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I'm engaged!

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I'm engaged!

I've always wanted religion to be part of my life but I never found a congregation I liked. So on January of this year I was binge eating and I had tried everything except asking G-d for guidance, so because I wanted to e-mail G-d I went off to find a Rabbi.

I loved the congregation and went to an event here and there but it was hard with my overnight schedule and I stopped going and then I got hit by a car and stopped going everywhere.

On 9/5 I got an email that a class that had filled up was starting again and was I still interested. I checked out their calendar and there was a Torah study on Saturday 9/6 but I had already promised a local triathlon coach I would help her with an event so I went that Saturday morning. All of a sudden 20 other people unexpectedly show up to volunteer. So I tell her I promised to be there so I was there but there was something else I wanted to do if she had enough volunteers and she said go. There I was near the fork of the road between my house and the Rabbi's house and I was uneasy because I hadn't RSVPd and I didn't like to show up at people's houses unannounced but I said screw it and went anyway. Then on a whim I signed up for a bunch of events including a high holidays class on Sunday 9/7.

I had by now decided I wouldn't find anyone there because it tends to be older (i.e. 70-years-old and above) people so I was going to use it for my spiritual needs and go somewhere else to find someone. So we're sitting around the table before the class chatting and I turn to the person in front of me and ask them, Where do I have to go to find single Jewish men 35-39 here in town? (35-39 is kind of an inside joke because that's my triathlon age group, I'm 36). Then to my left I hear a chuckle, I look around the person to my immediate left, and there he is. He's 39.

9/7 met, 10/10 started official dating, 11/10 had the wedding date, 12/19 he proposed, getting married 12/19/15 at the Rabbi's house where we met by the Rabbi who unwittingly made it happen.

I have met my soulmate, the love of my life, the other half of my cookie.

On Wednesday 12/18 I fly to Maryland to meet the parents. On 12/19 he takes me to a museum (we had talked before about visiting museums together) and up a lighthouse (he loves lighthouses, has pictures of them in his house and everything) and up to the top and outside. He opens the camera bag to take out the camera and hands me a multi-page card. On the envelope it says I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. Then on the inside it has the lyrics to his favorite song (including "will you stay with me, will you be my love" and then on the past page it says, will you marry me, then at that moment he gets down on one knee and proposes on top of the lighthouse.

Next week we're going to a bank to pick up a couple of burritos we got partly on credit partly on coupons through Craigslist.
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Re: I'm engaged!

Congratulations. Did I read that correctly and you had a wedding date before a proposal?
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Re: I'm engaged!

We did He spent a while planning the proposal. And I got the great-grandmother's ring and I'm a size 4.25 and the ring was size 7 and he had to talk it over with the parents because there was a word on the inside and they didn't know if it was an inscription or the maker's mark and they decided it was the maker's mark and it had to be resized so much you can't see it any longer. And I think he was waiting until exactly one year before. We knew, pretty early on I think I knew the moment I heard that chuckle.
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Re: I'm engaged!

Congrats!... and I think we should start taking bets on the date of the blessed day moving up.
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Re: I'm engaged!

Was your fiance BOGO?

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Re: I'm engaged!

Sucker. Hopefully he matches his Ebay description.
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Re: I'm engaged!

Congratulations! That's so awesome. As a (culturally) Jewish guy from Maryland, I approve.
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Re: I'm engaged!

God moves in mysterious ways. Congratulations!
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Re: I'm engaged!

Do you guys meet outside the bank before all your dates?
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Re: I'm engaged!

Proposing on top of a lighthouse is very... wait for it... HIMYM. Congrats!
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Re: I'm engaged!

Mazel Tov!
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Re: I'm engaged!

Congratulations. Good fortune to you.
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Re: I'm engaged!

Congrats! Seems really quick, but hope it works out for you!
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Re: I'm engaged!

Although I'm not a big fan of religion or marriage still I am very happy for you. Congratulations.
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Re: I'm engaged!

What is the name of this bank that deals in burritos? (Congrats btw)
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Re: I'm engaged!

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Re: I'm engaged!

Mazel Tov! He sounds like a real mensch. I was so farklemt reading this I thought I'd plotz. Don't go meshuga from all the planning for the wedding - just have something nice to nosh and have the chutzpah to go through with it
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Re: I'm engaged!

Congratulations! Glad you waited and didn't just rush into visiting museums, as all too many people do these days.
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Congratulations Deb! Hope both of you the happiest life together
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Re: I'm engaged!

Congratulations! Such a cool story.
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Re: I'm engaged!

Good job.
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Re: I'm engaged!

I'm glad you found somebody.
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Re: I'm engaged!

Originally Posted by Goat3001 View Post
Do you guys meet outside the bank before all your dates?
All Jews do. That's where we refill the bag of gold around our necks. Geesh get with the program, pal!
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Re: I'm engaged!

Congrats Deb!
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Re: I'm engaged!

Congrats! That is awesome. Happy for you.
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