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Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

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Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

Linky: https://www.yahoo.com/news/fair-game...151702814.html

Fair game? Three suspected poachers eaten by lions on South Africa reserve
Agence France-Presse,The Telegraph 1 hour 48 minutes ago - Thurs 7/5/2018

At least three suspected poachers who were apparently hunting for rhinos have been mauled to death and eaten by lions on a game reserve in South Africa, the owner said on Thursday.

The men entered the Sibuya Game Reserve on the southeast coast armed with a high-powered rifle and an axe in the early hours of Monday and were found dismembered the following day.

"They strayed into a pride of lions - it's a big pride so they didn't have too much time," reserve owner Nick Fox, 60, told AFP news agency. "We're not sure how many there were - there's not much left of them."

"There seems to be clothing for three people. I've not heard of it before in our area."

Police forensics officers were on the scene conducting tests on the remains of the victims, Mr Fox added.

"We went in yesterday - I got our vet to dart [anaesthetise] all the lions," he said. I think we had a stroke of luck here that the lions got to them before they got to the rhinos."
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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

Good. Less poachers and more fed lions is a win/win.
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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

They shouldn’t have been lion around.
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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

Nature finds a way. Good for the lions!
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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

According to Herald Live, the remains were found alongside a hunting rifle with a silencer attached, a long axe and wire cutters – equipment commonly used by rhino poachers.

Six lions in the area were tranquillised on Wednesday, as police patrolled the area to establish if there weren’t any more poachers.

“On Wednesday morning, investigators and specialists combed the scene and managed to retrieve remains which were taken by the department of health for forensic testing,” police spokesperson Captain Mali Govender said.

However, Govender could not confirm whether or not the man – whose identity is yet unknown – was a poacher.

“The firearm has been taken by police and will be sent to the ballistics laboratory to establish if it has been used in any other poaching or crimes.”

Eastern Cape – a hotbed for rhino poaching

According to conservation group, Save The Rhino, poaching incidents in South Africa have increased drastically in recent years, with 2014 recording an astounding 1215 incidents – a steep climb, considering that only 13 rhinos were killed just seven years prior in 2007.

The numbers have ever-so-slightly declined, but remain high, as last year recorded 1028 incidents of rhino poaching.

In total, over 7000 rhino have been killed in South Africa over the past decade.

Owner Nick Fox, 60, said: “We found enough body parts and three pairs of empty shoes which suggest to us that the lions ate at least three of them but it is thick bush and there could be more.

“They came heavily armed with hunting rifles and axes which we have recovered and enough food to last them for several days so we suspect they were after all of our rhinos here.

“But the lions are our watchers and guardians and they picked the wrong pride and became a meal.”

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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

Great! Munch... Munch... Munch...
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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

Originally Posted by Noonan View Post
Good. Less poachers and more fed lions is a win/win.
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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

Going to parachute a care package to those great lions:

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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

Great news, and a very fitting end for these pieces of garbage. Poachers are scum of the fucking earth. It's one thing to hunt animals for food because you need to survive; but, quite another to kill them for money.

I hope all poachers meet this same fate. Fuck them.

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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

little late night snack, dummies.. sheesh!
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Re: Lions Fatally Maul Rhino Poachers

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