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fumanstan 12-19-15 09:35 PM

Re: Are you happy with your life?

Originally Posted by Troy Stiffler (Post 12676377)
Today is my 32nd birthday. I've now been on this forum for more than half my life (plus 15 days). I need time to process this. It's not buy-a-shotgun-and-plastic-sheeting time yet (I'm courteous). But fuck. Something has to get better.

Happy Birthday! :)

hanshotfirst1138 12-28-15 10:06 PM

Originally Posted by rocket1312 (Post 12672323)
What exactly are you afraid of screwing up?

Well,'being a low-functioning man-child, half of the realities of adulthood which I should've handled a decade ago are still routed through my parents. Things like handling insurance, taxes, and you know ,other such things. The money is mine, mind. But they're doing lost of the heavy lifting. I still live off them like a parasite and don't pay for food, rent, utilities, and all of those other wonderful things in the adult world.

know you've mentioned aspergers before. Is it so bad that you question your ability to function out in the world?
I vapor lock when there are subtle changes in my routine at work, I don't like crowds, and don't Exactly have sterling social skills.

You seem like a smart enough guy and fairly self aware.
I am, but within my fairly small niche of life. Book smarts don't equate to functionality in the real world, and being able to cite statistics and data doesn't translate to marketable skills.

Assuming Livonia is where you actually live, I would think that between Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint, Toldeo, etc., there's got to be some other opportunities out there for you besides living at home and working at Wal-Mart.
My inane excuses about the economy aside, I have to imagine that there are.

When I referenced redoing my 20's I was speaking mostly about myself because that was the time in my life that I was unattached and free to do whatever, but instead I chose to stay put. It doesn't matter if you're 50, if there's nothing holding you back from making a change, there's no reason not to.
There's me. I'm the problem. Admitting that is a nice first step, but thereafter, I have to figure out how to fix it.

Unless you want to live with your parents for the rest of your life.
Yeah, well, they should've kicked me out. I'm certainly glad they didn't, but insulating myself in every way possible doesn't exactly help. They've certainly tried to push me, but I've always pushed back. What's the old joke? How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one. But the lightbulb has to really want to change.

Whiskey Warfield 12-30-15 09:54 PM

Re: Are you happy with your life?
I turn 47 tomorrow. I've done a lot in my life but I am in no way content, never mind "happy". I think this is normal for the most part, you always think you're gonna be the one to change the world when you're younger, then one day it's your 47th birthday and all you did was...what everyone else before you did. I was in a war, I got a daughter who is gorgeous, the end. Not much, not happy, but...something will go on after me that I was a piece of. Maybe that's all we're supposed to feel.

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