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is eating a chore?

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Re: is eating a chore?

Dang. Just for that I'd gift them a Jerky of the Month subscription.
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Re: is eating a chore?

Originally Posted by tasha99 View Post
And Escolar . . . well, it's delicious. I like it and will eat it if they give it to me, but get a little judgmental about it at the same time (why are they serving this fish to me? Yes, it's good, but why didn't the chef make a different choice? It's not even legal in Japan as far as I know.)
Oh I agree, it is absolutely delicious. And yes, it is illegal in Japan, which I think is a bit overboard, as it doesn't cause any long lasting health effects, just an unfortunate intestinal issue for those susceptible. But I agree that it's kind of sleazy for restaurants to sell it as a kind of fish that it is not (for example as "white tuna", it's not tuna at all). A restaurant with a Japanese sushi chef would likely never serve it, but all the sushi restaurants here that are not Japanese run, forget it, white tuna or butter fish is going to be escolar. But I know that going in, I see "white tuna" on the menu of a non-Japanese sushi restaurant and I'll still order it, it doesn't effect me negatively, it's delicious, so I'm fine with it. I just feel bad for the people that pig out on it after they are told it's "tuna" even though it's not anywhere close to that.

Originally Posted by milo bloom View Post
I'm close to it for breakfast. If I eat too early after waking up, it can go right through me especially if it's something like eggs and such, so I've taken to keeping Clif bars in my desk at work and eating one after I've been there a half hour.
Oh yeah, that's the worst time for me to eat a heavy meal, my digestive system is just waking up, I'm not going cram it full of food at that point, especially stuff like eggs and bacon. Ugh!

Originally Posted by tanman View Post
One thing I totally do not get is the name! Seriously had no one seen Soylent Green? That couldn't have been a coincidence could it? As much thought as people put into naming products and the millions of dollars associated with it no one did a simple google search?
That's exactly why they called it Soylent. I give them movie geek points just for that.

Originally Posted by AGuyNamedMike View Post
For those of you just looking for an easy meal replacement with actual complete nutrition, check out Huel powder. It's oats, peas, flaxseed, and brown rice plus vitamins and aminos. You shake it up with water or almond milk and drink.

It's not a diet thing or an energy thing or any of that "life-changing" bullshit, it's just a meal replacement for when you don't have the time or inclination to go get or prepare a meal for yourself.
Hey, thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try as an occasional meal replacement.
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Re: is eating a chore?

Originally Posted by skywalker8 View Post

Thatís what itís named after.
It started as just a guy trying to life hack eating and nutrition.
But...but....Soylent green is people!
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Re: is eating a chore?

Originally Posted by TGM View Post
I don't feel like I necessarily enjoy eating/food as much as others, and find eating/preparing food more of a hassle than its worth, and would be just as happy ingesting a pill three times a day and giving up the "deliciousness of food" if it meant I was getting enough nutrients to keep me healthy and prevent me from getting obese. Does anybody else feel the same?
Supplying your body in the form of a pill or a drink is boring.

You got to have a love for cooking. Some find it a task to pull the pans and the pots. Not me. I love my cooking. I have fast simple dishes that I can cook quick to knock down hunger.

I eat plenty of fish every week. Easy to prepare. Not time consuming at all.
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