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Rental car

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Rental car

Heading to LA and Disney next week. We want to rent a fun car so we thought we’d grab a charger or a convertible. Why when you reserve it says “Dodge Challenger” or similar...”convertible mustang” or similar? If I were just picking it up I get it but reserving in advance why would I not get the car that I choose?
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Re: Rental car

this is why

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4T2GmGSNvaM" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Re: Rental car

I recently traveled for business and asked for a Honda or Toyota (since I'm most comfortable driving those). I get there and they gave me a red Charger.

I was a little nervous driving something like that being out of state, but it was nice how that baby could move when you dropped the hammer.

The time after that, I asked for Honda or Toyota and got...a Corolla.
So I think it just depends on what they have available.
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Re: Rental car

Just buy a Charger on Craigslist then sell it a week later for the same price. Sure there are taxes and licensing and registration and other things but it's the thought that counts.
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Re: Rental car

I rent a vehicle frequently/infrequently for work ... I say it that way because I go through spells where I get fed up and quit for a period.

I've lobbied for my employer to put me in a monthly rental if they want me in a rental (vs. paying me mileage). When I rent on a day-to-day basis, I waste so much time screwing around with the rental car company and then loading/unloading my stuff.

40% of the time they do not have the car ready.

40% of the time they don't have a car at all.

90% of the time I do not get what I reserved. Sometimes it works in my favor, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time I am not picky, so I don't really care what they put me in. However, there are times when I need a larger vehicle (minivan/SUV) for an event and this becomes an issue when they try to put me in a compact. The last few times I have driven long distance and wanted something economical they have put me in a full size pick-up truck.

Once they gave me a 15 passenger van because it was all they had. I made them throw in a tank of gas that time. I asked if they could come up with anything bigger, ... for a while it became a running joke where they would offer me an aircraft carrier when I went in.

I've had Chargers, Jeeps, a Volkswaagen Bug, a BMW (it was one they were selling, but they didn't have anything and the guy wasn't coming for a few days) ... there is no logic.

Unfortunately the main branch I use has frequent staff turnover. Just about the time I get somebody trained and develop a relationship ... he/she is gone.
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Re: Rental car

^ Abob, that's very useful information which I've filed away for future reference.

Note to self: Never, ever rent a car if I can possibly avoid it! Damn what a runaround. Is it really *that* bad with rentals these days??!! 90% of the time you don't get what you reserved?? Damn...
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Re: Rental car

I would agree with ^. I recommend not renting if you can avoid it.

I do feel sorry for the folks there though. I can only imagine the nightmare that the logistics of their business can be — let alone the nightmare the customers can be. Many years ago I worked in video stores renting video tapes to people ... I can’t imagine renting them cars.

One thing that I have learned is that their system is jacked up in this regard: the store is penalized in its performance if it has cars sitting on the lot (not making money). They are NOT penalized for not fulfilling reservations or for turning away business.

That is for a certain company we’ll call “Roddenberry’s Rides.”
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Re: Rental car

I rent a car for work once or twice a year, will occasionally rent a car personally to take a long weekend trip. I either get the class I rented or I get upgraded to a higher class. I have never been screwed over. I don't rent at peak times (Holidays)

Most time i hear people complain they get some oddball vehicle (pickup truck or passenger van) when they just rented a standard or midsize sedan they are usually dealing with a SMALL location for the rental agency and they simply don't have a large stock of vehicles on hand ever.

I have found that larger airport rental locations (ones I deal with mostly are Dulles Airport in VA, Atlanta GA, and San Diego) almost always have the car I rented (non-holiday peak) or will upgrade me rather than downgrade.

If National car rental is at the location I am renting from, I will always use them. My company has some deal with them and I always get treated well. For example, I had landed in San Diego late one night, National had a dozen + cars for my rental class on the lot, I made some joke comment to the guy working the counter about getting a bigger car because I am a big guy, he said sure no problem and bumped me a class for no real reason.

Nothing you can do if they just don't have a car, but if you are dealing with a location that has inventory, you can always ask nicely for whatever you want, it has worked out really well for me. Rent from the larger places if you can

As to why car rental companies can't seem to be more accurate, I will never understand. People rent cars for a specific # of days, they should now when the cars are coming back. Maybe they double book due to a lot of cancellations? not sure

The only thing they can't predict is if someone wrecks a car. I had rented a car last month for work, when I returned it the counter guy said can we walk out and look at the car together or are you in a hurry, I said no hurry lets go look, as we walked to the car he said the last 3 cars he had returned had damage and were taken out of service for repairs, he wanted to make sure mine was not damaged as now he was short on cars, so that I understand.
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Re: Rental car

Agreed. I rent cars between 8-10 times per year for work and personal travel and can honestly say that I cannot recall having ever been downgraded. I have either been upgraded or offered a choice for an alternate vehicle (often a minivan) on many occasions, especially with Enterprise.
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Re: Rental car

I've only rented a car maybe four different times on vacation (but two of those times were in Orlando) and I've never had an issue with getting the type of car I reserved...then again, I'm always getting a 4-door sedan - never a sports car or SUV.

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