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Putting your Pet down.

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Re: Putting your Pet down.

Originally Posted by Osiris3657 View Post
I just didn't have the funds and felt horrible about it. I couldn't afford to find out if he could be returned to good health. I also didn't want him to suffer, so I made the heartbreaking decision to put him down. He was 16 or 17 years old. Holding him as he was injected was soul crushing, repeatedly told him I'm sorry. He's now buried in my backyard.

It still hurts that there was the possibility of being saved but not being able to afford it.

Did any of you (or would you) pay significant bills in the hopes of extending your pet's life? Take on debt or use savings?
So sorry for you - those decisions are incredibly difficult.
But imo it's all about quality of life, and a pet at 16 or 17, well that is a good lifespan.

The important thing is that you were there at the end.
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Re: Putting your Pet down.

Originally Posted by Goat3001 View Post
Don't be down on yourself, Osiris. You did everything you could do and there seems that they weren't even sure that he could be saved. Sorry about your loss, it's never easy but rest assured that you gave him a good life while you had him.
this. One of my babies is 13 and has a lump in her tummy. She is still eating and acting normal and I took her to the vet in December. The vet wanted to remove her mammary chain. I am not doing that to a senior kitty like that, it's not just the money even though I definitely would have to put that kind of thing on plastic.

Your boy had a good life and he was with the person who had loved him when he took his last breath. That means everything.
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Re: Putting your Pet down.

Originally Posted by Osiris3657 View Post
Did any of you (or would you) pay significant bills in the hopes of extending your pet's life? Take on debt or use savings?
Don't beat yourself up, you did the right thing and gave the gift of peace to your pet. The last dog we had to put down (I think I posted about it earlier in this thread) was a 14 year old Schnauzer whose health started deteriorating in various ways. We spent a few thousand dollars on extensive tests to try and pin down the cause of his issues and help him however we possibly could. Unfortunately, even after spending that amount of money for specialists to help possibly extend his life, there was really nothing identifiable for us to do and as his health deteriorated further, we made the decision to put him down. I still wrestle with whether it was the right thing to put him through all of those tests. Not because of the money - I'd have spent twice what we did if it would have helped somehow, but some of the tests were slightly invasive, some required putting him under anesthetic, etc and that was a lot to put him through at his age. There's a part of me that thinks we should have given him peace earlier and not put him through all of that. So I guess what I'm saying is, even if you have the money required to potentially prolong the life of your pet, it doesn't necessarily end up being the best thing for them.

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Re: Putting your Pet down.

Holy shit, my wife just told me about one of her friends experience this weekend. I want to find the vet and smack them around. Their dog had diabetes and was failing and the owner felt it was time to put her down. Took her to the Vet Saturday morning and the vet said she didn't think it was time and the dog was Ok for the moment. the dog progressively got worse and although the vet said they would come in to make arrangements for the dog, she basically ghosted my wife's frined. Refused to do it, as she liked the dog too much, and her friend ended up having to go to another vet on Sunday when they didn't return any messages. What a terrible way to treat an animal and person.

Personally we had an Airedale Terrier about 17 years back that had lymphoma. the vet referred us to a cancer clinic for dogs, the clinic said there was maybe a 10% chance the dog would live for 5 years with treatment. We spent thousands of dollars on treatment and we lost her within six months or so. We figured she would be special and be the one that made it but sadly we lost her. She was an alpha bitch that had trouble being around other dogs and actually lifted her leg to pee. But she was our first fur baby and we did everything we could for her.
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Re: Putting your Pet down.

a neighbor just spent $22K on a 7 month old puppy who came down with a resistant strain of pneumonia. Looks like they were successful.

we spent $6K a couple years ago for a 2 night hospital stay trying to save our 13 year old yellow lab from what we thought was a GI bleed but ultimately was hemangiosarcoma. We were not successful.
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Re: Putting your Pet down.

Had to put 11 year old cat down this saturday. Kidney disease. Very sad. I can't go into anymore detail since I'm at work and I don't want to cry at work.
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Re: Putting your Pet down.

Sorry for your loss Dave & Osiris.
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Re: Putting your Pet down.

Osiris3657, 16-17 years is a hell of a run. An outdoor stray cat will live about 3 years on the streets. You gave your cat 4 times that lifespan. A 16 year old cat with the best medical care is on borrowed time. Please don't beat yourself up over this. It's not about money, these little furballs only live so long. No medicine will make them live forever and it's so hard to let them go, but you did it and I'm proud of you for being there.
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