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Forum Rules

This forum is a place to discuss films of a political nature or theme. As such we ask that all threads with this forum follow the same rules as the politics forum. Below restate the rules but in general we that members contribute civilly and maintain respect for others 'points of view'.

The rules:
- No "fixing" posts: This means when someone posts an opinion or point of view you're not allowed to edit or add a couple of words in the quoted portion and write "fixed" after it. This is done in order to limit misrepresentation, and since in most cases its use seems to be done in a manner that is tantamount to a thread cap or personal attack, "fixed" posts are not allowed in the Political Forum. Such posts will simply be deleted by the moderators and continued abuse may lead to further action. The proper response is to quote the original post exactly and then make your comments outside of the quoted portion.

- No party bashing/generalizations: Posts like "liberals are smarter than conservatives" or "conservatives are more moral than liberals" do nothing to forward the discourse we are trying to have here, not to mention the majority of the time these types of generalizations are speculation, opinon, or outright false. If you are trying to make a specific point, like "[liberals or conservatives] favor ________" please back up the supposition w/ links to articles/polls/sites that support the point you are trying to make.

While they are not hard rules the following recommendations are also made to help foster a more cooperative environment:
- The use of links is strongly encouraged. When quoting outside resources please provide a link to the material if at all possible. This is especially important if you are quoting just a section of the original text so that quote can be put back into the context that it was originally in.

- Similarly though just posting an article and link, particularly as the first post in a thread, w/o any additional commentary to continue the dialog is discouraged. If it's good enough to post it's worth commenting on as well.

- Try not to "fire from the hip" or respond "in-kind" when posting. Take the time to think through your response and reread it before hitting the submit button to make sure it says what you want to say in the manner you want it said. This is especially important when a particular thread starts to get a little heated and people on both sides are getting worked up and feeding off of each other leading to an all out "flame war".

- As a follow-up to the above it is ok to take a break from the forum occasionally. If a particular thread is getting too heated instead of trying to get in the last word it is recommended to just take a break from that thread for awhile.

- Finally as in all the forums here at DVDtalk use of "report this post" feature (found on everyone else's posts in the lower left hand corner) is encouraged, particularly if you are to the point of having to walk away. As mentioned the moderators are not here to prevent you from being offended but if someone has clearly broken the rules/recommendations reporting the post will make sure the moderators at least take a look at it. Just like you, moderators have different issues they are interested in and there is no guarantee that a moderator is reading/following any particular thread.

It should also be noted we try to keep a balance of moderators on all sides of the political spectrum and those moderators try to apply these rules fairly to all situations. If you do have a problem w/ a particular moderator though please contact the DVDtalk administrators http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/contact.php.

The point of these rules and recommendations is not to stiffle any particular point of view or opinion, we strongly encourage open/frank discussion in the threads. This is forum meant for mature people to have "grown-up" conversations (to distinguish from the mature/adult aspects of the "Adult forum" ) about real world happenings. If you really want a "no holds bar" political discussion there are plenty of newsgroups/political forums elsewhere that will accomodate you.

CONSIDER THIS A GENERAL FORUM WARNING. If you insist on having this level of "discussion" here you will be barred from posting in the Political Forum (if not suspended or banned outright depending upon what you've done).
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