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hbilly 01-12-11 05:22 AM

TV dinners
We used to have those when I was a kid (when they still used aluminum trays), but haven't had any in ages.

Any of you guys eat those regularly? Any recommendations? Any favorite meal? Brands that should be avoided?

TomOpus 01-12-11 06:52 AM

Re: TV dinners
Haven't had one of those in many moons. I would generally avoid the chicken ones because half of each piece is the breading. The use some sort of mutant dwarf chickens for their pieces.

E. Honda 01-12-11 07:24 AM

Re: TV dinners
I haven't eaten one in years. They are always freezer burned, and taste either like slime or cardboard. I can cook fresh ingredients that are much better tasting!

nickdawgy 01-12-11 07:29 AM

Re: TV dinners
Hungry Man actually makes some pretty decent ones.

kd5 01-12-11 07:39 AM

Re: TV dinners

Backyard Barbeque (Mmmmm...:drool:), too bad they're so cost prohibitive. -kd5-

dvdjunkie32 01-12-11 07:46 AM

Re: TV dinners
Used to a lot as a kid along with my tv tray. Now I stay away. It's nasty food loaded with salt content athough I do eat Tyson boxed chicken pieces on occasion.

Deadman31 01-12-11 08:07 AM

Re: TV dinners
The only one I would attempt to eat nowadays is the Swanson Classics Boneless Fried Chicken(the light blue box). Its not all that bad for you in terms of sodium and calories. Swanson makes those XXL and sports grille meals which are really bad for you(a few years ago I used to eat these quite frequently) but I haven't had one in years. Never touch those Hungry-Mans.

This was probably the last one I ate. I think its discontinued but it had about 5 days worth of sodium, fat, etc. :)


Vibiana 01-12-11 08:23 AM

Re: TV dinners
To me, those are like toy food. :lol: I'd much rather prepare my own meals than eat those, although I do keep a few frozen pot pies on hand for when I'm sick and don't feel like cooking. So I can tell you which pot pies to avoid: generic brands. Swanson all the way, baby!! :lol:

Deadman31 01-12-11 08:29 AM

Re: TV dinners
I love frozen pot pies as well, but there arent many if any that are even remotely good for you. Try the Banquet Crock Pot Classics chicken and dumpling instead.

GMan2819 01-12-11 08:47 AM

Re: TV dinners
I don't recommend eating them regularly because of the fat, salt, and preservatives, but they are convenient to take to work and when you just want a change of pace. I've tried the Boston Market, Marie Callendar, Healthy Choice varieties. I only buy them when I can get them under $1 apiece.

Deadman31 01-12-11 08:53 AM

Re: TV dinners
The Banquet ones are usually 99 cents or less.

nickdawgy 01-12-11 08:56 AM

Re: TV dinners
Some Hungry Man dinners are bad, like the Beer Battered Chicken, or the Backyard BBQ. The more fried it is the worse it is.

But they have a few like grilled chicken, meatloaf, salisbury steak, and pot roast that are not too bad as far as calories and fat go.

GMan2819 01-12-11 09:03 AM

Re: TV dinners

Originally Posted by Deadman31 (Post 10585996)
The Banquet ones are usually 99 cents or less.

Which means manufacturing costs are under $0.50. Makes you wonder what you're getting for that. Roadkill? -eek-

Trout 01-12-11 09:05 AM

Re: TV dinners
You might be better off eating a cup of salt (even though I love TV dinner mac-and-cheese).

Deadman31 01-12-11 09:06 AM

Re: TV dinners
well you dont get as much filling with the Banquet ones. Most frozen foods probably have some kind of roadkill in them anyway :)

kd5 01-12-11 09:15 AM

Re: TV dinners
I'm lucky if I have one of those Backyard BBQ's once every 4 or 5 years, they're tasty but as others have said they are NOT very good for you. I keep some frozen Stouffers stuff in the freezer for the odd days I feel like them, but most of the time my wife cooks and everything she makes is damned tasty...:) -kd5-

PopcornBandit 01-12-11 09:31 AM

Re: TV dinners
The Stouffer's salisbury steaks and macaroni and cheese are delicious.

Mrs. Danger 01-12-11 09:39 AM

Re: TV dinners
Cook a lot of good stuff in a crock pot. Put portions on plastic plates, cover them with plastic wrap, and freeze them.

When you feel the irrational urge to eat a TV dinner, pull one out and heat it up in the microwave.

RichC2 01-12-11 09:44 AM

Re: TV dinners
I still eat them from time to time, especially when it's late and I'm starving.

I actually like the Michael Angelo's entrees, usually stock up when they're on sale.


I also occasionally pick up the Hungry Man Rib Sandwich for the hell of it. Along with some microwavable snacks (white meat chicken nuggets, pizza, etc; )

kvrdave 01-12-11 09:54 AM

Re: TV dinners
I eat them quite a bit because it is a convenient way to watch how many calories I eat in a day.

I generally eat:
<img src=http://www.wegmans.com/prodimg/759/200/021131506759.jpg>
<img src=http://www.healthychoice.com/images/products/feature/5010021016.jpg>
<img src=http://www.yummy.com/images/products/lean%20cuisine%20spag%20mush.gif>

And then I smother them in
<img src=http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4047/4277579085_a1c37fec2c.jpg>

But I will openly admit that I am not very picky. I'd rather eat Taco Bell than a Thanksgiving dinner.

Randy Miller III 01-12-11 09:59 AM

Re: TV dinners
Kashi makes a few decent ones, and a few of the Lean Cuisine ones that KVR posted ain't half bad.

Mike86 01-12-11 10:12 AM

Re: TV dinners
The Lean Cuisine steamer meals are pretty good actually and you get a decent portion of food. I eat frozen meals quite often (which I'm trying to break) due partially to working overnights and them being quick to make.

nickdawgy 01-12-11 10:13 AM

Re: TV dinners
Claim Jumper has a couple of good ones, too.

4KRG 01-12-11 10:15 AM

Re: TV dinners
I haven't eaten a grocery store TV dinner in years.

If you want an alternative, if there is a "Let's Dish" in your area, you can make your own meals and then freeze them. The cost is probably on the high side for a TV dinner, but they taste better :)


(This might be too much food for a single person to want to buy all at once)

Look around your area, there are probably a dozen similar companies out there.

All the food stores around me have prepared meals to go as well, always a good option, but more expensive than hungry man frozen foods.

wishbone 01-12-11 10:22 AM

Re: TV dinners

Originally Posted by Mike86 (Post 10586141)
The Lean Cuisine steamer meals are pretty good actually and you get a decent portion of food. I eat frozen meals quite often (which I'm trying to break) due partially to working overnights and them being quick to make.


I get the Healthy Choice dinners once in awhile.

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