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james2025a 04-18-21 02:57 PM

Lets talk about Electric Scooters
So i recently moved and i am currently using a train yo get to work, followed by a walk. In the area are a number of scooter rentals with ones like Lime all over the place. After using one a few times i am considering getting one.

So been looking online at models available and so far the Segway Max seems to be leading the pack for all i need. I want something with some power, but doesnt need to be super fast, i am pn the heavier side these days, so need something that will carry ny fat ass, and prefer something that will take bumps well and wont get punctures easy.

So, anyone got one, familiar with them. Offer any advice or recommendations. I would prefer to pay less than $800. And it needs to fold and lighter would be on the better side, but understand that wont be easy with everything else i want.

zyzzle 04-18-21 09:08 PM

Re: Lets talk about Electric Scooters
My only comment: I wish electric scooters could all be whisked away with a wave of the wand, and more people would walk. They're a terrible eyesore, menace, and disruptor of city beautification. Q.E.D.

eXcentris 04-20-21 11:38 AM

Re: Lets talk about Electric Scooters
I don't know anything about scooters but have you thought about an e-bike? They seem... healthier. :)

james2025a 04-20-21 01:21 PM

Re: Lets talk about Electric Scooters
Not practical as i have a car drive and a train ride before it would come in to play. Having something that folds up and light weight is more adantageous, hence the scooter.

As for healthier option, i an currently walking this final league of my journey, so doing the healthy option right now, and would prefer to keep it that way... however i am finding it tight on time, and with a new job... thats not gonna work.

But seems like this thread is par for the forum these days. The few who continue to frequent it either have no knowledge, no interest or simply want to voice an opinion rather than offer useful advice. So moving on...

kahuna 04-20-21 01:26 PM

Re: Lets talk about Electric Scooters

Bikeshare Hawaii to remove Biki stations, reduce services to cut costs

Bikeshare Hawaii begins removing Biki stations on Oahu

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