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Boba Fett 09-28-10 03:27 PM

O rly
http://www.dailyhaggis.com/wp-conten.../08/ya_rly.jpg OR http://www.cylegage.com/lulz/nowai.jpg



E. Honda 09-28-10 03:28 PM

Re: O rly

Meglos 09-28-10 03:42 PM

Re: O rly

Th0r S1mpson 09-28-10 03:58 PM

Re: O rly
<img src="http://www.fireandreamitchell.com/wp-content/gallery/media-hacks/bill-oreilly.jpg">

Tracer Bullet 09-28-10 04:02 PM

Re: O rly

cungar 09-28-10 04:04 PM

Re: O rly
Have no idea what this means but can we add it to the expressions you should get punched for thread?

SuperJim88 09-28-10 04:05 PM

Re: O rly
I'm locking this thread.

glassdragon 09-28-10 04:31 PM

Re: O rly

Originally Posted by cungar (Post 10398920)
Have no idea what this means but can we add it to the expressions you should get punched for thread?

I know right?

It's all good though, it is what it is.

Bronkster 09-28-10 04:36 PM

Re: O rly

Mrs. Danger 09-28-10 04:37 PM

Re: O rly

superdeluxe 09-28-10 04:41 PM

Re: O rly
this meme again?

Mrs. Danger 09-28-10 04:47 PM

Re: O rly
Yah Rly.

could be worse.

This might become a meme...


dom56 09-28-10 04:47 PM

Re: O rly

Mrs. Danger 09-28-10 04:51 PM

Re: O rly

JasonF 09-28-10 04:53 PM

Re: O rly

Mrs. Danger 09-28-10 04:55 PM

Re: O rly

The Bus 09-28-10 07:52 PM

Re: O rly
Oh, the retro thread.

<img src="http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:aW-NruwUwp7LSM:http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm216/tcs007/borat-very-nice.jpg&t=1">

jfoobar 09-28-10 09:53 PM

Re: O rly

Lone Wolf 09-28-10 09:56 PM

Re: O rly

kvrdave 09-28-10 10:22 PM

Re: O rly

Originally Posted by Mrs. Danger (Post 10399076)

Originally Posted by Mrs. Danger (Post 10399061)

Originally Posted by Meglos (Post 10398873)

:lol: The Kirk one is truly epic.

GreenMonkey 09-28-10 11:16 PM

Re: O rly
Schrodinger's lolcat is hilarious!

statcat 09-28-10 11:27 PM

Re: O rly

TheBigDave 09-29-10 12:21 AM

Re: O rly

Mopower 09-29-10 07:04 AM

Re: O rly

Meglos 09-29-10 08:18 AM

Re: O rly

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