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Good hotel booking sites

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Good hotel booking sites

This year was mostly an off year, not sure why I didn't want more, for races that I like to run. I used to book these things a while back but then my friends like the whole booking thing so they took over. 2015 is my year to book. Since I did this stuff there have been a good amount of hotel booking sites pop up that I either never heard of a while back or they're new and big.

I know of expedia and some others but what seems to be the best hotel booking sites for you guys? Or is it just better to work through the hotels themselves?

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Re: Good hotel booking sites

I have always gone through Hotwire, and done the 'mystery' option. Doesn't always get you the best thing in the world, but it's worked for my last few impromptu trips.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

I always go through the hotel directly. You might be able to score a better deal via Hotwire, but I prefer the peace-of-mind from booking directly with hotel.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

Hotels.com or the hotel directly.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

On occasion, I play around with betterbidding.com before using hotwire/priceline. There have been a few times where it's provided some insight into what to offer, and what my blind bids might result in.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

I've used Hotwire's Secret Hot Rate several times and each time, I was able to guess the hotel correctly. It is a bit of a risk playing their game but they do have good rates.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

I prefer to go directly to the hotel itself--they get more money, and the hotel is more likely to work with you if there is a problem. I fucked up big time on a recent vacation and booked one night wrong, so I learned this the hard way. I do use hotwire and priceline sometimes if I don't care what hotel. The sites like travelocity/expedia/hotels.com, though, don't seem to have anything more to offer than the hotels themselves.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

Depends. If it's day of, I always do Priceline bidding and usually end up ahead. If it's a couple days prior, I'll try that or Hotwire.

Otherwise, I usually just use AAA and call the hotel directly. AAA is worth the membership for what you save from Hotels alone.

If you're going to be going for five days or a week, I normally just rent something off vrbo or flipkey.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

I travel quite a bit for work and I primarily use hotels.com to book my rooms. For every 10 nights you book (at participating hotels), you get one night free. So by the end of the year, I've got several free nights to use if my wife and I want to go out of town. It's worked out pretty well.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

Having worked in hotels when I was younger, I can tell you now most of the websites that give you cheaper rates usually aren't really cheaper than walking in with some sort of discount (like AAA or military) and getting the room yourself.

Nine times out of 10 the hotel isn't booked to capacity, and they want it to be -- if you ask them for the rack rate and tell them you have a discount, ask if they can do any better. Room rates aren't set in stone, they're dictated by whoever is doing the booking on behalf of the traveler. So if you're not a dick, chances are you can get a pretty good deal.

When Hotels.com use to have those $25 rates every so often about 10 years ago the hotels would get pissed because of their agreements with these sites they had to accept it even if they didn't want to.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

If you book directly through the hotel, they'll be able to do a lot more you from a customer service standpoint. For example: upgrade your room at no cost.

If you book directly through a third-party like Hotwire or Priceline, you'll probably get a better deal but you'll be limited in options if things go wrong.

If I need just a room to crash in, I'll search around and go with the best deal. If I need a room for more than sleeping, I tend to book the room directly through the hotel themselves.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

I'm disappointed in the rest of you well hung otters, I only use ritzcarlton.com

But if you want to save money use Priceline.com thy usually have the best rates.
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

I travel frequently for work also. My opinion, it's easier and better to go through the hotel directly, particularly if you plan on spending a number of nights (consecutive or over the course of the year). Additionally, you might be able to score some deals if you are booking multiple rooms for each trip.

Personally, I've become a Hilton Honors (Gold) guy. I can always find one of their hotels anywhere I go. Hampton Inns are plentiful, usually pretty nice, and relatively cheap. DoubleTrees are a little more expensive (but not always) and very nice.

If I can't find a Hilton, I like Drury Inn. They feed you like a pig and give you free booze!

Since we are in a hotel thread, can anybody tell me who qualifies for the "government" rate? I've tried searching this online and have found a variety of answers. As it pertains to me, I am an elected trustee for the village I live in. Trying to figure out if I would qualify. (Government rates can be damn cheap!)
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Re: Good hotel booking sites

I use Expedia. Whichever you go with I would recommend signing up on memolink and alwsyd go through there if it is on there.
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