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The Florida Man Challenge.

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The Florida Man Challenge.

Old 03-21-19, 08:16 PM
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The Florida Man Challenge.

If there was ever an event for us otters, it's the new internet crazy called the Florida Man Challenge. Enter your birthday and the term Florida Man into Google and see what the headlines were for a Florida Man on your birthday. Click on the link below for more information.

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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

A 71-year-old Florida man tied a gun to a weather balloon to fake his own murder, police say
Old 03-21-19, 08:36 PM
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

I got the most recent pipe bomb guy, by way of a frickin spokane newspaper. the game is both broken and awesome

ps i didn't follow the link
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

I got (for August 17):FL man arrested with two cans of fart spray

That's from 2018. The one from 2016 is rather disturbing:Zombie drugs? Florida man stabs couple, eats dead man's face in 'random' attack

That story was as weird as you'd think:
Austin Harrouff, a 19-year-old FSU student, is accused of attacking a Florida couple at random, killing both and eating one of the victim's faces.

Four years after a Miami "cannibal" was caught eating another man's face, a similar zombie-like attack has been reported near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Police say Austin Harrouff, 19, fatally stabbed a couple at "random" outside their house and wounded their neighbor Monday night. When police arrived, he was biting chunks of the dead man's face off, according to the Miami Herald. The newspaper reports a stun gun and K-9 dog were initially unable to stop him from continuing to attempt to eat the victim. Four deputies eventually pried him off and arrested him. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said Harrouff, a former high school football defensive lineman and wrestler, may have been on hallucinogenic drugs when he attacked Michelle Mishcon, 53, and John Stevens, 59, in Tequesta, Fla. Less than a hour earlier, his family said he stormed off from dinner at a nearby restaurant, apparently agitated by slow service. There's no evidence Harrouff knew the couple, who owned a lawn service and enjoyed boating in the affluent community, leaving authorities baffled.

"It's inexplicable," Snyder told the Associated Press. "One of the first things we try to do at a crime scene is try to understand the motive of the offender, because it is the motive of the offender that gets us going in the right direction. In this case, we can't establish a motive. It's 'I don't know.'" Snyder said 47-year-old neighbor Jeff Fisher called 911 to report the attack, which allegedly began in the garage where the couple was said to enjoy sitting at night. Fisher said Harrouff had stabbed him with a knife -- five times, according to Fisher's father -- but he is expected to survive. Snyder told the AP late Tuesday that Harrouff is being held under guard at a hospital, where he may not survive. Harrouff suffered bruises, dog bites and cuts as deputies tried to subdue him with a stun gun. Harrouff, a sophomore majoring in exercise science at Florida State University, had no criminal record. Police said his blood is being tested for evidence of flakka or bath salts, "which are known to cause what we call the excited delirium." Bath salts, a synthetic drug, were blamed in similar zombie-like attacks in 2012 and 2013. According to the AP, flakka had a brief burst in popularity in late 2014 and 2015, primarily in South Florida, but its usage quickly waned after stories circulated about users' deaths and mental breakdowns, plus a crackdown in Chinese manufacturing. A lawyer for Harrouff told NBC he was working at home for the summer and declined to speculate on the possible drug use. "There are mental health issues that will have to be investigated here, we don't know if anything is going to show up on toxicology reports, there's a lot of unknowns and unanswered questions and things we may never know," attorney Michelle Suskauer said. A former teammate at Suncoast Community High School said he couldn't believe Harrouff would attack someone. Matt Dame, a quarterback currently at Columbia University, told The Palm Beach Post that coaches were frustrated with Harrouff's aggression, even at 6-feet tall and 200 pounds. "The coaches would always try to get him mad and play angry, and he never had it in him. I didn't think he would hurt a fly," Dame said.

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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Florida man dies in e-cigarette explosion, police say

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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Searching for Dec. 24th(story from 2015):

‘Time traveling’ Florida man crashes car into building

A man who told police he wanted to "time travel" crashed his Dodge Challenger into a a strip mall on North Davis Highway in Pensacola earlier this week.

The vehicle sped through the traffic light at the intersection of North Davis Highway and West Fairfield Drive at approximately 10:50 a.m., and traveled through the front entrance of Advance Tax Services. The car barreled through the center of the building, coming to a stop outside the double doors at the building's rear entrance.
Searching using full birthdate (Dec. 24th 1975) pulls up a wiki page for:
Tommy Zeigler case refers to the murders of four people in Winter Garden, Florida on December 24, 1975, in which thirty-year-old Tommy Zeigler was charged for the quadruple murder of his wife, her parents, and another man at his family owned furniture store.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

My two favorites for my birthday, both from last year:

Florida man arrested for having sex with miniature horse on multiple occasions, deputies say


Police: Florida man stored stolen gear in car with dead alligators

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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Florida man chopped up roommate's body with hunting knife, police say


Police say a Florida man confessed to killing and dismembering his roommate, who was reported missing last month.

