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Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

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Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

Man, this documentary is HILARIOUS it's got Doug Benson and he smokes pot for 30 days! I think it's a parody of that McDonald's movie the dude with the handlebar mustache made. LOL. Anyway, check this shit out. Look at the cover, man, look at all those joints, rofl:

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Re: Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

What the...? Only four of those joints are lit. Bogus!
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Re: Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

Those are joints!

Looky there at all them joints!

Weed is cool!
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Re: Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

You seem to have misread the sponsorship-- this is the Iron Weed Film Club, not the Iron Film Weed Club. Have you been tested for dyslexia?
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Re: Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

Saw it. Movie was a real bore.
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Re: Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

Bored me to death.
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Re: Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

It was entertaining but not earth shattering.

One thing I liked about the film was the inclusion of the conversation that Doug Benson has with the doctor about 12 minutes into the film. The doctor (Gary Cohan) said:

There is no such thing as medical marijuana. In the 70s, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws failed in their attempts to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes...much to my chagrin in college because I did smoke, I did inhale. So then what they did was very intelligently, they rewrapped their argument, they repackaged it as a medical argument. Because cannabinoids, like THC and other stuff, they do have some value medically but not at all what the activists are saying they have...
and so on. It is a refreshing bit of honesty.
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Re: Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

McDonald's has weed now? Heh heh. That's awesome. Heh heh. Mickey D's late niiiiiiiiiiiiiight yo. Aaaaaaaaaaa!
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Re: Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

Thought it was very disappointing, basically a very crappy stand up act disguised as a 'movie'. Not recommended.
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Re: Super High Me (2007, Blieden)

I'm suspicious that Groucho made this thread as a kind of ironic joke.
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