yet explicit, examples of how to vote for U.S. Sen. John Kerry and then a straight-Democratic ticket."

According to the complaint, voter Wayne Sorenson was told by an election official "to vote the straight Democratic ticket all you needed to do was push this button."

The election official then held her finger over the button as if to suggest that she was happy to push the button for Sorenson, the complaint said. This pattern has been repeated by other election officials in Mecklenburg County, according to witness reports.

"Our top priority is that North Carolina elections are fair and above reproach," said state Republican chairman Ferrell Blount. "We all depend on our election officials to put aside their partisanship and work in an unbiased manner.

"Unfortunately, it appears that election officials in Mecklenburg County have put their partisan desires ahead of their civic obligations," he said.

Michael Dickerson, director of the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections, did not immediately return a telephone call Tuesday seeking comment.

"The integrity of our election process is being called into question by the selfish acts of these partisan individuals," Blount said. "Even if these actions are innocent mistakes or simple ignorance of the law, they serve to undermine the integrity of this election."

The state GOP wants the county board of elections to meet with Dickerson and make clear that election officials shouldn't favor one party over another, said Bill Peaslee, special legal counsel for the party.
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I wonder if this voter fraud crap deserves its own 'gate'
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