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Skipping work

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Skipping work

Have you ever just decided you did not feel like going to work at all and called in sick just because you have the sick days even though you aren't sick. Like you're just not in the mood to sit in traffic and deal with your boss.

Or have you ever decided to call out just because you wanted to do something frivolous like shopping or going to catch a movie or two?

or are you way too responsible and you would feel guilty doing this? Or you're worried you would get caught in a lie or something?

I've done it a few times in my career. I've had no guilt doing it. One time I called out to spend a nice day hanging out with my sister.

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Re: Skipping work

Who hasn't taken a mental health day?

I probably take 3 a year, give or take. Sometimes your mind/body just needs a day off when weekends are generally full of other priorities to take care of.
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Re: Skipping work

I rather sit miserable and spread my disdain by watching Netflix at my desk all day and replying to posts on message boards.
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Re: Skipping work

I've done it a few times before but not very often anymore. I have full work from home capabilities with my job. If I'm feeling burned out, I'll take a work from home day. It's nice to be able to wake up a bit later, not commute and not have to deal with the office for a day. That serves as enough of a mental break for me.
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Re: Skipping work

Most companies (well, a lot of them) just have PTO days now and don't separate vacation days from sick days. That way, if you use a day/call off, you don't have to sit there and feel guilty about using a "sick day" for what is actually a personal day.
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Re: Skipping work

Not trying to brag or anything but in the sixteen or so years Iíve been working I can probably say Iíve called in sick under ten times. Especially now because Iíve been working from home a little over two years. I just try not to take advantage of doing so unless Iím legitimately not feeling well. I called in after seeing The Force Awakens as I had decided to wait in line at the theater and it was a long day/night and I didnít feel like going in (thatís when I had to go to an office for work).
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Re: Skipping work

I got a lot of days off when I was working and we had to use the excess vacation days by the end of August each year so I made sure I used them all. And, yeah, when I didn't feel like going in--for whatever reason--I called in sick. At a certain point, though, when I knew I was planning to retire but still hadn't told anybody, I learned that if we didn't use our sick days or our core group of holdover vacation days (45) for a full year before retirement, we would get those back in the form of continued paychecks for six months after our retirement date. Hell yeah! Nobody noticed that I hadn't taken a sick day in nearly a year and only took the vacation days I would lose after August. If they had, they might have figured it out before I eventually informed my boss two months before my planned retirement date.
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Re: Skipping work

Originally Posted by DJariya View Post

I've done it a few times in my career. I've had no guilt doing it. One time I called out to spend a nice day hanging out with my sister.
Hey, I called out a few times to hang out with your sister too!
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Re: Skipping work

I've been solo or working with a trainee for the last two years. Before that, my co-worker did the bare minimum that kept him from being fired. So I always show up.

One nice day last summer, half the production shift called in sick. The company would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and maybe a big customer, if the process were stopped halfway through and discarded. There was a mad scramble to get someone, anyone to come into work to finish the job.

Last Saturday, things were slow, so I left after only three hours. The trainee could handle the last nine hours.
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Re: Skipping work

It's really rare but there's some days when I have something going on and it's just better for me to let them know i won't be working that day. I need to pay attention to what I'm doing at work and if I can't focus - the results would be far worse than my taking the day off. But I'd say I do that only maybe like once a year.. I make sure to smatter around PTO days in advance so I can keep my reliability up.
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Re: Skipping work

Iíve never done that. Only had 3 sick days in my whole working career.

I want to make that money!

But most of my days off come from vacation time off and state holidays, so I get my fair share of relaxation.
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Re: Skipping work

Yep, sometimes I just need a day to clear my head and to get away from people. I don't do it often, maybe once a year.
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Re: Skipping work

Yes, rarely. I think the new moniker "Mental Health day" should be used by employers for such times. Perhaps allow 3 or so days per year, no questions asked. Promoting Our Employees' Mental Health!

Decades ago they would have called it "mental hygiene" but I guess that phrase is no longer PC. Blast those PCers!
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Re: Skipping work

At 0:45 thereís some great advice about skipping work.
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Re: Skipping work

You got me Mabuse, I clicked on the video....worth a chuckle or two.
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Re: Skipping work

Got me, too.

I had more than my fair share of mental health days like this in high school. Just overloaded and didn't want to go. I excelled in everything I did so my parents never put up a fuss about it, neither did faculty.

I've always enjoyed my work enough that I don't really feel tempted to do this. I took a few lazier work days here and there in my first job out of college but I also didn't really have oversight and I realized pretty quickly I needed to be accountable to myself if no one was going to hold me accountable there.

These days, I don't feel the temptation to take a mental health day on a whim. I'm the boss now and I love it, even when it's stressful. I even work from home one day a week and get an extraordinary amount of stuff done. I do schedule vacations and think ahead to when I know I'll need to decompress. Some vacation days are with family stuff and some are planned "mental health days," but not really in the spontaneous way some are describing. I think a part of it is with young kids, I never know when I'll need to stay home with them or stay home myself because I caught whatever they got and I could see it easily happen where I'd spontaneously take a mental health day and the next day or two I'm home with the kids and get zero done that week. I do plan to schedule a day or two off soon to occur before the end of the year. Took a week of vacation in August, otherwise I've been going full bore since June. It's good to take time for yourself, though. For me, even that gets planned, though.

