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Other Talk "Otterville" plus Religion/Politics

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Old 08-02-17, 11:37 AM   #126
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Re: Universal Studios Orlando

Personally I already miss the original Dueling Dragons (before it was Dragon Challenge). It was one of the few true dueling coaster setups in the country, and it was very well done when it originally was designed. But they had a couple incidents with people being idiots, and had to stop doing the synced "dueling" part of the experience where there was multiple near misses for the two coaster trains. Plus my daughter is still not 54 inches and now will miss ever getting to ride it.

And for the record, Dragon Challenge's top speed (60mph) is actually faster than The Hulk (40mph). Both were built by the same company (B&M), and the two DD coasters were always intended to be the more thrilling of the three. But I do love the launch aspect that makes the Hulk some what unique.

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Old 08-02-17, 11:52 AM   #127
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Re: Universal Studios Orlando

Originally Posted by Rob V View Post

Anybody try the King Kong thing? How is it?
Wife and I really enjoyed it, similar to it's Hollywood cousin, but much better execution. DO NOT miss the ride queue, which you will of you Express Pass it. It's very well done and "interactive" in a way. So I would suggest taking a trip through the regular line early on.
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Old 08-02-17, 05:55 PM   #128
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Re: Universal Studios Orlando

Originally Posted by Rob V View Post
I'm staying at the Royal Pacific Resort -- specifically to get Fast Passes.
Same here, we are returning next February, first time we'll be staying onsite at Universal. We'll be going for 5 days, thinking about getting yearly passes, they'll cost a bit more than 5 days worth of passes, but we'll get a 30% discount on the room, which easily outdoes the extra cost. Then other smaller discounts here and there, but even if just for the room discount, worth it. And then we can consider another trip in late January next year.

Originally Posted by Rob V View Post
I won't miss the Dragon Ride... but if they ever tear down Hulk, I'll be disappointed. I had no idea what to expect and jetting from 0 to 100mph in mere seconds was crazy as hell!
Again, same here.

Do the secret codes on Rip Ride Rockit coaster still work for a more extensive music library? I've gotta find that list and print it up, start memorizing the codes I want, was too much trouble last time trying to keep my list handy and find the right code as I got on the ride.
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Old 08-09-17, 08:02 PM   #129
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Re: Universal Studios Orlando

My daughter has been watching YouTube vids of Universal Studios Hollywood. She's never been. She's six. She says she wants to go. #1 reason sited when I asked her why, "I want to see Jaws jump out of the water." I swear I did not influence her in any way.

Suck it, Orlando!
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Old 08-15-17, 07:07 AM   #130
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Re: Universal Studios Orlando

Just got back from my trip and it was a blast. We ran thru both parks in a single day and hit just about everything possible (no water rides). Gotta say that Transformers is still my favorite ride, it just holds up. I think King Kong was great and the family really dug the Jimmy Fallon ride.

I'm hoping that Universal does some updates for sure... the comic location is outdated and sparse with people, The Simpsons ride had water leaking thru the HVAC system, The Mummy ride is lame and jerks the living shit out of you - it's not scary, it's painful. Finally, can they please put Men In Black out to pasture or at least update the visuals? Boring and very 90's-ish.

This was our third visit in maybe 7 years... so I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon. Next trip will be for Star Wars world. I still LOVE Universal but with the cost of the room (including Fast Pass) and the ticket + food in the park, I can't see going back until there are some new attractions and updates.
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