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JimRochester 06-17-16 06:35 PM

Anyone subscribe to OnStar?
My free three month trial is up and I got the call trying to sell me on the service. The top of the line service is more than $300 a year. I have GPS so I don't need turn by turn. I have a phone so I don't need the 30 minutes. I have AAA so I don't need roadside. The only real benefit I see is if you get in an accident on some deserted road and can't use your phone, or if the car gets stolen. What am I missing? Who signs up for this when the services appear so redundant?

SmackDaddy 06-17-16 07:40 PM

Re: Anyone subscribe to OnStar?
I've never felt the need to extend the trial on the few GM cars I've owned. My roadside assistance is covered through AMA, and I can't see any value to anything else that OnStar offers.

VinVega 06-18-16 08:54 PM

Re: Anyone subscribe to OnStar?
Don't bother. It's not worth it.

General Zod 06-18-16 10:04 PM

Re: Anyone subscribe to OnStar?
From the vault..

movie diva 06-19-16 01:01 PM

Re: Anyone subscribe to OnStar?
I have OnStar, I use it to call out while driving, my car is not Bluetooth enabled and I like the reports that I get every month. I have just the basic service, I have used it 3-4 times to report an accidents, and last week there was a car on fire on the freeway, and I reported that.

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