Last fall was pretty rough, and I got the closest I've had to just not coming in to work. My boss was stressed out about big picture stuff and, in my opinion, projected that onto people in unhealthy ways. Looking back, and with unsolicited comments months later from other people we worked with, I received the brunt of it and it was obvious to everyone. In their eyes, I couldn't do anything right, apparently, and no matter how successful the success, all we did was talk about mistakes or things that could have gone better. October got really bad, to the point they were just mean and I was stuck where I was without the opportunity to move on anytime soon, so I scheduled a mental health break. I took an extra 3-4 days off, a year ago this week in fact, under the guise of it being to be with my kids for their school fall break. Really, I needed a break from my boss. I got every project done or found stable coverage and was 100% confident to take a few off which I did and it felt amazing.

The next week, it was worse than ever. The boss micro-managed after the fact, armchair quarterbacking everything I'd done to prepare to be gone. It all went well and they still took issue with my not being there to oversee things myself. I even had a major, and I mean major, project go off without a hitch - the best it had ever been - and the next day I was cornered in private just minutes before the staff Halloween party and I was ripped to shreds over something else entirely, a real mountain out of a molehill kind of thing (again, lots of projection going on). When I said I don't appreciate how they were talking to me, I was yelled at in a way I've not been yelled at by a fellow adult I'm not related to before, that was a first. I skipped the staff party and took the rest of that day off and the next day was Halloween so when the boss tried to apologize by email (gross and insufficient) I said thanks, I'm taking that day off to be fully present with my kids.

I'd never had to take a break from a boss before but I did. The way they treated me (and others) wore on me and it was starting to rub off at home and that's where I had to draw the line and take a break. After that incident and some time away, things weren't as bad as what happened but really, they didn't get great for the next few weeks and it never really fully recovered. Later that fall at a one on one meeting I sat my boss down and explained what I would and what I would not put up with from here on out. They apologized about the incident and meant it, then got defensive on other stuff, and I realized that was the best I'd get. That didn't make everything magically better, but it did take away their bite and while there were areas I needed to improve we were able to talk about them alongside other things going amazingly well. I admit, I entered countdown mode pretty quickly after that and I consciously did everything I could to not let that show and when I announced my departure, people were genuinely shocked, so I guess I pulled off my inner emotions well.

The one thing I walked away from in all of that? How not to be a manager. Now I'm the boss and my new staff really like me and we're doing well. Ran a staff retreat a week ago and people said they had a wonderful time, the best they've had after some real clunkers. A few years back, the staff were picking on each other so bad during the retreat that somebody was immediately fired out of it, so really, I would have had to screw up royally for them not to like it. Still, it felt good to know we're on the right track. It's good to be at work, these days. And no one's taken a mental health day from me... as far as I know!

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Re: Skipping work

I used to have a boss who took a lot, and somehow I ended up taking a lot too. Now I don’t take many but if I just can’t deal I will sometimes take one. I get 12 days a year and we have no cap on how many sick we can accrue so I have around 300 hours sick. Now my 24 vacation and 1 personal day I use.

They aren’t actually allowed to ask me why I’m taking a sick day.
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Re: Skipping work

Ive skipped work a few times at my old job, but with my job now as long as I meet my deadline I get paid for the project and I contract to studios so I dont have a need to anymore.
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Re: Skipping work

Originally Posted by MLBFan24 View Post
Iíve never done that. Only had 3 sick days in my whole working career.

I want to make that money!

But most of my days off come from vacation time off and state holidays, so I get my fair share of relaxation.
I think that three is my number too. Once for the flu, once for food poisoning, and once for being snowed in.
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Re: Skipping work

Skipping at work is a great way to lose weight and tone those office muscles.

I support skipping at work.
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Re: Skipping work

I take them. I get four weeks of vacation per year and that's the most my company gives anyone, even people who've been there for decades, so I figure part of my sick leave can be earmarked for my sanity.

For what it's worth, I have a great job that I love with people who work well together. It's been a great twelve years, the most I've spent with any company, and I hope to hang out till retirement, which is 8-13 years away depending on whether I do it at 62 or 67. One of the five people in my group is about to retire November 1; another one is going to retire next year but also be off on disability a large part of 2020 due to surgeries she wants done while she still has regular insurance; another one is semi-retired and only works a few hours a fortnight; and my supervisor, the youngest next to me, is 61 and will probably be out the door in the next couple of years too. I am doing everything I can to market myself as a kind of clerical troubleshooter because I'm not at all sure what will happen to my department after all these 40-year-and-more-tenured people are gone. So if I need a day off to hold my head in my hands and whimper every now and then, I figure I'm entitled.
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Re: Skipping work

One place I worked at for a short time, would have VTO (voluntary time off) when things were slow. If you took it, you wouldn't lose points just pay. I always took it, when offered, because I had my military retirement to make up the pay loss.

To me, mental health is worth losing money.
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Re: Skipping work

It happens and maybe most of us don't have any regret of it. Yes, sometimes, we want to ignore the important work or jobs. However, this situation is fine for 1 or 2 days but it shouldn't prolong.
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Re: Skipping work

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Re: Skipping work

I never took a day off from school except when I had strep throat in Junior High. I was at my job for 35 years before I took a sick day. I was so burned out the last few years that I took three days off in the final five years when I wasn't really sick. I finally had enough and "retired" to live off my 401K until I can get Social Security.

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