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Mom died

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Re: Mom died

Best wishes to you in this trying time.
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Re: Mom died

I am so sorry for your loss. It's okay to cry.
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Re: Mom died

So sorry for your loss, Jim.
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Re: Mom died

My condolences, Jim. As you said, it's for the best, but nevertheless hard to grapple with emotionally.
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Re: Mom died

Went through that with my mom so I feel for you. It's a strange mixture of sadness and relief (she's finally free of pain). My condolences to you and your family.
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Re: Mom died

Sorry for your loss. Glad she's at peace. My mom had Alzheimer's and I know how horrible it can be.
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Re: Mom died

Sorry for you loss Jim.

Originally Posted by JimRochester View Post
I take solace in the knowledge that she is finally at peace. She is once again with my father holding hands and she is no longer encumbered by her body that had given her so many problems. I still cry for my loss but it's a selfish cry. I cry for me because she is truly better off.
Yeah, when my Mother died that's exactly what gave me my Peace.
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Re: Mom died

So sorry for your loss. Can't imagine the suffering of seeing a parent go through Alzheimer's. I lost my Mom last August to a stroke/heart attack in a matter of 3 days.
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Re: Mom died

Jim, I feel for you, man. I know it isn't easy, but you're absolutely right to focus on the fact that she is no longer suffering.
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Re: Mom died

No matter the circumstances, it's still tough when they do go. I can attest to that with both my parents.

R.I.P. to your mom Jim.
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Re: Mom died

Cry away, my friend.

So sorry to hear...
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Re: Mom died

I'm sorry for your loss, but glad your mom has found peace. :-(
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Re: Mom died

My condolences to you and your family.
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Re: Mom died

So sorry Jim, thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
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Re: Mom died

Jim, I'm sorry to hear about your mom, that's sad news. You and your family are in my prayers. May you feel the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit in the days ahead. Please send me a PM if you'd like prayer or to talk about it.
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Re: Mom died

Dang, really sorry for your loss.
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Re: Mom died

Very sorry, Jim. Sounds like it's been a pretty rough road.
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Re: Mom died

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Jim. Take comfort in the knowledge she's in a better place. Seeing a loved one struggle with their health over several years is a draining experience, one that I wouldn't wish on anyone.
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Re: Mom died

My condolences to you and yours, Jim. Even though it's been well over a decade, I still remember the feeling of losing my mother.

I'm glad you can take solace in the fact that she's suffering no longer. It doesn't make things easier for you to deal with, but it is so much easier to not have to watch her suffer so much each day.
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Re: Mom died

so sorry JR. she is definitely feeling good and in a better place.
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Re: Mom died

My condolences for your loss.
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Re: Mom died

Even though I lost my mom in '88, the memory of her passing is still fresh. I was there when she collapsed from a brain aneurysm, everything that made her who she was, was gone in an instant, and there was nothing that I or anyone else could do. I still mourn her loss, as if it was just recent. The pain will fade with time, but the memory of my (your) mother will be with me (you) until I (you) am (are) gone. Be comforted that your mom is in a better place, Jim. As others have said, I am so sorry for your loss.
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Re: Mom died

I'm so sorry for your loss man. I lost my mom about 18 months ago and it's been one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with.

And I agree that it's good to cry. Take a moment, find a quiet place, take stock of how you're feeling, and let that shit out. I've seen people try to suppress their grief and then have it manifest itself in very ugly ways.
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Re: Mom died

My condolences Jim.
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Re: Mom died

Sorry to hear Jim. R.I.P.
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