NBC 2 reports Eric Dacosta, 52, was arrested after he confessed to killing his roommate Paul Darmetko, 42, of Fort Lauderdale whose body was found at the Dinner Island Ranch Wildlife Management Area in Hendry County on Oct. 7.

Dacosta told police Darmetko was mentally ill and had gone into a rage and threatened to kill him. He had made similar threats to kill Dacosta and Darmetko's ex-wife in the past, Dacosta said, according to police.

Police said fired one round from a .22 caliber Ruger handgun, hitting Darmetko in the back of the head. Then he placed a plastic bag over his head and tied it shut with a belt.

Dacosta then took a hunting knife and cut his roommate's body into pieces, then placed his body parts into plastic bags, which he dumped at the wildlife preserve.

He later told police he probably could have left the home safely without killing Darmetko.

Further information was not immediately available.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

This just happened yesterday, but it grabbed March 1 at the end.

Florida man accused of beating his father to death while out at sea

Hickok has past arrests for domestic violence, battery and aggravated assault. He was most recently released from prison on March 1 for drug possession.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Florida Man Arrested After He Attempted to Pay for His McDonald's Order With Weed

I would rather have gotten brainee's "fart spray" one.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

This is how the country reacted on the day I was born:



The Nuclear Attack That Wasn't: February 20, 1971

February 20, 2015

Most adults can remember those ubiquitous tests of the Emergency Broadcast System on television and radio: “This is a test. This is only a test.”

Forty-four years ago today, however, it was not a test. It was the real thing… or so it seemed.

Established in 1963 by the Federal Communications Commission and the Office of Civil Defense, the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) was designed to transmit an Emergency Action Notification (EAN), on all broadcast stations – television and radio – allowing the government to communicate swiftly and directly with the American people in the event of a national emergency.

In the event of an emergency, such as an attack upon the United States, an ENA would be initiated by the National Warning Center, located at, by not managed by, North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) at Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Using the teletype circuits of United Press International and the Associated Press, the National Warning Center would transmit an Attention Signal (at alternating frequencies of 853 and 960 Hz, for technophiles) to decoders at relay stations that would activate an alarm, alerting station operators of an incoming emergency message. The message was accompanied by a code word, to be verified by the individual relay stations. Each station would then transmit the Attention Signal on the air and rebroadcast the emergency message. Code words were changed daily, and the EBS was tested twice a week to assure preparedness, but only at scheduled times, to prevent misunderstandings.

Or so it was thought.

At 9:33 AM EST on Saturday, February 20, 1971, at the commencement of a scheduled test, a teletype operator at the National Warning Center inadvertently fed the incorrect tape into the teletype transmitter, sending out an emergency message to 5,000 radio and 800 television stations across the United States. The message was accompanied by the authenticator “hatefulness”, that day’s code not for a test, but for an actual national emergency.

The teletype message read:




20 FEB
And thus began what one radio announcer later remembered as “my longest five minutes in radio.” (You can hear an archived aircheck of that announcer, Bob Sievers, broadcasting the EAN on WOWO, Fort Wayne, Indiana, here.)

There was chaos and confusion in the nation’s newsrooms. No one had ever seen an actual Emergency Activation Authentication before. The fact that the message came at the same time as a scheduled test added to the confusion. (As one New York radio station manager was quoted anonymously, "If the Russians want to attack us, they should do it at 9:33 on a Saturday morning.") Others argued that an actual emergency alert was supposed to be preceded by ten bells on the teletype; this alert had followed only three bells. While hundreds of radio and television stations followed the instructions and went off the air immediately after broadcasting an EAN message, many more did not.

The alert revealed system-wide weaknesses in the EBS. Many stations did not know the correct procedure; others chose to check first if other stations in their area had gone off the air before deciding whether to follow the alert. Some stations couldn’t find the authentication word on their lists; others couldn’t even find their lists. Some stations failed even to receive the alert at all. The White House Communication Center fielded dozens of calls from radio and television stations looking for confirmation of the alert. The White House could only say it knew nothing of the erroneous message but likewise had no knowledge of an actual emergency.

Staff of stations that had followed through and broadcast the emergency alert, however, were seriously on edge.

David Skinner, news director of radio station WEVA in Emporia, Virginia, recalled, “I thought I was going to have a heart attack trying to open that damned envelope [containing the authentication codes]. I haven’t felt that way since John Kennedy was killed.”

Station manager Chuck Kelly of Brazil, Indiana’s WWCM, told a reporter, “I saw the authenticated message and thought, ‘My God, it’s December 7 all over again.’”

