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Does your work block certain websites?

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Re: Does your work block certain websites?

Not as much as I would think. I know they record everything and although I haven't heard of anyone getting in trouble I'm not going to risk it. That said even Netflix and Hulu are opened. I guess it's also probably more for the guests. One thing they do block is anything game related. They recently started blocking gaming servers so anything like Clash of Clans etc got the ban hammer which was sad, so I ended up dropping those games altogether.
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Re: Does your work block certain websites?

Oh and lotto websites are blocked too. I guess they don't want anyone winning the lotto and instantly quitting.
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Re: Does your work block certain websites?

I am a contractor at a .gov facility. They seem to have found a good balance in their blocking. I've never had a problem getting to sites I need to, or, during lunch / dinner breaks, getting to news, social media, etc.
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Re: Does your work block certain websites?

At my old work place there were some sights banned but it seemed random. I was looking up pubs and breweries for an event and suddenly some were banned. My boss once asked me if I knew what The Drudge Report because one of our employees was on it all day, every day. I was in a high up position so maybe they were confiding in me or maybe it was a very passive-aggressive way of telling me they also noticed I have a DVDTalk tab open all day, every day. After that, I started using my phone and network connection for most personal items.

When the boss had some challenge managing well in my last year there, though, I read blogs about dealing with a challenging manager with impunity on my work computer and thought, well, they're welcome to fall me on that all they want, maybe it could lead to a good discussion.

Now I'm the boss at my new work place and I had a big meeting with our IT contract firm. Turns out we have no restrictions whatsoever on either our internal wifi network or the guest network. He talked about measurements you can put in place and how we might think about liability if people use our network for this and that, but he didn't pursue it much.

So now, I suppose I could make changes if I want to, but I have never thought through what sites I'd even block. I mean, couldn't people just use their phones, like I did? I'll think about it but it's a low priority right now in this new position.
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