Larry Best of KXEL in Waterloo, Iowa, gave this account: “I knew it [the test] was coming through. But I didn’t pay much attention to it until I went to rip it off the wire. Then I noticed the message authenticator. It was the right one all right. It kind of shook us up a little. We immediately left the air and went into the instructions for emergency programming and played the tape we have of it. Immediately, in seconds, all three telephones in the office were jingling like mad.”

Many of those listening to or watching stations that responded to the “national emergency” were terrified. Wherever word of the alert message was broadcast, people panicked. According to United Press International, police, radio and television stations across the United States received thousands of calls from people asking what the national emergency was.

Fairly quickly after the emergency alert was sent out, the National Warning Center realized the error. A message was sent saying: THIS IS THE NATIONAL WARNING CENTER – CANCEL EAN TAPE SENT AT 9:33 EST. Since the message did not include a code word, though, conscientious stations were obligated to ignore the retraction.

At 9:59 EST the National Warning Center tried again, using the code word “hatefulness.” However, since “hatefulness” was the code word to initiate emergency action, not conclude it, many stations again ignored the message.

At 10:13 EST, 40 minutes after the initial emergency alert had been transmitted, the Center found the right formula, issuing a retraction along with the day’s correct authenticator to cancel action, "impish."

President Nixon declined to comment on the incident, but the Pentagon released a statement placing the blame solely on the Office of Civil Defense, overseers of the National Warning Center. The Center’s own investigation concluded that it was simple human error. It seems that the tapes, for both tests and actual emergencies, had been hung side-by-side on pegs in front of the teletype operator at the NWC, almost begging for the wrong tape to be pulled and transmitted.

Sometimes mistakes just happen, was the conclusion. It’s hard to disagree. Thankfully, for most of us, our mistakes don’t portend World War III.

Minor procedural changes were made in the EBS, and the emergency alert tapes were separated out and hung in a cabinet some feet away from the teletype so that deliberate action had to be made to retrieve them. No heads rolled, no one was fired or punished. The teletype operator on duty that day was a 15-year Civil Defense veteran with an otherwise spotless record; he was exonerated.

The EBS was retired in January 1998 and replaced with the Emergency Alert System (EAS), which provides access to broadcast stations, cable systems and participating satellite programmers for the transmission of emergency messages. The EAS uses digital codes to activate decoders and send emergency warnings without the need for human interpretation.

For, as we all know, computers never make mistakes.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A Jacksonville man is the second Floridian to make headlines in recent weeks for suffering an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound that could wind up with jail time after a hospital stay. The most recent incident occurred Friday morning, sending that Jacksonville man to the hospital with an injury to his penis.Ironically, the first incident involved a man named Trigger, a Dollar General store and a shot to the ankle. That incident happened in Pasco County's Hudson on June 11.The Jacksonville incident reportedly occurred in the early morning hours June 30 when Cedrick Jelks, 38, accidentally sat on a gun that was in the driver's seat of his car, News4Jax reported. The gun fired, striking him in the penis.Jacksonville police were called to the hospital to investigate the shooting and learned what occurred, the station reported. Jelks reportedly underwent surgery. While his condition is not currently known, authorities say he may face charges related to having that gun in the first place. It seems he was convicted in the past on a drug-related charge, the station reported.

Interesting. He probably went to my hospital as well.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Florida man, 33, posed as housewife to lure men into home where he'd secretly film sex acts for web, cops say

hell,I'm just going to go with guilty without even seeing him dressed up as a housewife.


A South Florida man was sentenced to three years in prison Monday for taping himself having sex with at least 80 unsuspecting men to produce Internet porn videos, according to The Miami Herald
yeah i had to search.

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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

(not my birthday but funny)
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Florida Man With No Arms Charged With Stabbing Man With Scissors
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Originally Posted by grundle View Post
This is how the country reacted on the day I was born:
Pennsylvania man cannot understand thread topic
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Ah, I see you share the same birthday (July 11) as my brother. I looked his up and was immediately jealous Your #2 July 11 Florida Man story is really good too:

Florida man, 72, tries to mow down neighbor with tractor during dispute, cops say

Video clip of the low speed attempted murder is hilarious.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Florida Man Climbs on Playground Equipment to Tell Children Where Babies Come From
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Deputies: Florida man punched, squeezed life out of baby

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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Florida man, 71, accused of repeatedly exposing himself at eateries
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Originally Posted by wendersfan View Post
Pennsylvania man cannot understand thread topic

It was nevertheless a fascinating article.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Originally Posted by TheBigDave View Post
Florida man, 71, accused of repeatedly exposing himself at eateries
My wife got the exact same one.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.


Florida man dressed like Fred Flintstone pulled over in his ‘footmobile’


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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

I tried this, all the results I got were descriptions of the challenge.
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Re: The Florida Man Challenge.

Florida man yells ‘murderers!’ as he’s executed for slaying

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